What attracts bed bugs?

Bed bugs, are expanding pretty rapidly whether you’re speaking about your homes or whether you’re speaking about the hotels or whether you’re speaking about the cruise ships, they are everywhere. They are very annoying because they are very hard to get rid of and do not even allow you to sleep properly.

The general perception of people is that bed bugs only come into your home when you order your home is dirty and not clean at all. That is why, most of the people do not like to share with others that there are bed bugs in your home. This is not true because bedbugs can be in the most cleanest of the homes as well.

Many people are still not able to find the answer to the question what attracts bedbugs.

If you are able to find out the answer to the question what attracts bedbugs then you can simply eliminate that cause and you can simply eliminate the bedbugs as well and therefore it is important to understand what attracts bedbugs.

We would be discussing about the things which are attracting the bedbugs and how to eliminate them permanently so that they do not disturb you again.

What attracts bed bugs?

The general perception, as we explained about that bedbugs are attracted due to dirt and unclean surroundings is not true at all.

The two things which attract bedbugs are carbon dioxide and warm temperatures.

You might have not heard about this before but these are the two things due to which bedbugs come into your home as well and if you look into it it makes perfect sense. Your bed is warmed you to your own need which is being emitted from the body and due to the comfort of a temperature which is present in the bed due to which you are able to comfortably sleep in the bed.

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When we are sleeping, we are continuously emitting carbon dioxide and taking in oxygen and therefore carbon dioxide is also in great presence in our beds. That is the reason that bedbugs are attracted to our beds.

The main problem with the bedbugs is that they are nocturnal and during this period we are also in our beds and therefore they can easily suck our blood which is why they are so irritating and they are so much more troublesome.

During sleep we cannot control the bedbugs I feel the presence of the bedbugs because not over all senses are working and that is where they are able to easily suck blood out from our arms and other places on our body.

You might be thinking what are the ways in which you can get rid of the bedbugs and we would be explaining them below is well so that if you’re suffering from the problem of bedbugs in your home then you are able to eliminate them as well.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

bed bugsNormally, if you look for the products which can eliminate the bedbugs you would find out plenty of them on the Internet as well as from the advertisements which are in the TV as well but most of them do not work.

You had to always go for the natural solutions instead of the artificial products which are required to eliminate the bedbugs.

One of the main things which you can do is to just apply a slight bit of lavender oil around your bed specially around your mattress and the bedbugs would be kept away because they do not like lavender oil at all and in fact are repelled by the lavender oil and lavender oil is not that expensive either and therefore you would be able to easily have a good night’s sleep with the help of lavender oil.

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Another remedy which you can use for catching the bedbugs is that you had to simply take up a pet feeding bowl and place some dry ice in it and you had to make the sides of the pet bowl hire, by vertically attaching to it pieces of fabric.

You had to attach the piece of fabric in such a way that in order to get into the bowel, the bedbugs are to climb one side of the fabric and then only they would be able to fall into the pet feeding bowl. On the inside of the pet feeding bowl you had to cover the entire sites with talcum powder including the fabric sites and this would make it much smoother and therefore the bedbugs would not be able to climb in it.

Once you have done this year type is ready and all you need to know do is to just place it in the room in which there are bedbugs and switch off the lights for a couple of hours and after you open up the room after a couple of hours you would be able to easily grab the bedbugs in this trap which you have made because the dry ice would be eliminating carbon dioxide which is needed to attract the bedbugs and since the bedbugs are now in the pet feeding bowl in the side of the pet feeding bowl are too smooth for the bedbugs to climb out, they would be stuck in the pet feeding bowl.

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You can simply take the pet feeding bowl out of your home and throw it away along with the bedbugs. This way you would be able to catch most of the bedbugs in one instance. You do not need to buy those expensive bedbug catching devices.

So, now that you know what attracts bed bugs, you can easily attract them and eliminate them to ensure that your home is again bedbug free. Instead of using the expensive devices you just have to follow the few tips and tricks which we have mentioned and you would be able to easily eliminate bedbugs from your own home.

At this time that you get rid of bedbugs because they are severely annoying and they do not even let you sleep. No need to make some special arrangements in order to eliminate the bedbugs.

All you need to do is to follow just the above few steps which you have mentioned and you would be able to easily eliminate bedbugs from your home and have a comfortable sleep.