Product testing usa review

There are plenty of opportunities which are available these days to work online.

Also, if you want to join some of the companies which are offering you the online jobs, you can make money from that as well.

However, not each and every one of these websites is actually legit.

Today we would be speaking about one such opportunity known as product testing USA.

This website actually offers you the products in order to test and post of the review.

For each and every review, you would be paid a fixed amount.

That is why you will have dual advantages that is not only you would be paid but also you would be able to review the products.

However, there have been quite a few complaints of business website and therefore, we would be reviewing it today.

Product testing USA review:

one of the basic models of the companies that you would have to become a mystery shopper in order to try or the different products and services and thereafter you would have to submit the report in the form of the review.

Also, whenever you’re buying the products, you would be allowed to keep the products after that you are reviewing them.

So, you are getting paid for your time and also you are getting the products which you would be buying from the store.

How does it work?
When you’re 1st signing up on the website, you would have to give out a lot of information like your addresses well is the phone number.

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You would have to get the details about your normal work as well is your educational qualifications.

Only after you’re able to give out all of these details, you would be able to sign up on the website.

Once you’re able to sign up on the website, you would be able to find out about the different products which you can review.

Not each and every product is the same and not each and every product as well you will like the smartphones.

That is why, some of the products would be pretty low value.

After that, you have to think about applying for those products and you have to write down why you would be able to provide the proper feedback on the products.

Once you’re able to do that, then only you can get your application approved.

Product testing usa reviewHowever, getting the application approved is not easy enough.

From thousands of applications, they would most likely be applying only a handful of applications.

The problem:
the main problem with the product testing USA website is that even though you might not be getting the product to review but you would be getting a lot of spam emails.

Also, you would be getting a lot of calls from the phone numbers which you have mentioned as well.

That is why, their main business is to gather the emails so that they are able to spend those emails.

The means which you would be receiving would be of the winning lottery scams and other such devious marketing techniques.

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That is why, you have to understand that most of the model revolves around spamming the visitors who are submitting their email.

There excuse for this is that they would be working with the third-party vendor’s in order to monetise the members.

That is why, when you’re signing up on the website, you are actually agreeing to receive those emails.

That is why, you can do nothing about those emails rather than opt out of them.

Actual products:
when you check on, you would be able to find a handful of people who actually do get approved for the product testing.

However, these people are few and far in between.

If you look into the ratio of these people, you would realise that it is almost impossible for you to get qualified for actually testing the products.

Even when you’re getting qualified for testing the products, you would not be getting qualified for testing multiple products but rather you would be getting qualified for only testing the single product.

That is why, you have to really ask yourself whether it is worth your time to look into qualifying for the products and to become a mystery shopper.

Not being able to opt out:
many of the people are actually exclaimed that even when they are clicking the opt out link in the offers, they are not able to opt out.

Therefore, you would have no other option but to mark all of these emails as spam.

After that also, if you’re getting the emails in your inbox, you would have to let that email and you go.

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That is why, if you’re thinking that you would be getting multiple products in order to test and after that you would be able to keep those products as well, you would be in for a reality check.

Only a handful of people ever would be getting the products to test and for the rest of the people, they would be just getting the spam emails.

That is why, you have to be careful. If at all, you want to test your luck and want to see whether you’re getting qualified for the free product testing, it is a much better idea to use your disposable email so that if at all, you are not getting qualified, you would be able to throw that email out and you would be able to still use your main officially email without getting tons of spam on your official email id making it unuseable.

So, if you’re looking for a regular income from the product testing USA, that is actually a mirage and at the most, you would be getting selected for only a couple of products which you would have to test and after that, you would be able to keep those products. However, if you’re looking for a pretty new source of income from this website, you would be disappointed after signing up for it.