Why do beavers build dams?

The Beavers play a very important role in our ecological system by making dams, for which they are famous. If you look at the psychological importance of the dams which are made by beavers, you would find that these dams play a very important role. These create what we call as wetlands and these support many different species of animals and insects.

At the same point of time you had to understand that if the dams are created by beavers then it can prove to be a headache for farmers and the owners of the land. It can be a blessing or it can be a curse depending on which way you look at it.

By creating the wetlands beavers actually support the species like dogs or fishes or frogs.

On the other hand the landowner on whose property the wetlands have been created by beavers are not very happy because they are not able to use the land on which the wetlands have been created.

For their dam making skills beavers are famous all over the world and they do not just make the dams but they also maintain the dams as well. They try to control the flow of water.

If you look at the dams which are made by beavers, then you would realise that they constantly look after the upkeep of these dams as well.

Why do beavers build dams?

This is the question which puzzles the mind of many people when they hear about the dam building capability of the beavers and the passion with which they keep on building the dams day in and day out and also maintain those dams.

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beaver lodge

The main reason why beavers think of building dams and continuously work at building dams is the so that they can create a home for themselves.

Beavers need shallower water to live in their homes which are known as lodges and by building a dam they are able to control the flow of the water in the river or industry to provide them with a area which is containing shallower water so that they can build their home.

This shallower water also provides them with the area to hide in in case any predator comes around.

Beavers normally cannot stand the sound of flowing water and therefore when ever they are around the river or a stream that try to control the flow of the river or the stream.

 Also, whenever there is a leak in the dam which is built by the Beaver, they would be working continuously to fix that leak because they cannot easily stand the sound of tackling water or leaking water from that dam.

Advantages of the dams which are built by beavers:

As we mentioned there are a lot of ecological advantages because of the dams which are built by beavers and one of the main advantages is that since the flow of the water discontent, the probability of leading is greatly reduced. In case of excessive rainfall these dams of struck the free flow of water and therefore flirting is reduced due to these dams.

Another advantage of the dams which are built by beavers is that it will not just provide homes to themselves but also other species as well which can live in shallower waters and therefore they are actually creating an entire ecology instead of just building a home for themselves.

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Also, these dams access purification filters as well because whenever there is toxic water or any other contaminants in the water which is flowing through these dams, the contaminants are obstructed by the dam and only small quantity of water which is more pure as compared to the water which was received by the dam flows ahead.

Disadvantage of the dams which are built by beavers:

The main disadvantage is that the land on which the dams are built might belong to farmers are landowners and therefore after the dam is being built that land is now converted to fat lands and therefore cannot be put to any use and therefore that land is practically useless.

Beavers may also damage some of the trees which are very important for managing the ecological balance of that particular region for making the dams.

Due to the documentation of water around the area in which the dams are built the standing crops on that land might get affected. That particular area of the land would be flooded as well.

Due to the presence of creatures like frogs, the nearby fields are also affected adversely and the crops are also affected adversely.

These dams while would be providing for a ecological system for some animals and creatures, they can easily destroy the ecological balance as well by certainly creating a wetlands in that area.

How to keep the beavers away from your land?

Due to the significant impact which the Beaver dam has on the land on which it is constructed, many landowners and farmers are trying to find out how to keep the beavers away.

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-One of the most traditional methods which are used is to trap the Beaver which is in the area and to release it in some other area but the problem is that the place of the Beaver which is trapped and taken away is taken by some other Beaver.

-Another idea is to have a pipe in the dam so that the water is flown out of the dam and the completion of water is reduced as well.

-One more technique which most of the landowner’s uses that to paint a tree with the solution which keeps the beavers away and does not allow them to cut the tree to make the dam.

-Electric fences are also one such solution which many landowners used to keep the beavers away.

-If all the systems fail then some of the landowners have created dams in advance in their region, so that the beavers can build the dam there instead of coming to their land to build a dam.

Now that you have your answer to the question why do beavers build dams, it is up to you to decide whether this is an advantage or this is a disadvantage and also whether you like it or not, you would surely appreciate the continuous effort and the skills of the beavers to build dams.