Why does my stomach growl?

Many a times you might have noticed that right after you eat, your stomach starts growling. Many of us associate this growling sound with the intake of some specific foodstuff but it is not so.

In most of the cases, if you look into the quality of the meal which you have consumed before growling, you would realise that the quality of the meal wasn’t a problem at all.

Often times the growling sound is accompanied by pain in the stomach as well. The pain while is often associated with it but there have been cases were people only suffer from growling without pain. Many people associate it with some kind of issue and problem in their stomach but this is not true.

There can be quite a few causes of growling of the stomach and we would be discussing about them in detail.

We would be detailing the reason for the growling as well as how to solve it as well.

Why does my stomach growl?

If you look into it from a medical point of view, then you would be able to know that the sound is coming from the intestine. Intestine is lower than the abdomen but since people associate intestine with the stomach, they think that the noises coming from the stomach as well.

The noise which comes from the stomach is of the acids which are being mixed with the food to digest the food. The noise which is coming from the stomach is entirely different from the noise which is coming from the intestine. The stomach noise is not just after the consumption of the meal but it can be at any point of time in the meal.

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The noise which comes from the intestine area is due to the movement of the food and the space between the intestine’s is filled with either liquids or solid foods. The motion of the food from the stomach to the intestine causes the growling sound.

That is why, growling sound is only heard after the consumption of a meal because only when the food gets moved inside the stomach, towards the intestine, the growling sound is produced.

Sound without consuming any food:

Since we’re have mentioned that the growling sound is often produced when you have just consumed a meal, there would be some other times when you would not have consumed any food and still there would be noise created from your stomach.

This is due to the movement of acids in between the intestines and since there is no food in between the intestines and in the hollow pipes which connect both the intestines, the acids move at a pretty rapid pace and this produces the sound in the hollow pipes. This behavior of the body is not unusual and is nothing to worry about.

The two hour cycle of our digestive system:

Why does my stomach growlOur body has a two hour cycle that is the intestines are completely flushed out at a frequency of every two hours. This is done by passing of the acids from the stomach to the intestines and below so that the flushing out is carried properly. When there is no food in the intestine, the speed at which the acids move around the stomach and the intestine is is much more and this produces a sound again. In case, some food is also present in the intestines or the stomach, still the sound would be produced but it would be less prominent because the speed of the movement of acids would be less as well. Thus, as you can see it is a completely harmless procedure and it is a routine procedure and nothing to worry about.

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Burping sound:

The sound of the burp is not the same as the growling sound of the stomach. This sound is produced when you eat quickly and the stomach is not able to move away the gas which is currently occupying the stomach and therefore when more and more food is deposited into the stomach, the stomach expands because it is now having gas as well as food and due to this, some of the gas due to which the stomach is expanded comes out of the mouth so that the stomach can contract back and only the food would be present inside the stomach.

Do not confuse growling with any other sound in your body:

The growling sound is completely different from the sound of the cramps or any other sound inside the body. If you’re suffering from intestinal cramps than these are much more different than the normal growling sound of the intestine and you cannot confuse both for one and the same thing.

When there are intestinal cramps, your body is encountering, bad food or bacteria in the food which it is trying to flush out of its system and this issue is completely different than normal growling of the stomach. Intestinal cramps can result in diarrhoea or even vomiting and rapid dehydration of your body and therefore the treatment of intestinal cramps needs to be started as soon as possible and it should not be confused with the normal growling of the stomach.

If you’re suffering from intestinal cramps then it can be a good idea to start hydrating your body as much as possible. Due to the hydration of the body, the bodily functions would not be affected and this would ensure that till the time of your consultation with the doctor your body would be in a proper functioning mode. The doctor would be able to prescribe you the proper medicines to solve the problem of intestinal cramps.

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Beware of the symptoms:

Growling of the stomach is a standalone thing and if anything else is occurring along with the growling of the stomach like vomiting or spitting out of blood or diarrhoea then the problem is not normal growling of the stomach but rather the problem is much more serious. That is when you should be thinking about consulting a doctor.

So, now that you know the answer to the question why does my stomach growl, you might be happy to know that it does not mean any serious problem but is normal stomach behaviour but if it is combined with any of the other symptoms which we discussed above then it is not normal intestinal growling but a symptom of a more serious ailment and you need to consult your doctor in that case.