What does chocolate do to dogs?

We all consider what dog to be a part of our family and therefore it is completely natural that what we like to share with our dog but you cannot do that always because in case of chocolate it might be your favourite but it is actually toxic for your dog and this is one of the greatest mysteries for dog owners because it is natural that if you are consuming chocolate and you like it you would like to share it with your dog but the truth is that if your dog consumes chocolate then it can prove to be detrimental for the health of the dog and in excessive quantities it can also prove fatal for your dog.

Below, we would be going into details of what does chocolate do to dogs and why is chocolate so harmful for your dogs.

Simply put chocolate consists of theobromine which is somewhat related to caffeine and this actually poisons the body of the dog in sufficient quantities and that is the reason that in large quantities chocolate can actually prove fatal to your blog.

The content of theobromine in chocolate is pretty less but it varies from Baker’s chocolate which has it in the highest quantity that is 390mg/ounce to milk chocolate which contains 44mg/ounce. These figures can vary depending on the concentration of the chocolate as well as the nature of the chocolate and these are just for the approximation.

The amount of theobromine which can actually prove to be fatal for your dog is above 100mg/kg.

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The reaction in your dog because of the chocolate also depends on the weight of the dog and the size of the dog because a small puppy can suffer from a toxic reaction because of even a small bag of chocolate chip cookies whereas for a bigger dog a bag full of chocolate chip cookies can cause the same reaction.

If you’re not sure whether your dog is consumed chocolate or not then there are some symptoms through which you can detect whether your dog is consumed the chocolate or not.

Hyperactivity: Hyperactivity is one of the most common symptoms in dogs when they have consumed chocolate.

Diarrhoea: Diarrhoea is usually seen a few hours after the dog is consumed the chocolate and that is because chocolate is not suitable for the position system of the dog.

No chocolate for your dogUnquenching thirst: Due to the reaction which chocolate courses in the body of the dog the dog actually feels excessive thirst and this is another common symptom that the dog is actually consumed chocolate.

Seizures: Seizures and panic attacks go hand-in-hand and therefore if your dog is behaving in such a manner then it is a sure shot symptom that your dog is actually consumed chocolate in greater amount than was suitable.

Tensed Breathing: this happens due to the increase the heart activity which is a result of the toxic reaction with chocolate has caused in the body of the dog.
These are some of the most common symptoms which you may see in your dog when you do this consumed chocolate.

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Solutions when your dog has consumed chocolate:

The first thing which you to do when your dog is consumed chocolate is to find out the type of chocolate which the dog is consumed in your the wrapper of the chocolate would help you and also you had together rich much information as possible about the type of chocolate as well as the time when the chocolate was consumed and after gathering all of this information you had to contact the vet to provide them with all the information and you had to inform them about the quantity which you suspect that the dog is eaten and based on all of this the vet would be able to advise you regarding the further course of action and if needed the vet might ask you to actually bring the dog to his clinic as well.

If you’re looking for a natural remedy to cure the toxic reaction with chocolate is induced in the body of the dog then there is no natural remedy for theobromine and if your dog actually vomits out after consuming chocolate then you can be sure that the chocolate would actually be washed out from the body of the dog.

One of the most common treatments which the vets opt for is to feed your dog activated charcoal because charcoal would actually absorb the theobromine which is remaining in the body of the dog.

If the dog is not formatted then the vet might actually introduce a IV that is intravenous into the body of the dog to control the toxic reaction and to keep it away from the heart of the dog which if not done proves to be fatal.

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With timely intervention and proper treatment the dog which is even consumed a large quantity of chocolate can be treated as well but you had to be on the lookout for the symptoms and contact your vet as soon as possible when you notice the symptoms of the consumption of chocolate by your dog.
In most of the cases it has been seen that the symptoms in the dog you to consuming chocolate may last for up to a couple of days and therefore if you’re thinking that the problem is passed over after a couple of hours then you are completely wrong because you need to still monitor the dog for the symptoms of the toxic reaction caused by chocolate in the body of the dog and only after a couple of days if there are no such symptoms can you ensure that there is not toxic reaction in the body of the dog.

If you’re not sure about the quantity of chocolate which the dog is consumed and without assuming anything without taking any kind of risk you are to directly take your dog to the vet to get the dog examined for the toxic reaction and for the poisoning due to chocolate.

For the future you have to keep chocolate away from the talks so that the dog can actually not access the chocolate even if it tries.