Why do cats wag their tail?

Cats are creators of fascination and therefore the adoption of cats as pets is also increasing. Over the years more and more people are preferring to have a cat is a pet as compared to other animals.

Cats are much more different than dogs and other pets which we usually have and therefore the fascination of people towards cats keeps on increasing.

A cat communicates with another cat with the help of the tail. It is pretty obvious that, as the cat uses the tail for communication more and more cat owners are trying to find out what the tail moments of the cat usually mean so that they are able to understand the body language of the cat and the emotions of the cat.

Cat is one of the very few animals which is able to point its tail vertically up during walking as well. A cat can effectively communicate a lot of things about its mood as well as the emotions which it is having with the help of its tail.

Cat is not the only animal which uses its tail for communication. Wolf also uses the tail for its communication and what legally hire tail indicates are confident Wolf where is a tale which is in between the legs indicates a frightened Wolf.

A horse can also indicate it’s feeling with the moment of its tail like if it is winging its tail from side to side rapidly then that means that the horses irritated about something. If the tail of the horses in between its legs then it means that the horses frightened.

Needless to say since cats can communicate a lot of information with the help of the moments of the tails, the cat owners are now wanting to have at least some idea about what the tail moment means. We would be going into some of the details of the tail moments of the cat below so that you are able to understand your get better.

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Irritated cat & its tail moment:

When the cat is irritated at the start quivering its tail but this is a mild moment and you would not be able to notice it unless and until you observe the tail of the cat closely. If the situation in which the cat is and does not improve and actually gets worst then the moment of the tail is converted into tail beating.

This type of tail moment happens when the cat is sitting at the single place. If you are interacting with the cat in any manner during this period then it is clearly bothering the cat and you had to stop communicating and that we like if you are rubbing the back of the cat and the tail of the cat is quivering slightly then you need to stop rubbing the back of the cat because the cat is not liking it.

Aggressive cat & its tail moment:

Cats fight with other cats pretty often specially if they are in the same house. Whenever the cat is aggressive and is about to attack another cat the moment of the tail is pretty frantic but not continuous and when that cat is aggressive this tail moment is followed by other signs in the body of the cat which indicate that the cat is aggressive like the expansion of the pupils as well as the backward bending of the ears.

If your cat is showing this particular tail moment then it is more likely to attack another cat which is in the vicinity.

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Enthusiastic cat & its tail moment:

cats wagging tailWhen the tail of the cat is vertically upwards and just shaking at the top it means that the cat is enthusiastic and happy. This happens when you give the cat treat or the cat is playing with its favourite toy.

Also, this type of tail moment also can indicate that it would be urinating shortly. As you can see, you can get to know a lot about the cat but just monitoring the tail moment of the cat.

Normal cat & its tail moment:

When the cat is behaving entirely normal and is just wasting our passing time the tail of the cat would be backing slightly and there would be no frantic moment. This moment is very subtle and from a long distance it might seem that the tail is almost stationary.

When the cat is relaxed like just after reading its food or when it is nothing exciting to do or no one to follow and is just moving around a bit, then this tail moment can be noticed. When this tail moment happens you can easily ensure that the cat is in normal mood.

Confused cat & its tail moment:

Whenever the cat is swinging its tail not at a rapid pace and not at a slow pace either but at a moderate continuous pace you can easily assume that the cat is trying to make a stock of the situation and is actually confused and uncertain about what it should be doing in the present situation.

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This does not mean that the cat is angry but it does not indicate that the cat is comfort able or happy either. It is actually a transition period when the cat is deciding what it needs to do.

This type of tail moment lasts till the cat is able to decide about its next step. When the cat is doing this tail moment, you can be sure that the cat is actually confused about the entire situation and the cat is not able to easily comprehend whether the present situation is any risk to the cat or not.

As you can see, from the above descriptions of the moment of the tail of the cat, a lot of information is conveyed by the cat with the help of its tail moments. If you as a cat owner know what this tail moments mean you can easily decide about the emotional state in which the cat is in currently and you can comfort the cat or make the cat calm down accordingly.

When you know about the various tail moments of the cat it becomes easier to communicate with your cat and also it becomes much more easier to understand the need of your cat as well.

So, instead of just randomly assuming the emotional state of the cat you should be noticing its tail moment and then coming to the conclusion about the mood of the cat.