Why do dogs snore?

Many of us like to make the dog sleep in our own room because we love our pets but at times you might have noticed that dogs start snoring.

If your dog has started snoring suddenly and if your dog did not have this habit before then it might be time to do a little investigation to find out why do dogs snore.

Not always, when the dog is snoring it means that the dog has a health problem but there can be other causes of a dog snoring as well.

That is why, instead of directly coming to the conclusion that if the dog is snoring that means that the dog is having health problems, you should be thinking about finding out the actual cause of snoring and then determine how to tackle with it.

A snoring dog is not liked by an even specially if you are sleeping in the same room and therefore it is in your interest to find out the cause of the snoring problem and to solve the snoring problem in the shortest period of time.

Why do dogs snore?

There are a handful of reasons why a dog may snore and we would be going into them one by one below.

-Weight of the dog:

If your dog has gained a lot of weight in recent times, then this may be the cause of snoring. When the dog gains a lot of weight, then there is a growth of tissue inside the respiratory system of the dog as well.

This sudden growth of tissue results in the hampering of the breathing process and therefore the dog puts in more effort into everything and this is what causes snoring.

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Increasing weight is not just to the cause of snoring but it can also be an indication of a much more serious problem like a heart disease or arthritis in dogs and therefore it is in your interest to always keep the weight off your dog in check to keep him or her away from these diseases.

If you have figured out that this is the cause of snoring of the dog, then you had to think about ways in which you can get your dog back in shape and help the dog reduce weight.

The first and foremost thing which you have to do is to keep a strict control on the diet of the dog and the diet of the dog should be strictly decided on the basis of the nutrients which are needed by the dog. The number of treats which you give to the dog should also be reduced to the bare minimum.

You had to increase the physical activity of the dog as well to ensure that the doctors are larger amount of exercise daily. These few changes would ensure that not only does your dog stop snoring but also the weight of the dog reduces as well.

-Breed of the dog:
dog snoring
Yes, you have heard that right, some of the breeds of the dogs are more prone to snoring and in most of these cases you can do nothing about it. Some of these breeds are bulldogs or Boston terriers. This is because of the way in which they are respiratory system functions.

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If you look at the working of the respiratory system then you would realise that there is tissue in the respiratory system which blocks the flow of air and therefore these dogs put more effort into breathing which results in snoring. This tissue is often situated directly in ahead of vocal cords.

This tissue in the respiratory system not only causes snoring but also results in excessive sleeping habits of dogs accompanied by a dry mouth and headaches.

You can solve this problem in these breeds of dogs to a certain extent with the help of proper diet. If you want to entirely solve the problem, since this problem is in the and anatomy of dogs you would have to go for the surgery of the dog. There are a very specific surgical procedures to solve this problem in the breeds of dogs which we mentioned above.

-Environment of the dog:

These days we are living in an environment which is fraught with particulate pollutants and these pollutants are present in our homes as well as outside our homes. While humans may have built up a higher tolerance level for this particulate pollutants, dogs do not have such a high tolerance level for these particulate pollutants and these when they enter the respiratory system of dogs cause the dogs to snore.

These are present in our homes as well as when we are taking the dog outside for a walk. You can easily remove these from your homes with the help of proper cleaning and maintaining proper hygiene and daily vacuuming.

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When you’re taking the dog out for a walk, you have to avoid areas which have high traffic because these particulate pollutants are released into the air from the emissions from vehicles. In your home, you had to ensure that you clean the bed of the dog on a daily basis.

If your dog is severely allergic to particulate pollutants then you had to consult your vet and get some medicines which would help your dog build up resistance to these particulate pollutants. This would eliminate the snoring of the dog as well.

-Diseases in the dog:

If the dog is suddenly started snoring then there might be a problem with the respiratory system of the dog and in such a case snoring is just a symptom of the respiratory problem and not a problem itself. In such a case, you have to contact your vet and you had to take your dog for a thorough medical examination specially of the respiratory system. The vet would be able to easily find out the cause of sudden snoring in dog and whether any medical procedure is required or not.

Now that you have found out why do dogs snore, you had to determine whether it is usual for your dog to snore or whether there is some other problem due to which your dog has suddenly started snoring.

If needed you might have to take your dog to affect for a proper examination, in order to eliminate any chances of respiratory diseases.