Is a dogs mouth cleaner than a humans?

There is opinion among some people and especially dog is that the dogs mouth is much more hygienic as compared to the mouth of a human.

If you have this opinion then you might be thinking that dogs eat almost anything and how can still the dogs mouth be cleaner than ours.

We would be going into the details of this and taking into account scientific research as well.

Is there any truth to this opinion? This might be difficult to believe but many people think it is true because they do not have any scientific proof.

We have digged deeper into the question and found the correct answer for you.

Is a dogs mouth cleaner than a humans?

The answer to that question is no, the dogs mouth is not cleaner than a humans. If you look into the quantity of germs which is present in the dogs mouth you would find that the quantity is almost the same as in our own mouth, though the type of the germs which are present would be different in both the cases.

dogsBoth of these cases of germs are pretty harmful and therefore you can easily say that our dogs mouth is has filthy as ours.

Since our diet and the dogs diet are completely different and the type of germs which are present are completely different as well you cannot strictly compare the hygiene of the dogs mouth with our dental hygiene.

In some of the cases it has been seen that the bacteria which is present in the mouth of the dogs is same as the bacteria which is present in the human mouth. This is just for a small part of the bacteria because the larger presence of bacteria is completely different in both the cases. That is why, they are not strictly comparable.

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Is a dogs mouth cleaner than a humansEven if you look at the most common type of bacteria which leads to weakness in our gums due to which we had to either go for root canal we had to remove our teeth, you would find that it is different in both the dogs as well as humans. Even this common type of bacteria is completely different.

Normally speaking, a smaller dog or older dog’s most susceptible to these bacteria which are present in their mouth.

One of the main dental problem which we face is decay of truth. This can happen right from the childhood to also in the adults. When you see the probability of the occurrence of this problem in dogs you would realise that it occurs only in about 5% of the total dog population. This is because, the bacteria which causes this problem is not present in the mouth of the dog.

Another myth which is doing the rounds is that the bite of a human can cause more damage as compared to the bite of the dog. There is no truth to this as well because when you compare the bite of the human with the bite of the dog you would realise that it depends on the bacteria in each of the cases and it cannot be dependent on the specie. That is why, if you take the bacteria into account and another factor which is very important in this case is the depth of the bite, you would be able to determine whose bite is most damaging.

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How can a dog then lick its wounds?

If you take the theory into account that the mouth of the dog is not as clean as that of human then you might be thinking that how the dog can lick its wounds. This is because when you look at the actual process which is being done by the dog by licking its wounds you would realise that it is trying to move away the dead skin and not exactly healing the wound.

That is why, the bacteria in the mouth of the dog has no effect on the healing process because it is just in contact with the dead skin.

That is why, the leaking of the talk on its own body does not have any adverse effect on the body of the dog.

Also, the bacteria which is present in the mouth of the human or the bacteria which is present in the mouth of the dog would not affect any other specie because most of the types of bacteria are actually specie specific and therefore they would not affect the other specie.

In fact, whenever your dog is kissing you are leaking you it might be time to wash your hands and your face before going to some other activity like eating. This is because the bacteria can pass on to your full into your other body parts and two other people who are in contact with you. That is why, maintaining proper hygiene after the licking of the dog is very important.

You need to also understand that dogs are not on a proper hygienic diet like ours but they are rather eat whatever they can find and therefore this further increases the amount of bacteria which is in their mouth.

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You never know what your dog is just eaten before licking you are kissing you and therefore you had to look at this and you had to ensure that you always maintain proper hygiene after you have been in contact with the dog.

This theory that the dogs mouth is cleaner is completely wrong and in fact if you follow this theory then you might end up getting some or the other type of disease from your dog sooner then later and therefore it is important to know the truth and maintain proper hygiene whenever you are in contact with your dog.

We all like our dogs but that does not mean that we do not follow proper hygienic steps and that is why, you need to look at the precautions which you need to take in order to maintain proper hygienic conditions and in order to ensure that you do not get any disease which is spread from your dog to you.

So, a dogs mouth is not cleaner at all then a humans and in fact in some of the cases it contains more bacteria than your mouth and that is why it is important that you look into the hygiene which you need to maintain whenever your dog is licking or kissing you. Taking these extra steps would ensure that the bacteria in the dogs mouth does not affect you at all and you do not get any kind of disease.