Printful review

When you’re looking to actually spread your art to all corners of the country, you can easily go for the online drop shipping business.

However, in organising each and everything, you would be requiring a lot of expertise.

You would be needing a similar system in order to not only prevent your art on the basis of the orders which you are receiving but also you would have to face them to different corners of the country.

This is not easy for a person to do.

That is where, printful actually comes into the picture.

They would be helping you in printing as well is dispatching to the people who have ordered your product.

However, does this really work? We would be discussing that below.

Printful review:

the problem with most of the band on demand websites or even the websites which would be drop shipping your art is that they would be taking a pretty hefty commission. That is why, when the commission is so have to you had to either think about increasing the selling price of your art or you have to think about taking lesser profits.

However, when you’re looking at Printful, you would realise that the commission is on the lower side.

1. Encouraging your own website:
instead of just asking them to list product on their page, Printful would be encouraging you to create your own website. It would also be guiding you through the methods which you can use in order to create your own website.

Therefore, you would be having complete control over the selling prices well is the way in which you are listing your products.

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2. No minimum order:
many of the other websites would be requiring a minimum order from your end.

When you’re just starting a business online, you might not be able to abide by the minimum order.

That is why, you have no other option but to delay the launching of your online business till you’re able to get those many number of orders.

However, when you’re not launching your online business you would never be able to get those many number of order in the 1st place.

Therefore, you are in a Catch-22 due to which you would not be able to start your business online easily.

3. Proper syndication:
they would be helping you in using various software like shopify in order to create your own store.

Therefore, creation of your own story is actually very simple.

When they are helping you in using the software, you can be sure that the orders syndication would be taking place pretty easily.

Printful reviewInstead of the manual order syndication, it would be taking place in automatic manner.

You would also understand that there is no setup fee for setting up your online store and therefore you would be able to set it up quite easily and you would be able to list of the products quite easily.

You need to also understand that managing the inventory of the designs as well as the online listings is pretty easy and therefore you would not be struggling with the same.

4. Different products:
unlike some of the other websites, they are not just related to the business related printing.

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They would be offering you a variety of different products.

You can go for T-shirt printing or you can go for the canvas printing or you can go for the framing of the pictures.

The options which you are having are plenty.

Therefore, you would be able to list a variety of products on your website and you can promote those products. There are no restrictions of the promotional methods.

That is why, it would become much more easier for you to use the promotional methods which you actually seen fit.

Also, due to the automatic syndication of the orders, you can be sure that it would become easier for you to directly process the order.

Since the drop shipping would also be handled by Printful, you can be sure that the automation would ensure that the author is disposed in the shortest period of time possible without you having to worry about anything.

5. Proper tutorials:
setting up a new business is actually pretty difficult.

That is why, you would be needing the proper tutorials.

There are video tutorials which are available.

Once you’re able to look into these video tutorials, you would be able to understand how to set up your own drop shipping business and how to make the listings and thus making it much more easier for you to decide whether you want to use Printful or whether you want to use of printing on demand services.

6. Proper customer support:
even though, you need to provide customer support of the customers which you’re bringing in but Printful, would ensure that if the customers are contacting them, they are able to provide that particular customer support to the customers properly.

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And that is the case, work on your end is significantly reduced and you have to just market your products in order to ensure that you are able to actually bring the customers to your listing and you are able to convert these visitors into sales.

7. Shipping options:
they would be helping you in setting up the priority shipping options. You can decide the exact amount for shipping which you would be charging to your customers.

That is, if some of your customers are requiring the products on a priority basis, you can easily go for the priority shipping which would be getting the products quite quicker.

if you’re looking for the printing on demand service, it is a much better idea to go for this one because of the high quality of support which they are providing and the high customisation options which they are providing. When you’re looking at these options, you would understand that none of the other printing on demand websites are able to actually match up with the features which they provide.