Why is my fish tank cloudy?

Many people like to keep aquariums in their home so that they are able to keep fish as well as other marine animals in that aquarium. Maintaining an aquarium is not an easy task because you have to look after a lot of things and after that you would be able to have a clean aquarium in which you can keep the fish as well as other marine animals.

The problem is that the water in the aquarium often turns cloudy and then your aquarium loses that visually appealing nature. There can be many causes of a fish tank becoming cloudy depending on the stage at which your aquarium is in.

In some of the cases, it has been seen that the aquarium becomes cloudy even if there are no fish in it and this puzzles a lot of people and in some other cases, just hours after you add the fish, the aquarium turns cloudy.

The causes of the aquarium turning cloudy in both of these cases are entirely different and that is why, you need to find out the precise situation in which the fish tank is becoming cloudy and then ask the question why is my fish tank cloudy. We have gone through some of the most probable causes of your fish tank turning cloudy and how to avoid those problems.

Why is my fish tank cloudy?

As we mentioned above, we would be going into the details of this problem according to the situation. This depends on the stage in which your aquarium is in.

Completely new fish tank turning cloudy:

While you might be thinking that the water in the fish tank turning cloudy might be related to the presence of fish for a longer period of time but in certain situations, the fish tank can also become cloudy if you have just had fish for a couple of days even.

Fishes live in the aquarium water and therefore the waste which they would be creating would also be added to that water and in order to filter out that waste you need to have some bacteria in the aquarium water. This bacteria is added to the aquarium water through the process which is known as cycling in which you add a significant amount of bacteria, so that the waste of the fishes are eliminated from the aquarium.

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During this process of cycling, the water would be turning cloudy but it would get sorted out by itself within a few hours. The usual time which is taken for the cloudy fish tank to get over the cycling process and become clear again is typically a overnight.

Do not make the mistake of adding water clarifiers during this process because it would hamper the addition of bacteria in the fish tank and thereby would disrupt the cycling process. In the coming weeks, you have to add 10% freshwater at least twice each week. Also, during the cycling process you have to be very careful regarding what you are feeding the fish because that can also disrupt the cycling process and make the fish tank cloudy for a prolonged period of time.

Fish tank without any fish turning cloudy:

Why is my fish tank cloudyThis might seem like a very puzzling problem because since the fish is not present in the aquarium, the process of cycling cannot take place and then what is the cause of the fish tank turning cloudy. The cause in this case is the things which are inside the aquarium because for decoration purposes we always put certain type of stones or other toys or other type of things inside the aquarium. What most of the people do not know is that before putting anything inside the aquarium, you need to wash it properly with cold water and more importantly running water because this removes any of the impurities which can interact with the aquarium water and make the fish tank cloudy.

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If your fish tank is turning cloudy without any presence of the fish, then you need to look in to the items which you have put in the fish tank for decoration and you have to try and remember whether any item has not been washed before putting in the fish tank.

The best way to solve this problem would be to let your filter in the aquarium work and it would be able to remove those contaminants from the water. In case, the contaminant is such that it is not getting caught by the filter then when you add fresh water little by little over the course of weeks, this contaminant would be automatically eliminated as well.

If you do not want to wait for such a long period of time, you can try and remove the decoration piece as well if you remember which was the piece which was not washed before being put into the fish tank.

Many of the aquarium stores, sell the aquariums along with some of the pieces of the decoration already inside it and it can be due to these decoration materials as well and therefore you can try removing them as well because you do not know for sure whether the store washed them before putting into the aquarium or not.

In most of the cases of thise nature, the colour of the cloud which is generated in the aquarium is grey but it can change depending on the piece of decoration which is causing the cloud.

You need to avoid the cheap decoration materials as some of them might be peeling paint due to which the fish tank can become cloudy as well. It is important to carefully look at the decoration materials which you are putting inside the fish tank and clean them before putting inside the fish tank.

Fish tank becoming cloudy only after a couple of hours of use:

If you have just started using the fish tank and have just put the fishes in the fish tank a couple of hours ago and it is already gone cloudy then it might be due to the fishes which are present inside the water. This is completely different from the above situations and the colour of the cloud would also be more shining and white rather than grey. There is nothing to worry about when this type of cloud appears is all you need to do is to just wait for few hours and the excreta of the fishes which is present in the water would be automatically eliminated.

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Fish tank having a cloud of tea colour:

Not always, the cloud which is developed in the fish tank would be grey or white in colour but sometimes it is of light brown colour as well or yellowish colour as well. It resembles a tea type concotion. The cause of this kind of cloud is the presence of wooden toys or wooden decoration materials in your aquarium. It is not harmful for the fish. It would get sorted as you continue adding fresh water over the course of the weeks.

Fish tank having green cloud:

This green cloud is nothing but algae which is floating in the water. It is important to get this algae cleaned as soon as possible.

Though these are some of the most common causes of cloudy fish tank but these are not the only causes because they can be easily caused due to the chemicals which you are adding to the water as well as the food which you are providing to the fishes as well as the fish tank containing the large number of fishes, typically more than they can accommodate.

So, now that you know the answer to the question Why is my fish tank cloudy, you would be in a position to choose the solution accordingly as well.