What do sugar gliders eat?

Sugar gliders have become a very famous pet in the past few years all over the world.

These days you would find sugar gliders for sale in pet stores all over the United States and in other developed countries as well.

Our readers have also expressed their interest in having sugar gliders as their pet.

We have mentioned sugar gliders previously as well in our article, how much do sugar gliders cost?

Today we would be looking into a different aspect of the life of sugar gliders.

But in this article we would be discussing about the diet of the sugar glider and what you should be feeding the sugar glider and what you should be avoiding to feed to your sugar glider.

What do sugar gliders eat?

The diet of the sugar glider would always be dependent on the circumstances in which it is living in and the diet of the sugar gliders in the wild and the diet of the sugar gliders as a pet is completely different as well and we would be going through both of these type of diet of the sugar glider.

Diet of the sugar glider in the wild:

The diet of the sugar gliders in the wild is directed strictly by the availability. Ideally the sugar gliders would like to have 50% protein along with the other 50% split between fruits and vegetables. The problem is that in the wild, the sugar gliders have to eat what is available instead of looking into the nutrition requirement.

The main substance which the sugar gliders often consume in the wild is the sap which is coming out of the tree, for this the sugar gliders remove the bark of the tree and then consume the sap.

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The sugar gliders also eat small insects as well as Beatles and mice as well. They can consume the eggs of certain birds as well. Fruits also form a significant part of the diet of sugar gliders ranging from bananas to grapes. While vegetables are not easily available in the wild but when sugar gliders do get them they consume vegetables as well.

Diet of sugar gliders as pets:

More important than the diet of the sugar gliders in the wild is the diet of the sugar gliders when you’re having them as pets. When you’re having the sugar gliders as pets it is important to fulfil their nutritional requirement.

What do sugar gliders eatsThe nutritional requirement consists of at least 50% of protein while the other 50% is split in fruits and vegetables as we have mentioned above. In order to fulfil the requirement of protein you need to give them meat of various types. You can also give them boiled eggs and if you’re thinking about processed foods for providing them with protein then you can think about giving them conflakes as well.

From the pet store, you can buy some bugs and insects as well to feed to your sugar glider.

If you’re looking into the fruits for your sugar glider then you can easily go with bananas or grapes as we have mentioned above and in addition to that you can also give cherries or mangoes or figs to your sugar glider. If you want to give yogurt to your sugar glider then you have to ensure that it containing at the most fruits and also you had to ensure that it is fat-free as well. You have to limit the consumption of yogurt to just once a week. If you’re speaking about the vegetables then you can easily start with the green vegetables like cabbage or cucumber or spinach or broccoli and even lettuce.

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While speaking about bread, you can easily give bread to a sugar glider up to thrice a week. It is important to have a limit on certain type of food stuffs which we have mentioned above in the article.

One thing which you have to always keep in mind is that whatever you are feeding your sugar glider you have to ensure that it is always seed free and therefore if you’re giving any type of fruit to your sugar glider you have to ensure that you cut it in small pieces and remove all the seeds.

Which foodstuffs do you have to avoid giving to your sugar glider?

You have to completely avoid onions and other foodstuffs which contain any type of onion. At the same point of time you have to strictly avoid any fruits containing seeds as well.

Providing proper nutrition to your sugar glider:

As you might have noticed above, we have mentioned a lot of options which you can feed to the sugar glider but you need to look at these options and you need to rotate these options properly if you want to ensure that your sugar glider is getting proper nutrition all along.

As long as the sugar glider is getting proper nutrition all along, the life of the sugar glider would be extended to the maximum living life and therefore it is important that you strictly concentrate on the diet which you are giving to the sugar glider.

You do not have to rely excessively on any one type of food to feed the sugar glider because anything in excess would have its side effects and therefore you have to keep on rotating from the options which we have mentioned above in this article. As long as you are fulfilling their nutritional requirement of protein and providing them with fruits and vegetables, the sugar glider would not be suffering from any deficiency of any of the nutrients and would be able to live healthy life.

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So, if you’re looking for the various foodstuffs which you can provide to your sugar glider then we have mentioned the entire list above and you can easily choose among that list and keep on rotating the foodstuffs which you are providing to your sugar glider according to the availability and keeping in mind the nutritional content which you need to provide to the sugar glider in order to ensure that the sugar glider is always in healthy condition.

You need to understand that some of the foodstuffs are having some kind of limitations as well in terms of the quantity and the frequency in which they can be fed to the sugar gliders and you have to feed them accordingly as well.