Why is my big toe numb?

There are a lot of occasions in which certain parts of our body become numb.

Today we would be speaking about the problem of the toe going numb.

We would be going into the details of the big toe and also the probable causes and how to solve this problemĀ of numbness in the big toe.

All this and more in our article below.

In order to understand this you have to 1st look at the anatomy of the human body and only once you know about the nervous system, you would be able to understand why certain parts of your body at certain point of time go numb.

Nervous system of our body:

The nervous system of our body can be divided into two parts and the most important part is the central nervous system and this is the nervous system which consists of all brain and the spinal cord. This nervous system is directly responsible for transmitting the signals to the brain and receiving the signals from the brain.

It is like a super highway in our body which transmits and receives the signals for the proper functioning of our body.

The second part of the nervous system is known as the peripheral nervous system. This nervous system connects all the other parts of the body to the brain with the help of the central nervous system so that our brain can control each and every part of our body. Even the extreme ends of our body are connected to the brain with the help of this structure of the nervous system.

While the nervous system transmits and receives the signals from the brain, the circulatory system is responsible for supplying the oxygen and the blood to various parts of our body.

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The reason that we mentioned both of these vital systems of our body is because numbness in the toe is usually due to some kind of problem in either of these two systems.

We would be discussing some of the causes of numbness of toe.

Deficiency of vitamin B12:

Red blood cells are very vital for our body and our body needs to produce them in sufficient quantity to ensure that the functions of the body are carried out normally. In order to equip the body to produce red blood cells vitamin b12 and if this vitamin is missing in our body than the body would not be able to produce the required amount of red blood cells.

The absence of this vitamin is usually caused due to malnutrition or due to a lack of proper diet. This vitamin is directly responsible for the functions of the nervous system. Due to the deficiency of this vitamin the nervous system is not able to transmit and receive the signals properly resulting in some abnormal function is happening in our body like some unusual sensations.

The numbness of the toe can be caused due to this as well. This problem can be easily solved with the help of a dosage of vitamin b12.

The Sciatic Nerve:

This nerve is directly connected to the end of the spinal cord and it is running all the way down towards the leg. Due to the location of this nerve it is directly responsible for the controlling of our legs and the part of our legs. In case this nerve is damaged or there is too much pressure on this nerve it becomes very difficult to control the movements of our legs.

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Also, in such a case there is pain in the legs as well as the thighs. In such a case, the circulation of blood and oxygen to the extreme ends of our legs and that is the toe, cannot be done properly and this also results in numbness of toe.

Problem in the Peripheral Arteries:

Our body consists of a large network of arteries but not all of the main arteries reach all the ends of our body and therefore these are further divided into smaller arteries known as peripheral arteries. These are responsible for supplying blood and oxygen to the extreme ends of our body.

Whenever there is a accumulation of cholesterol or some other matter inside these arteries, the blood flow is obstructed since these arteries are very narrow already and if there is any other kind of accumulation at the side of the arteries, the amount of blood which can be delivered to the extreme parts of the body is drastically reduced. This also reduces the supply of oxygen to these parts of the body sends oxygen is carried by the blood in the arteries.

Due to this there is a loss of many normal functions in our legs like hair loss in legs or swelling in legs or even numbness of toe. This condition is also known as peripheral artery disease.

These are some of the most likely causes of numbness in toe and in order to detect these causes you had to 1st find out about the symptoms of these causes and once you have done that then only you would be in a position to take the call regarding the type of treatment which you should be opting for.

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Each of this medical condition has a different type of treatment and therefore you had to consult your doctor regarding this problem if it persists for a longer period of time and the doctor would be able to determine the cause of the problem and suggest you the solution as well.

This problem can be easily cured but if you’re prolonging the diagnosis of the actual cause of numbness in toe then the problem which is causing it might increase and therefore it would become difficult for you to solve the problem.

Most of the problems which we have mentioned above can be easily solved with the help of the medication and the surgery would not be required if the problem is detected in time and if the treatment is started in time.

The main issue is that most of the people do not take this problem seriously thinking that it is a usual occurrence but the very fact that it is a usual occurrence is actually a sign of danger because numbness in toe should not happen again and again and if it is happening then it means that there is a problem with the nervous system or the circulatory system of your body as we have mentioned above.