Why do dogs get hiccups?

Dog hiccups are pretty common and nothing much to worry about and they are not going to affect the health of your dog either.

The main cause of hiccups and dogs is the same as in humans that is the vibrations of the diaphragm.

There can be various causes of this which we would be discussing below.

Puppies can also suffer from hiccups and they usually suffer from make-ups whenever they wake up from sleep or from a nap.

You may also have seen puppies suffering from hiccups during sleep as well. It is nothing to worry about.

Why do dogs get hiccups?

If you speak with most of the experienced vets around the country then they would let you know that whenever the puppies are growing up physically and maturing mentally, hiccups is a very common occurrence and in fact some of them take hiccups as a sign of mental as well as physical growth of puppies.

Generally, hiccups are seen in newborn puppies and they increase right after birth but they gradually start decreasing after the eight-month mark. Usually, after one year of birth they are completely eliminated.

Some of the vets even thing that this is because the lungs of the puppies are trying to adjust to the air which is pumped into them since in the womb they were completely submersed in water and after birth they are in air.

As the lungs of the puppies start accommodating with the surrounding air, the puppies do not feel any need of any extra physical reflexes to get the amount of oxygen which they need and therefore gradually the occurrence of hiccups is also stopped when the bodies of the puppies are completely adjusted to the which is surrounding them.

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Usually speaking, the hiccups in a dog or in a puppy can last for up to an hour. If the occurrence of the hiccups last for a longer period of time or if they are very much frequent then only you should be thinking about contacting your vet.

When it comes are combined with some other symptoms they can indeed point out towards an ailment in dogs or puppies and therefore you had to pay attention to whether there are any other symptoms which are unusual, if they are then you had to contact your vet.

In most of the cases, the vet would be able to instantly recognise whether these are just normal hiccups or whether they indicate a possibility of a disease which is much more graver then normal hiccups.

How to treat the dog hiccups?
dog hiccupsThe best way to handle dog hiccups would be to let them pass but most of the people are too worried to do that and therefore they try to find out some ways to eliminate the dog hiccups as soon as possible.

Usually speaking if you look tensed or stressed regarding the dog hiccups, your dog would be able to sense that and this would have adverse impact on the hiccups in dogs.

Instead of getting stressed, about the dog hiccups, you had to try and drive their attention away from the hiccups, so that they are automatically eliminated and in such a period of time you had to think about playing with your dog or interacting with your dog in such a manner that the attention of the dog or the puppy is towards you.

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This can easily be done with the help of a playing ball or you can give some other type of toy to the dog which produces some sound so that the attention of the dog is always towards the sound which is produced by the toy and the dog is not able to pay attention to the hiccups. This would change the breathing pattern of the dog as well and therefore the hiccups would be eliminated due to the changing breathing pattern.

When you play with your pet in such a case or when you give them a treat or some kind of food which they like you can easily distract them from the pickups. This would change their breathing pattern as well. In addition to eliminating the hiccups, doing this would also ensure that you are able to calm your dogs.

Sometimes, smaller puppies also face a hiccups due to excessive excitement and in such a case making your puppy rest or massaging them is a good solution to stabilise their breathing pattern so that they do not suffer from hiccups.

Even after doing this if the problem of hiccups continues then you had to look towards contacting your vet so that he or she can prescribe you some kind of medicine which would help the dog. In very rare cases, surgery is needed when hiccups are just a symptom to a bigger problem.

The more you try to take the attention of the dog or puppy away from the hiccups the better chances you would be having of eliminating the hiccups altogether. Hiccups in dogs are almost same as hiccups and new ones and therefore if it is a occasional occurrence then there is nothing to worry about.

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When should you contact your vet about dog hiccups?

-If the hiccups continue for a prolonged period of time and for even more then one hour or are very frequent during the day and are accompanied by vomiting or some other symptoms of indigestion like diarrhoea, in that case you should be thinking about contacting your vet.

You need to keep your dog hydrated throughout the day because due to the enormous physical activity the dehydration in dogs takes place at a very rapid scale.

-If there are signs of physical discomfort which are accompanied by hiccups then you should be thinking about contacting your vet as soon as possible.

In most of the cases it has been seen that, the hiccups and dogs are nothing to worry about. If they are accompanied with any unusual behaviour then you might be thinking about contacting your vet. In normal circumstances there is nothing to worry about dog hiccups.