Is aleve a blood thinner?

There are many anti-inflammatory drugs which are present in the market which can help you in reducing the pain as well and aleve is one of them. Most of the anti-inflammatory drugs actually thin your blood as well and therefore the question is aleve a blood thinner is a very sensible one.

When you are consuming a drug under the impression of anti-inflammatory drug but it has a side-effect of blood thinning, it can put you in some complications in case of an injury or a medical procedure. That is why, if you are having doubts about aleve, we would have it solved for you. Just go through the article below, to find out the truth.

Blood thinners have adverse impact on your body because in case you are consuming a blood thinner and then there is a injury then there would be a lot of loss of blood and that is why, before taking any type of drug you should be knowing whether it is a blood thinner or not.

Is aleve a blood thinner?

Under the normal circumstances, aleve is not a blood thinner but it does tend to thin the blood to a certain extent(much lower extent as compared to an actual blood thinner) and therefore it is important that you limit the dosage strictly to as prescribed. The main reason why aleve is prescribed to patients is because of the aches which they are suffering in their body and for a temporary period of time, aleve can provide you the relief from these aches and the aches can be the muscle aches or they can be the aches in the bone joints but aleve can only provide you with a relief for a limited period of time and therefore it is often used.

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In certain cases, aleve can also help you in reducing the fever which you are suffering from as well and therefore in these cases, aleve is given as well. It is widely researched and though it tends to thin the blood to a certain extent but it does not thin the blood to such an extent that there can be problems when a injury or a wound occurs.

What does a blood thinner do?

Blood thinners, as the name suggests, are helpful in thinning of the blood and this especially is necessary when the patient is suffering from a blood clot. Also, this is given to the patients after surgery as well to enhance the flow of blood all over the body. The adverse effect of blood thinners is that in case you are on blood thinners and an injury occurs, there can be excessive blood loss due to the thinning of the blood.

What is aleve used for?

Is aleve a blood thinnerAleve is normally used for providing relief to the patients from the aches in the body whether the aches are due to the muscle cramps or whether the aches are due to the arthritis. In certain cases, it has been also been seen that aleve is prescribed to women who are suffering from menstrual pains.

Aleve can provide you only short-term pain relief and therefore it is not longer term solution.

Using aleve:

The drug should be exactly consumed as prescribed by your doctor and you should be sticking to the prescribed dosage as well.

You need to ensure that you are standing or sitting up to 10 minutes after taking the drug. In some of the individuals, it can also cause stomach upset and therefore it is important that you take it with something other than water like milk or some other type of food. You need to avoid acidic foodstuffs when you are taking aleve.

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This medicine should not be regularly used and should be used on prescription only because it can thin the blood to a certain extent but does not necessarily work as a proper blood thinner. You can speak with your doctor about the blood thinning properties of aleve in greater detail and whether it is perceived as a risk for you or not.

Normally when aleve is prescribed to patients who are suffering from arthritis, the pain relief is not instant because it is an ongoing condition and in such a case, the doctors may prescribe aleve for a period of up to 2 weeks and also most of the benefit would not be seen instantaneously and therefore it is important that you continue with the prescribed dosage even if you do not actually see the benefits at the start.

If you’re taking aleve for normal pain or any other type of ache, it is important that you take aleve right when the pain starts because that is when the drug aleve would be able to provide you with proper result and would be able to eliminate the pain for a proper period of time. The reason for this being that, if the pain increases further and then you take aleve, it would not be able to suppress it in the short period of time for which it is designed to work and therefore it is important that you take aleve right when the pain starts.

After taking aleve, if you do not feel any relief from the pain then you should contact your doctor because in such a case, there might be a more serious problem than the normal ache.

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Side effects of aleve:

Each and every drug has some kind of side effects but if the doctors think that the benefit of the drug is much more than the side effects than the doctor would be still prescribing you that drug. Same is the case with aleve.

As we mentioned above, aleve can cause side effects like dizziness or diarrhea in some of the cases but the side effects are not regular. Also, if you are on any other type of medication, it is important that you convey that to the doctor when the doctor is prescribing you aleve.

Acidity is another side effect of aleve if you’re taking aleve with just water. If you are having blood pressure problems then aleve can increase your blood pressure as well and therefore you have to be aware of all the side effects before taking aleve.

So, aleve is not a blood thinner but you have to use it responsibly to ensure that you are able to get the desired pain relief from aleve because it is a temporary solution, it is important that you take aleve right when the pain starts and you stick to the prescribed dosage only as that would ensure that it does not thin your blood in significant amount and does the work for which it was prescribed for.