Infected hangnail – Causes and treatments of Hangnail Infection

There are many problems in our body which can happen if you’re not maintaining the proper hygiene.

That is why, you have to always understand that whether it is the hygiene of the hands or of the feet, it is always to be maintained properly in order to avoid the problem such as Infected hangnail.

Hangnail is a common occurrence if you’re not often cleaning your nails and keeping them trimmed as well.

However, the problem arises when you’re not able to eliminate it and not able to keep it clean which results in the Infected hangnail.

Hangnail infection can be easily solved as well if you’re able to detect it on time and if you’re able to start the treatment as soon as possible.

The problem of hangnail has more to do with the skin around the hangnail actually rather than the hangnail itself. We would be explaining as to what exactly is hangnail.

What is Infected hangnail?

In order to start the treatment, 1st you would have to detect it.

Hangnail, it is nothing but a portion of the skin which is at the root of the fingernail which is actually tone.

The causes of this can be plenty like biting your nails as well as the skin or scratches due to rubbing against some other object.

Symptoms of Infected hangnail:

It is not difficult to detect the Infected hangnail if you’re able to get the list of the symptoms.
1. Inflammation of the skin.
2. Swelling of the root of the fingernail.
3. Filling of pus if unattended for a longer period of time.

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The infection of the male goes on increasing with each and every day and that is why, it is important for you to understand that you should be starting with the treatment as soon as possible.

Treatments for Infected hangnails:

We would be discussing about some of the remedies which you can easily opt for at your home but after getting the permission from your medical practitioner.

Infected hangnail1. Soak in your hand in warm water:
depending on the condition of the infection, if it is in the initial stages, you can think about soaking your finger in warm water for up to 2 to 3 times per day.

This would moisturise it and this would avoid the infection from spreading or taking root as well.

2. Cutting the hangnail:
if it is still in the dry state, you can think about cutting it with the Clipper as well.

However, when cutting it is important to get some medical attention in order to ensure that you’re not doing it the wrong way.

You do not have to pull it or push it and you have to directly cut it and you have to ensure that there is no muscle mass in there as well.

3. Removing the bacteria:
since an infection has already been caused, you have to remove the bacteria and this can be easily done with the help of the antibacterial ointment.

This would ensure that the spread of the infection is slowing down as well and thereafter, you can think about getting the medical attention.

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4. Moisturising the infected area:
you need to understand that if you are able to moisturise that area, automatically the problem of hangnail would be eliminated as well but if pus has filled in that area, then moisturisation is not possible as well.

Therefore, you have to look into the condition of the hangnail and after that take a call.

Preventing the hangnail infection:
we would be discussing about the ways in which you can prevent the hangnail infection.

1. Avoiding biting of the nails:
in most of the cases, the hangnail is caused due to the biting of the nails and therefore you have to avoid this habit as it can easily lead to an infection as well.

2. Keeping the idea moisturised:
you have to always ensure that you are able to keep it moisturised in order to ensure that there is no dryness and when there is no dryness, the scratches would not be taking root easily as well.

3. Eliminating the hangnails when they are small:
instead of letting them be, you have to cut of the hangnail as soon as they are occurring as well in order to ensure that you are not risking the infection as well.

When the problem of infection is increasing, even the pus would start filling as well which would always require medical attention from the doctors if you need to solve that problem and remove the pus from the infected area.

4. Keeping your nails short:
when you’re able to keep your nails short, automatically you would be avoiding biting as well and this would ensure that it becomes much more easier for you to avoid the occurrence of the hangnail as well.

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5. Avoiding the nail polish remover which contains acetone:
many a times, when you’re trying on the nail polish remover, you might not be knowing about the ingredients of the same but it contains acetone in large amounts.

The problem with acetone is that it would be turning the skin which is coming in contact with it completely dry.

This would increase the probability of the hangnail occurring as well.

That is why, you have to avoid the nail polish remover which contains acetone as well.

Essentially you have to avoid your hand getting in contact with any such substances which can make it excessively dry because that would increase the probability of hangnails occurring as well and that is why, whether it is cosmetics or harsh soaps you have to avoid all of these to avoid this problem.

As you can see, the problem of Infected hangnail can be easily avoided as well if you’re a lot and if you’re changing a few of your habits which actually increase the probability as well.

Hopefully, from our article you would be able to get the complete information about creating and preventing Infected hangnail which would ensure that you are able to be completely away from this problem in the future.