What does it mean when a cat purrs?

Cats can make many different type of sound is but one of them which you would commonly hear if you have a pet cat is a purr.

The other sounds which a cat can make are chipping or growling or the most common one which is associated with the cat is a meow.

The purring of the cats is pretty common as well but if you try to decipher the sound and understand what the cat is trying to communicate you would find out that it is very difficult to understand what the cat is trying to communicate by the sound.

There are many different meanings as well and therefore you would have to take it in context of the present situation in order to understand the communication of the cat.

There has been a lot of research on this subject and on the various sound the cat makes including purrs which can mean many different things and after a lot of research and the experiences of the pet owners, some conclusions can now be drawn from the various sound a cat makes.

In this article, we would be only discussing about the sound of a purr. As we mentioned above, this needs to be taken in context with the events which are happening.

Happy cat:

If the cat is happy and relaxed it can make the purring sound. If a person who does not have much experience in having a cat is a pet is asked about purring sound, then he or she would also tell you that it is associated with a happy cat because this is generally the sound which the mother cat and makes while nursing or when the pet cat makes while being patted by their favourite person.

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The sound is made by the cat even when they are being fed or even when they are playing with their favourite. This is the same sound which is made by the cat when they are relaxing as well.

Need of calming:

The sound of the cat is also produced by the cat when it needs to calm down and in such a situation it means that in the current state the cat is not calmed down and therefore it is wanting to calm down.

If you have ever taken the cat to the vet then you would realise that while you are placing the cat on the table for examination then the cat purrs louder and louder and this indicates that the cat is trying to relax itself for the examination. The cat produces the sound when it is trying to calm itself down and it is trying to reduce its anxiety. So, this sound can also be an indication of the nervousness of the cat.

This type of sound also brings the breathing cycle of the cat back to normal if it is deviated from of a from the normal. It can calm down the cat in a number of ways ranging from the breathing cycle to the tense body movement or aggressive body movement of the cat.

To heal herself:

cat purrIt has been scientifically proven that the purr sound which is generated by the cat is occuring at 25 to 150 Hz and this frequency has healing effect on the cats. Whenever the cat is hurt by fighting or by a fall, the cat would be producing this sound to heal itself without the need of forking out moving around.

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This sound can also help in increasing the bone density as well. By producing this sound, the cat is reducing the necessity of exercise to heal itself.

It has been found that due to the purring sound by the cat, the cat owners are also benefiting because they are decreasing their probability of getting a heart attack because it has been scientifically proven that cat owners are less probable to have heart attacks as compared to people who do not have a cat is a pet this is due to the purring sound which is made by the cats.

If the cat has just undergone surgery, you can hear the cat generating the purring sound to ensure that the speed of healing is increased as well. That is why, if you compare the average speed of feeling of cats and dogs you would find that cats heal much faster as compared to dogs.

Attention seeking:

In some of the cases when the cat is feeling lonely and needs the attention of any type of person are different type of sound is produced which consist of the lower frequency but it also consist of a higher frequency as well to simulate the voice of a human baby crying. This is to gain the attention of the person with whom the cat wants to connect with. This is for socialising.

It has been scientifically proven that this type of purring sound is only emitted when the cat wants to get the attention of a person. This might be to get patted by a person or to bring the attention of the person to the cat and to convey that the cat needs food. This type of sound can also be generated by the cat when the cat is just trying to wake you up in the morning.

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One thing is for sure this sound is only generated by the cat in order to gain the attention of the person whom the cat feels comfort table with being around.

So, if you’re thinking that the purring sound which is generated by the cat is just another sound which is generated by the cat then you are completely wrong because the cat can communicate a wide variety of messages with the help of the single sound and also it has been proven that this single sound has healing effect for the cat as well as for the people who are around the cat.

This is no ordinary sound and it actually has a lot of meanings and a lot of benefits. Research is on, to find out if humans can derive any benefits of this sound if it can be generated with the help of machines.

All in all, purring is not just another song but has a wide variety of meanings and also has some healing power as well due to the frequency at which it is generated.

So the next time your cat purrs, it is up to you to understand what kind of messages the cat passing on to you.