Nortriptyline side effects

When you’re looking into the various ways for the depression, you would be able to find out plenty of options.

Different medicines use different ways for treating depression. That is why, when you’re looking into the different medicines, you have to understand how they function.

Most of the people just to test the doctor that the doctor would always be recommending them the safe medicines.

One popular medicine for treating depression is known as Nortriptyline. While on the face of it, you might be thinking that it would be a completely safe medicine but when you look closely, you would be able to discover it side effect.

The problem is that most of the people find out about the side effects very late.

Therefore, we would be discussing it today.

Nortriptyline side effects:

1. Suicidal tendencies:
the main side effect of this medicine is that people who have been taking this medicine have suicidal thoughts.

That is why, the number of people who are committing suicide after taking this medicine is pretty high.

Oftentimes, when you’re doctor would be recommending you this medicine, along with that they would also be recommending you some counselling.

This is to ensure that you’re not having such suicidal thoughts.

Moreover, if you’re having such suicidal thoughts after taking this medicine it is a better idea to contact your doctor as soon as possible.

And that is the case, thereafter only you can be sure that you would be able to eliminate the suicidal thoughts.

Also, the suicidal thoughts would be building up over a period of time. That is why, initially you would not be able to actually referred any symptoms of this.

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However, over a period of time you would be building up the symptoms.

2. Extreme tension:
another side effect of this medicine is that people who are taking this medicine would be extremely tasty.

The mental activity would be increasing on the negative side.

Therefore, such people would be extremely tensed.

3. Aggressive behaviour:
such people would always be having aggressive behaviour.

Nortriptyline side effectsWhen you’re looking into the behaviour of such people, you would realise that they can get angry even on the smaller things.

When they are getting angry on the smaller things, their behaviour would become much more aggressive.

4. Excessive amount of sleep:
in most of the cases, you would understand that the person is not able to pay attention on a continuous basis for a longer period of time when they are taking such medicine.

They would be falling asleep in between the task.

Moreover, once they are sleeping they would be sleeping for a pretty long period of time.

That is why, this is another disadvantage.

5. Restlessness:
whenever the person is awake, they would not be stable. They would be extremely restless.

Due to this very reason again, they would not be able to concentrate on any work.

6. Impulsive thinking:
a normal person would always be thinking twice in place before taking any decision.

However, when you’re under the influence of Nortriptyline, you would not be thinking twice before taking any decision. Even if it is a major decision of your life, you would be taking it within a shorter period of time and therefore the risk of impulsive decision would be pretty great.

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7. Addiction:
Nortriptyline can actually give you a high. That is why, people who are actually consuming it would be addicted to it. The problem is that when you’re addicted to it, you would be taking it more and more.

The body would be becoming more and more resistant to it.

If the body is becoming more and more resistant to it, you would realise that they can prove to be harmful for your body when you’re increasing the dosage.

8. Increasing depression:
even though, one of the main purpose of taking this medicine is to reduce depression but, one of the main side effects is that the effect of depression would actually be increasing.

In the effect of depression is actually increasing, you would realise that the person would be suffering from more and more depressed the symptoms as well and therefore the person would not be able to do any work independently.

9. Suffering from panic attacks:
even if you have not had any history of panic attacks before, under the influence of this medicine, you can easily suffer from panic attacks.

That is why, when you’re suffering from panic attacks you have to understand how to calm yourself down.

You have to think about limiting these panic attacks as much as possible because that would be the only way in which you would be able to have a normal behaviour.

That is why, you have to always look out for the effects of panic attacks so that you are able to detect it in time and you are able to sort out the problem.

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10. Trying to harm yourself:
as we mentioned above, suicidal thoughts are one of the side effects.

However, even when you’re not having the suicidal thoughts, you can easily think about harming yourself.

You can think about inflicting normal injuries on yourself.

This is very dangerous for your body because with a period of time, this tendency was on increasing.

That is why, when you’re having such a thinking for the 1st time around, you have to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

As you can see, when it comes to nortriptyline, it is always important for you to look into the side effects. When you’re able to look into the side effects, thereafter it would become easy task for you to decide whether you should be taking the medicines. The side effects would not be happening in each and every person but if you’re able to detect the side effects, you have to stop taking this medicine and immediately consult your doctor.