Why am i always sleepy?

It is completely normal to suffer from the symptoms of tiredness and sleepiness after a long day at work or when you have been out all day but if you’re sleepy all the time then that is a problem because that is certainly not normal.

It would certainly have a impact on your efficiency as well.

You might be asking yourself why am I always sleepy?

Even if you try many solutions to avoid this problem, still you would not be able to do so, until you actually find the cause for it.

We would try to find out some of the answers to this question so that you are able to solve the problem and instead of being sleepy and tired all the time you are energetic and are able to do your work all the day.

Why am I always sleepy?

In order to understand this, you had to 1st look at some of the causes as to why you might be sleepy on all days irrespective of whether you have just woken about whether you have worked for a few hours or whether you have just completed your entire working day.

The first and foremost reason is fatigue and that means that either you’re not getting proper sleep during the night or you’re working too much. Generally it means that you do not have a proper sleeping schedule for the body and even though you might be sleeping for a few hours then also your body might not be getting the amount of rest which it requires.

If the body is not getting proper rest then it would be also suffering from headaches as well as dizziness as well and these would be accompanied by the constant sensation of being sleepy.

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Physical causes of being sleepy all the time:

In order to complete your quota of sleeping, you need uninterrupted sleep for at least 8 hours during the night. Our body, has a biological clock as well and therefore even if you’re sleeping for 8 hours during the daytime instead of during the proper nighttime then also you would feel sleepy for the rest of the time and therefore you had to go by the biological clock off our body and you had to ensure that you are sleeping properly and uninterrupted during the night time.

You had to also check your sleeping position to ensure that you are able to sleep in a relaxed manner so that the body is able to get the rest which it needs. If you’re on any specific medications then you had to find out whether those medications are hampering you in sleeping in any way.

Emotional causes of being sleepy all the time:

always sleepyIf you are in depression or some other psychological disorder then also you might be feeling sleepy all the time specially if you’re taking tranquillisers or some other type of antidepressant drugs. Stress is also another cause as to why you might be feeling sleepy all the time.

Diagnosis of the problem:

If the sensation of continuously being sleepy, in your case is not related to any of the above problems then you have to consult your doctor to find out the root cause of the problem because if you’re not in a proper state of mind during the day that is if you’re feeling sleepy all the time then you would not be able to go out about your work each and every day and therefore your normal life would be affected as well.

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Obviously, we cannot sleep all the time during the day and the night and therefore you have to find out what is the problem due to which you are feeling sleepy throughout the day as well. Once you are able to find out that problem you have to think about solving that problem.

You can ask your doctor, to diagnose the problem and once the doctor has diagnosed the problem the doctor would be able to let you know about the solutions as well. If you’re on heavy tranquillisers then you had to consult your doctor and he had to get a lighter those of the tranquillisers so that you are fit during the day and you’re not feeling sleepy all the time.

In most of the cases of the problem is not very obvious the doctor might recommend you are blood test or a urine analysis as well but that does not mean that it is a serious problem but that simply means that the doctor wants to be sure about the problem before recommending you any medication to help you in eliminating the sleepy feeling all through the day.

In very rare cases, feeling sleepy all through the day might be a symptom of something much more serious and therefore the doctor needs to be very sure about the cause of the problem and whether it is an actual problem or whether it is a symptom of is some other problem which is integrated into a bigger problem and only once the doctor is sure about this the doctor can think about recommending you the solution to the problem and how to get rid of the sleepy feeling all day long.

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Treatment for eliminating the sleepy feeling all day long:

After the tests, the doctor can easily detect the cause of the problem and it can be the medication on which you are or it can be about the nutrient deficiency which is they are in your body or it can be about the diet which you are consuming as well. Based on the tests, the doctor would be prescribing you the medication so that you are able to eliminate this problem and you are able to lead a normal life.

Generally speaking, the answer to the question why am I always sleepy?, Is not a very serious problem and therefore can be sold as well and therefore instead of worrying about this you had to consult your doctor and your doctor would be able to easily detect the problem and help you out in solving the problem.

You should not be ignoring this problem is if it is happening repeatedly it is not a coincidence and there is something which is hampering your brain activity during the daytime due to which you are always sleepy and therefore in order to solve this problem you had to take the advice of the doctor and find out the cause of the problem and then solve the problem.