Why do cats drool?

If you look into the behavior of cats you would realize that normally cats don’t drool.

The only situation when they normally drool is when they are purring is when they are very afraid of something and not under normal circumstances.

A little drooling here and there is completely fine but if your cat is drooling continuously then there might be a health problem and continuous drooling is not normal at all.

That is why, it is important to take note of the situation and visit the vet if there is some unusual behavior.

In such a case, it is a good idea to take the cat to a vet. There are various reasons why there can be continues drooling in cats and we would be discussing some of these in this article.

Why do cats drool?

We have gone below into the list of causes of cat drooling.

-Problem in the mouth: This involves a dental problem whether it can be decay in the mouth or it can be a problem in the tooth or it can be a problem in the gums and therefore if there is any kind of dental problem then this would cause excessive drooling. The best way to avoid this is to go for periodic dental cleaning.

Also, if there is any kind of bleeding in the mouth then definitely you should consult a vet. If the colour of the teeth is also changed from the normal white to brown then also it is an indication of some dental problem. A professional cleaning would most likely solve the problem.

-Not able to swallow: Cats like to play with various things and if while playing something is stuck in the mouth of the cat whether it is a small toy or whether it is a piece of rubber from the ball or something else then the cat would not be able to swallow anything and this would cause drooling and therefore you need to check the mouth of your cat when your cat is drooling and if you’re still not able to find out the problem then you can call your vet.

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If the cat is having aftertaste in the mouth which is bad then the cat would not be able to swallow as well. This can be when you have just given her some medicine which does not have a good taste. If this is the cause then after some time the problem would be solved by itself.

-Problem due to heat: Cats are very sensitive to high temperatures specially for prolonged period of time and therefore if the cat has been out in the heat for quite some period of time and is not had proper water to cool herself down then it might be due to a heat stroke. In case the cat is not properly hydrated it is a high probability that the cat may be suffering from heat stroke when the cat suddenly starts drooling continuously.

During the high temperature days, you need to ensure that the cat is only indoors and also you supply her plenty of water to drink so that the cat can keep hydrated as well. Also, if the cat is outside as well then you need to ensure that there are quite a few shady places around your vicinity so that the cat is able to the rest when the cat needs. If still the drooling continues then it might be a bigger problem and you might need to take your cat to the vet.

Why do cats drool-Problems due to car travel: Cats are not very much accustomed to being in moving vehicles whether it is your car or whether it is your train or whether it is some other vehicle and therefore if the drooling happens when you are in some kind of vehicle then you can easily assume that it is due to the motion sickness. It is because of the anxiety which the cat is suffering from. This can lead to open mouth drooling and also it can lead to other anxiety symptoms in cats as well. The breathing of the cat would also be changing when the cat is suffering due to motion sickness. In order to temporarily solve the problem, you need to put the cat in such a place where it cannot detect the vehicle moving that is it is not able to detect the vehicle moving visually. The best option is the carrier at the back of the car.

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Also, if the problem persists then you can stop driving for a while until the cat is able to calm down then you can slowly pick up speed instead of going into full gear right then and there. This would help the cat in getting accustomed to the motion of the car.

-Organ problem: If there is any kind of problem in the kidney of the cat or if there is any kind of problem in the liver of the cat then it can certainly cause drooling and this can only be solved with the help of the medical attention and therefore it might be time to take the cat to the vet.

-Consumption of plants which are poisonous: Cats are very sensitive to plants and that is why, you always have cat owners asking are peace lilies poisonous to cats? Or are orchids poisonous to cats?. There are a variety of plants which are poisonous to cats and some of these plants can be grown indoors as well and therefore if the cat has actually consumed any of these plants then there might be problems which might cause drooling.

-Infections of the respiratory tract: If there is any kind of problem in the respiration tract of the cat specially in the upper respiratory tract then it would not be able to coordinate the breathing properly and this would cause drooling as well. This is a very serious problem and if the cause of the drooling is due to this problem then you do not have a lot of time since the respiration system is affected and therefore you need to try and get the cat to the vet as soon as possible.

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The infection in the respiratory tract can only be solved with the help of antibiotics and intravenous and therefore only the vet would be able to solve that problem.

So, as you can see there can be numerous causes of a cat, drooling but not all of these causes are harmless and therefore it is important that you detect the cause of drooling and if needed provide the medical attention to the cat as well to solve the problem due to which cat is drooling.