Why do dogs bury bones?

You might have seen it on television or you might have seen it on movies as well whenever a dog gets a bone they tend to find the best place to bury the bone.

If you have a dog then you might have actually witnessed it as well that whenever your dog gets a bone he tries to find a location which is near to him body the bone and once the dog is able to get that perfect location he starts digging frantically till all of proper size is created to bury the bone.

If you observe the door carefully then after putting the bone in the whole the dog actually covers the whole very carefully and ensures that the bone is well done and if you observe the dog after covering the whole you would find that the dog actually keeps an eye on that particular area for quite some period of time till it is in the memory of the dog.

This behaviour of the dog is nothing new and has been witnessed in hundreds of dogs across many different types of species would like to body there things which they value. Many of the people ask as to why do dogs bury bones.

To understand this behaviour of the dog we had to look back in history to find out about the dogs and how they interacted with other animals and it would help us better understand the behaviour of the dog.

Before dogs actually came to be known as the pets for men they wear a wild specie and when they were in the wild it was actually very difficult for them to catch any food and when they were hunting they had to compete with not just other animals but also with other species of dog and dogs from their own clan as well and this made it very difficult for them to get any kind of food and therefore whenever they got any food they had to make sure that they keep it safe so that it is not taken away from them by other animals or by other dogs.

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Dogs can easily find out with other dogs from their own clan but the problem is that the bigger animals like jackals or other type of bigger cats were difficult to keep away from therefore it and this is where the habit of hiding the food came in to dogs.

Even if the dog was not seen hunting by other animals the smell of the Food travel pretty fast across the jungle and therefore the dog only had the few minutes of precious time to savour the kill which it had made before the other animals snooped in and that is where the habit of burying the food came into force.

The dog would actually body his kill and cover the ground and this would kill the smell of the food and also keep it away from the visual sight of other animals and this ensured that they could easily come back and read it whenever they need it.

While this was a common scenario but it was not the only scenario in which the dog actually hid away their food. You would be surprised to know that the other case in which the dogs used to bury their food was exactly opposite of the above one. In some of the cases it had been found that the hunting was so good that the dogs actually had more food than the required and such large quantity of food cannot be consumed in one go and this is the reason that dogs actually started burying the food.

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If you look at the other wild animals in the jungle you would find that this behaviour is also present in them and some of the most evident animals being leopards who always drags the kill on top of the tree so that they can have the kill whenever they need. Another prime example which you might have noticed are squirrels which keep on storing the nuts in the hollow in which they are living in. Even in some of the people who are living in the wild areas and are facing harsh winters this behaviour can be found out is survival instinct because there can be winters which cut them off from the other parts of the country and therefore this behaviour actually comes as no surprise in dogs or any other living beings.

Modern-day case:

modern dogsDogs are rarely in the wild these days and you might argue that since you are continuously feeding your dog from time to time and according to the type of food which the dog likes they are makes no sense for the dog to actually take and bury the food.

Also the quantity of dog food which you provide to your dog is more than they can eat.

But you had to understand that these habits are so old and dogs that they have actually become natural instinct and these natural instincts die hard even in the modern times when dogs do not have to hunt for food and there is plenty of food available directly in their feeding bowl.

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You would often find that this behaviour is more evident in the species of dogs which are hunting dogs because it is their natural instinct and it is actually heriditary in them. With each and every passing generation of dog this habit is actually dying down but it is seen in a lot of dogs to date as well.

These days dogs might not gather food and product food since it is available in plenty but if you had a pet dog for a long period of time then you would also find that your pet dog gathers things like sweaters or some other type of clothes in anticipation of harsh winters and these are just basic survival instincts and dogs which have been passed on from one generation to another.

So, the next time your dog actually starts hoarding and protecting something do not be surprised it is their basic survival instinct which is kicking in and while it might not just be bones but the truth is that food is the main thing which they hoard and protect.