How to tell if a mole is cancerous?

Cancer is a disease which is spreading at a fast pace in our society and cancer can be caused in many different body parts and also the treatment of cancer is very difficult as well and only if you’re able to detect the symptoms of cancer within a stipulated period of time can you ensure that you would be able to treat cancer.

Due to all of these characteristics, cancer becomes a very deadly disease in our society. Moreover, there is no particular specific cause of cancer which you can avoid to ensure that you do not suffer from cancer.

That is why, it becomes more important that you detect cancer and the symptoms of cancer within the stipulated period of time so that you are able to start the treatment of cancer within a proper frame of time as well.

The type of cancer, which can be seen on the outside skin is characterised by a mole which first appears in the initial stages of cancer. With that being said, it does not mean that each and every mole which is occurring on your skin is a sign of cancer. That brings us to the important question how to tell if a mole is cancerous?

Most of the people get pretty terrified when they spot a mole thinking that it is a sign of cancer but it is not always so and therefore we would help you to detect if the mole is actually cancerous.

How to tell if a mole is cancerous?

How to tell if a mole is cancerous

The first thing which you understand is that there are a lot of myths as to which type of mole is cancerous and which one is the normal mole. You need to 1st understand very clearly what is a myth and what is a fact. If a mole is occurring on a certain part of the body, that does not necessarily make it cancerous. Also, if you’re thinking that by removing the mole, you can actually avert cancer or you can actually cause cancer because of the removal then you are completely wrong as well. These are all myths due to misinformation.

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A normal mole, contains a limited amount of nevus cells and it does not continuously grow and therefore it is not cancerous as well.

If you look into the structure of a normal mole, then you can find some regularity in the way in which it grows on all sides but if you’re having a mole which is actually cancerous then it would not be growing regularly on all sides. This is because of the uncontrolled and irregular nature of the growth of the cells when you’re suffering from cancer.

If there is hair growth from the mole then you can be sure that it is not cancer because when cancer cells grow, they destroy the pores of the skin and thereby eliminating the growth of the hair.

This knowledge about the mole would certainly help you in detecting whether it is cancerous or not. With that being said, you need to understand that this information is just for providing an indication and should not replace proper medical evaluation and that is why, you need to go for a proper test with a skin dermatologist as soon as possible if you detect any unusual moles or if you detect any moles which can be cancerous.

Removal of moles:

If the mole is normal mole, then you can easily get it removed with the help of the laser methods as well because when you’re opting for the laser methods you would not have to go for any invasive surgery and therefore the recovery period also would be much lesser and there would be no marks from the body part from which the mole has been removed as well.

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Since it is a non-invasive surgery, the recovery period is also pretty minimal and you would be able to leave the clinic as soon as the procedure has been completed.

If the mole is pretty large enough, then only a surgery can remove it and therefore the method which is used for the removal of the mole would always be dependent on the type of mole which you are suffering from.

In most of the cases, oi the mole is pretty small then you can easily conceal it with the help of the make-up and other cosmetics which you are using.

If you’re going for the removal of the mole, you need to understand that the mole can occur again as well and therefore you need to look into this point and then determine whether you should be going for the method of removal of mole or not.

In most of the cases, the appearance of the mole does not have a visible impact on your appearance and looks and most of the people do not care about the mole is which are present on your body and therefore it is only your self-doubts which are causing you to worry that the mole would be having an impact on your visual appearance. In most of the cases, if you ask your friends and relatives whether the mole is affecting your appearance the reply would be negative and therefore you should not be overly worried about the presence of mole on your body.

Cancer might be a fast spreading disease but an appearance of a mole does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from cancer because moles can appear without cancer as well and therefore these are pretty harmless unless and until you’re trying to forcibly remove the mole when they would be actually causing you some pain.

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So, instead of worrying that each and every type of mole is cancerous, you need to find the ways in which you can detect whether the mole is cancerous or not and some of these methods we have highlighted above would help you in easily detecting the nature of the mole and if you’re worried you can also go for a proper skin dermatologist test to find out whether the mole which is their on your skin is cancerous or not. In most of the cases, you would find that the mole is completely a normal one and not cancerous.