What does smoking do to your body?

Did you know that cigarette contains over 4000 chemicals and it is scientifically proven, that out of these 4000 chemicals at least 40 or so are carcinogenic and when you are using a substance which is having so many chemicals and over 40 which can result in cancer in your body, it comes as no surprise that smoking is very harmful for your body and can also prove to be fatal as well.

The main substance in the cigarette is nicotine which can initiate a reaction in your brain within 10 seconds of starting to smoke. That is why, people are addicted to smoking because of nicotine. In most of the cases, when you’re looking into the diagnosis of cancer and other ailments related to smoking at early stage, treatment is possible but if you’re not able to detect these at the early stage then it becomes very difficult to treat cancer caused by smoking as well as other ailments.

Many people are still puzzled how such a small stick can cause so much harm to your body and therefore we would be going into the details of the answer to the question what does smoking do to your body? We have tried to explain it for you in very simple terms.

What does smoking do to your body?

While there are many different side effects of smoking but we would be listing out the most prominent ones and how they are caused because of smoking.

-The first interaction of the cigarette is with your mouth and when you’re first starting to smoke, the tar which is their in the cigarette comes in direct contact with the teeth and this is a recipe for disaster because it can easily cause mouth cancer.

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-A little further away, the smoke makes the interaction with the vent pipe and since our respiratory system is already very sensitive, the smoke of the cigarette is responsible for disturbing the working of cilia whose function it is to ensure that phlegm is eliminated from our body. When its function is distorted, the phelgm would go on accumulating in your chest as well as in your throat resulting in chest congestion in addition to other problems.

-Due to the nicotine in the smoke, the adrenaline gland is stimulated which results in a rush of adrenaline in your blood causing you to experience in high and this is the main cause of the addiction of smoking.

-The spread of nicotine in your body is pretty fast because after the respiratory system, the nicotine enters the lungs and then gets mixed into the blood and circulated all over the body as well and therefore there is no part of your body which is remaining unaffected by nicotine after you start smoking.

-Due to the high as well as the presence of nicotine in the bloodstream, your blood pressure increases further and in such a situation if you’re already having any other cardiac problem then you can instantly suffer from a cardiac arrest as well. This is because the speed of the heart increases significantly when the blood pressure is increasing.

These are the immediate effects of smoking cigarettes which cause some changes to your body immediately after you start smoking. However, these are not the only effects of smoking and there are some other side effects which result in a permanent change in your body as well.

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Longer term side effects of smoking:

Side effects of smoking

Side effects of smoking

-Whichever part of the body comes in contact with the smoke from the cigarette or with the nicotine in the cigarette, it develops a risk of suffering from cancer and therefore abdominal cancer as well as mouth cancer as well as lung cancer is pretty common in people who are continuously smoking.

-Due to the continuous high and the rush of adrenaline in the body again and again while smoking, the brain is also affected and this results in the problem of memory loss as well.

-Since the bodily functions are impacted due to smoking, the production of insulin is also impacted and this results in diabetes as well.

-The body is not able to carry out its anti ageing process as well and the process of oxidation is also rapidly increasing when you are completely addicted to smoking on a regular basis and this results in the process of ageing getting accelerated and you would be looking more older than your age.

-Smoking can also cause fertility problems in men. The sperm count decreases drastically when you are continuously smoking leading to an inability to reproduce.

-Initially, the high might seem like a good idea which you get out of smoking but over a period of time smoking entirely diminishes your working stamina as well as the ability and therefore you would not be able to focus or concentrate on your work.

-Due to the fertility problems, you can also have a erection problems as well due to which you would not be able to have a healthy sex life.

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-In women as well, smoking can easily cause infertility.

Many people start smoking due to peer pressure without actually realising the side effects of smoking but later on when they do realize the side effects of smoking, it is too late to reverse the effects and most of these effects are permanent as well and due to the addiction, even if you want, you cannot leave smoking as well and that is why, you need to seriously quit smoking at all cost if you want to have a healthy life.

So, now that you know the answers to the question What does smoking do to your body?, Hopefully you would be completely avoiding smoking to ensure that you are leading a normal and healthy life instead of a life which is fraught with ailments and the risk of suffering from various types of cancer due to smoking for a very prolonged period of time and there are multiple ways in which you can quit smoking to avoid all the ills which come with it.