Why do woodpeckers peck?

So, you were sleeping quietly and calmly in your bed at 5 AM in the morning and suddenly you hear a thumping sound on the roof. You are calm and cool sleep has been disturbed but by whom.

Are these robbers trying to get into your home from the roof?

Is it the annoying child of the neighbour playing some prank?

The most common cause of this is actually much more different than what you think. It is a woodpecker most likely, who wants to get something out of your house.

This experience is very common specially for those people who are living in the smaller towns or cities. Woodpeckers can prove to be quite a nuisance since they can keep on pecking it would and can damage your house as woodpecker is continuously pecking at your house then you might be asking yourself what is the cause of it.

We would be going into some of the details of these causes.

Why do woodpeckers peck?

Getting the territory marked and attracting mating partners:

This is one of the most common causes of woodpecker pecking. The sound of pecking informs the other birds in the area that this particular area is of the particular woodpecker who is pecking and it is more of a warning for the other birds.

The pecking sound can also be a call to other woodpeckers for mating and this is pretty common during the spring season. The mating call is usually early in the morning and in the afternoon.

The mating call is often continues during the spring season and therefore if the woodpecker is stopped pecking for now that does not mean that he or she would not be pecking again tomorrow. That is why, ignoring this sound is not a solution because it can go on continuing for a longer period of time.

Searching for food:

woodpeckerThe woodpecker feeds on ants as well as other Beetles which you reside by making cavities inside the wood. That is why, when they are searching for food they normally peck the vertical wood in order to find these insects. They also feast on other insects and their eggs. The pecking sound for the searching of what is much different then the mating call because it is much more short lived since the board first decides to make a hole and then search the cavity with the help of his tongue.

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If it does not find anything to eat then it moves away from that particular wall in either offer direction for a distance of few inches and then starts pecking another hole to find food.

This can go on till the hunger of the bird is satisfied. Usually, when the woodpecker does not find any food in a single cavity then it moves horizontally in either direction to make another cavity to find food.

Usually speaking, if you have done the best control in the house then there would be no insects in the walls of the house and therefore the woodpeckers would be automatically discouraged to peck at the house of the walls.

One of the main reasons why woodpeckers are actually attracted towards the houses because of the noise which is coming inside from the house because generally speaking the noise of the electrical appliances clicking is like the sound of the insects when the insects are present in large quantities and this is what attracts the woodpecker to peck at the walls of the house.

Making a nest:

This is another cause for the woodpecker to peck. They normally find a small role in the would to make it bigger by pecking. If this is the cause of pecking, then they can easily damage the walls of your house because the speed at which they are pecking is pretty high and they might make a hole in the wall of the house which can be pretty costly to repair as well.

How can woodpeckers stand vertically and do the pecking?

This is because the feet of the woodpeckers are made in a different way than other birds and if you have observed other birds they would be having three toes in the front and 1 at the back for standing but if you have observed the feet of woodpeckers they have 2 toes at the front and 2 at the back. This enables them to stand vertically while pecking at the wood.

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How to make woodpeckers go away from your home?

There are a few ways in which you can discourage the woodpeckers from pecking at your home. We we have explained some of them.

Scaring the woodpecker:

Initially when the woodpecker is pecking at the wall of your house, there are very high chances that the woodpecker is just exploring and if this is the case then simply making a sound by the window or by the wall at which the woodpecker is pecking would scare the woodpecker away. If that is not successful you can also use the bird netting to keep the woodpecker away. Woodpeckers are scared of owls and other predator birds and therefore if you keep a picture or cut out of these words by the wall at which they usually peck you can scare them away.

When the woodpecker is pecking at a still wooden surface, if you initiate any sudden moment nearby or any type of noise nearby then that would automatically scare away the woodpeckers. There are some such machines which are available in the market as well which detect the motion of the woodpecker and then initiate a sound or a moment.

Once woodpeckers accustomed to the territory in which they are picking it becomes very difficult to scare them away and therefore instead of giving them the chance to become accustomed to the territory, you have to scare away the woodpeckers as soon as you notice one.

Making the woodpecker fly away after dark:

If you list of the woodpecker during the day then he might come back after a couple of hours but if you make the woodpecker fly away after the dark then the woodpecker would not be coming back because they have to search for another place during that night and therefore they would be accustomed to that territory and in order to make the woodpecker fly away you have to use a bamboo pole or something like that to almost touch the woodpecker so that they are scared and fly away.

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Creating a obstacle in the path of the woodpecker:

If you noticed a certain wall on which the woodpecker usually packs then you can cover that wall with a net but you had to ensure that the net is at least 3 inches away from the wood so that the woodpecker is not able to reach the wood.

Eliminating the reason as to why they are pecking:

He had to 1st find out the reason as to why they are pecking because they might be pecking for the search of food or because they sense the presence of the insects nearby and if that is the case then you had to find out where is the location of those insects and you had to eliminate those insects. This is most likely in the dead trees in your backyard. When you cut these trees the woodpeckers would have no reason to back in your premises.

Professional help:

When you’re methods do not work to discourage the woodpeckers you can easily get for professional help from the Internet to remove them from your premises.

Hopefully by now you know why do woodpeckers peck and how to make them fly away from your property.