Knee replacement alternatives

Most of the people think that the knee replacement surgery is the easy way out and therefore they do not even bother looking into the other alternatives. The truth is that, the knee replacement surgery should be your last option rather than your 1st option. That is why, we would be highlighting in this post some of the alternatives which you have to the knee replacement surgery and how they are better than the knee replacement surgery option.

Most of the alternatives which we mention do not include any surgical options or invasive options, which ensures that the recovery period of these alternatives is also much more better then the surgery option. Also, in most of the cases these are also much more affordable when you compare them with the surgery option.

1. Losing weight:
Knee replacement alternativesIf you look into the actual cause of knee problems and why you might be thinking about the knee replacement surgery, you would find that in most of the cases it is due to excessive weight. People are not taking care of their diet and therefore are constantly suffering from obesity. The percentage of people who are suffering from obesity, in the US alone is above 51%. A lot of research has been done into the problems which occur in the knee and it has been found that even if you’re able to lose just 15 pounds, the pressure on your knee gets reduced to dramatically.

In order to reduce those 15 pounds, you do not need to take any dramatic steps because all you need to do is to just include some physical activity and exercise in your daily routine and you would be able to easily reduce those 15 pounds.

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If you look into the amount of pressure which is coming on your knee, for every 10 pounds of weight above normal, the pressure which is actually exerted on your knee is reduced by up to 60 pounds equivalent of force.

2. Physical therapy:

Physical therapy would not only reduce the pressure on the knee but it would also ensure that the way in which your body interacts with the knee is proper. Instead of directly going for the knee replacement surgery, you have to 1st opt for the physical therapy sessions. Once you are able to attend a few physical therapy sessions, you would be able to easily do it at your home as well. When you are undergoing the physical therapy sessions, you have to ensure that you are resting your knee and you have also ensure that you are not undertaking any heavy physical activity as well so that you are providing the ability to your body to recover from the knee related problem which is present as well.
While doing physical therapy, you have to constantly test your knee and you have to ensure that you are able to apply ice to your knee as well in order to reduce the inflammation as well.

3. Knee injections:
A significant function of the knee is to work as a shock absorber when you’re moving. If there is any problem with the knee, the bone tissues as well as the ligament which is inside the knee, it is not able to perform this function smoothly and it leads to the inflammation as well. If that is the cause of your knee problem, you would constantly be feeling unstable as well. In order to solve this problem, you can take the knee injections of hyaluronic acid as well. This would solve this problem but you need to understand that you might have to take these injections from time to time in order to keep your knee stable.

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Before directly taking these injections, you have to find out whether you are allergic to this acid or not.

4. Proper painkillers:
If you’re constantly feeling the pain in your knee, you have to think about taking the cortisone shots as well. This would ensure that you are able to minimise the pain and you are able to bear the pain as well.

The only problem of cortisone shots is that you might suffer from some side effects as well.

The side effects of cortisone shots are:

-Short-term increasing of pain
-Suffering from allergy
-Occurrence of infection

Therefore, before opting for the cortisone shot, you have to confirm it from your doctor whether it is the right solution for you or not.

5. Practicing acupuncture:
Acupuncture is a very ancient Chinese technique and it has been recently introduced to the west. There are specific knee points in our hands and feet which when pressed, would provide you the relief from the knee pain as well. Instead of doing this yourself, it would be a good idea to 1st consult a professional and attend a couple of sessions and once you’re sure about the points which you have to press and the way in which you have to press them, then you can do it yourself at your home as well.

According to acupuncture, for each and every part of our body, there is a point in our hands and feet and when that point is pressed repeatedly according to a certain pattern, you would ensure that that particular part of the body is at ease and if there is any problem in that particular part of the body that is eliminated as well.

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6. ProloTherapy:
If the problem in the knee is due to the ligament and the knee not functioning properly, then prolotherapy is the best option for you. It ensures that the ligament as well as the knee bones work in tandem but the only side effect is that you would have to repeat the injections every few months in order to ensure that the ligament is working in conjunction with the knee.

7. Stem cell therapy:
The use of stem cells in order to cure a lot of medical problems has taken the fancy of doctors these days due to the effectiveness. In knee related problems as well, the stem cells from the hip joint are taken into the knee ligaments in order to solve such problems as well.

So, as you can see there are a lot of solutions and alternatives to the knee replacement surgery but you need to 1st discover the problem which is exactly plaguing you and once you are able to do that, you would be able to find out which is the solution which is perfect for you.