Why do dogs lick feet?

Some of the behavior of our dog is actually a bit strange to us and licking feet is one of them.

If you have had a dog before, then you would have surely experienced the dog licking your feet and this is actually a very common occurrence but most of the people do not understand why do dogs lick feet? The reasons for this can be plenty and we would be going into some of them below.

If you have noticed the behavior of the dog, you can realize that the dog would be licking your feet from time to time and also that the dog would be licking its own feet from time to time as well and both of these have a completely different meaning and have a completely different reason and therefore it is important that you understand what this means so that you are able to understand your dog well as well.

We would be explaining both of these situations below and what they actually mean.

Why do dogs lick feet?

As we mentioned above, this question can mean, why do dogs lick their own feet? Or it can mean why do dogs lick my feet? We would be going into both of these below.

Why do dogs lick my feet?

There are many instances when a dog would be licking your feet and if that happens there is nothing to worry about.

It is a sign by the dog that he can understand that you are his or her master and he understands the relationship with you very well.

It can also be a sign of respect towards the master.

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In many cases, when the dog is first brought into the house and the dog starts recognizing the people of the house, the dog can lick the feet of the people who are the immediate family and who are staying into that house and that is a signal that the dog considers those people his or her family as well and is trying to gain the social acceptability in your house.

Some of the times, when the dog’s licking your feet it can also mean that the dog is trying to get your love and affection. Your approval of the dog is very important as well and it can gain your attention or notice your approval by licking your feet.

The dogs are affectionate animals and therefore by licking your feet they are telling you that they understand who is the master and who is the pet.

Why do dogs lick feetAlso, there is a scientific reason for the dog’s licking your feet as well. There are a lot of sweat glands in your feet which excrete sweat and other such material from your feet. When your dog’s licking your feet, the dog is able to gain valuable information about you from the substances which it picks up from your feet. This way a dog can understand you better and also a dog can recognize you better as well. The dog can also start recognizing you by the smell of your sweat. That is why, dogs can recognize you in the dark as well. The dog is able to easily process that complex information by licking your feet and then keeping it in its memory to recognize you in the future as well.

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Sometimes, the dog also licks your feet because it knows that by gaining your attention and by licking your feet it would be able to get whatever it wants. This experience is associated with the previous memory of the dog and therefore if you have given him or her what he or she needs after licking your feet, then the dog would be having that experience in his or her memory and therefore the dog would be licking your feet again and again. This can easily become a habit for the dog and in the future the dog can start licking your feet even for things which you are already going to give to your dog.

Some of the dogs do this for fun as well because they like to play with their owners.

Why does dog lick its own feet?

This is the second part of the puzzle when you’re speaking about the licking of the feet by the dog. The saliva of the dog is found to be containing certain antibacterial and antiseptic properties and therefore when the dog is licking its own feet it may be because of the bacteria which is present on the feet of the dog or due to the allergic reaction which is occurred on the feet of the dog and by licking this, the dog would be able to eliminate it or stop it to a certain level. Also, if the dog is having any kind of problem in the feet or a wound in the feet then also the dog would be licking its feet.

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If the dog is frequently licking its feet then it might be time for you to actually examine the feet of the dog for some kind of problem whether it is a wound or whether it is a rash or some other problem on the feet of the dog. In such a case, it is important that you take that dog to the vet so that the vet can recognize what is the problem with the dog. Allergic reactions are pretty common in the feet of the dog because the dog mostly stays outdoors and therefore they are not able to have proper hygiene in their feet and the dog tries to solve this problem by using the antibacterial and antiseptic properties present in saliva and by licking its own feet.

Mites are another problem due to which the dog might be licking their own feet and therefore it is important to always get the dog inspected if the dog is licking its own feet quite frequently and looks to be in some kind of discomfort as well. Most of the problems can be easily solved by a single consultation with the vet.

So, now that you have got your answer to the question why do dogs lick feet, we hope that you would be able to detect the real reason as to why your dog is licking the feet, whether it’s your feet or whether it’s his or her own feet in which case you might think about some kind of medical intervention and medical examination by the vet, in case the dog’s licking its own feet repeatedly over the last few hours.