How to stop dogs from fighting?

Dogfights can happen from time to time depending on the type of dogs which you have and how aggressive or those dogs and the causes of dogfights can be various ranging from the simple fights over the food to other causes such as not being able to live together.

If you have more than one dog then you had to 1st find out how they get along with each other because in most of the cases when you get a new dog as a companion for your older dog you would find that they find it very difficult to coexist with each other and the small fights which take place earlier on later taken to the shape of bigger fights which can cause physical harm to the dogs as well.

As a dog owner you had to always find ways in which you can stop your dog from fighting. For this you might have to 1st find out what is the cause of the problem due to which you are dogs are fighting.

You can easily train your dog and mentor you are dogs to ensure that they do not fight with each other.

If you are not controlled a dogfight before and if you’re not prepared to stop a dog fight then the entire situation can actually become very stressful for you because you would not know what you had to do and with each and every passing minute the intensity of dogfights can actually increase.

Many people consider that a dogfight is an isolated incident and the dogs would not be repeating it but this is not true because if you do not control your dogs and the fight once then the same incident can correct in and we would be explaining this with the help of an example.

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If you are dogs are fighting and you react with the same aggressive behavior because you have no clue regarding how to stop the dogfight and you just throw them apart from each other then the dogs would actually learn from you as to how you are reacting to such a situation in such an aggressive behavior would seem fine to the dog and therefore giving rise to other such incidents in the future as well and that is why when you’re witnessing a dogfight you had to be very controlled in the way in which you separate the dogs and in which you mentor the dogs because the dogs would be learning from you regarding whether aggressive behavior is okay or whether you should be thinking of some other manner in which you can control the dogs.

If you disrupt the fight in a very short duration and put the dogs in separate rooms to ensure that they are separate from each other then that particular regulation would be remaining in the dogs when they witness each other the next time around and therefore just separating them physically and putting them in other rooms is not the solution to ending a dogfight.

Instead of physically separating the dogs and keeping them in different rooms so that they do not come in front of each other you had to mentor them and disciplined them to calm down in each other’s presence because then they would not harbor the same feeling the next time they see each other and this way you can ensure that the dogfight would not be occurring again.

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Your reaction to the entire dogfight would pave the way whether the dogs fight in the future or not because you had to be stern with them but you do not have to have a aggressive behavior and if you are also clueless than the dogs would actually get further encouragement as you would not be disciplining the dogs and it would not be considered a act which is to be avoided by the dogs.

Also if you do not calm the dogs and just separate them then that particular behavior and the aggressive behavior of the dogs would actually remain in their subconscious and the next time they see each other they would get in the same aggressive mode and therefore setting the scene for another dogfight.

If you do not have any kind of clue regarding how to discipline your dog then it might be a good idea to actually enroll for a dog discipline or dog training course so that you are able to know how to discipline your dog.

You might not know this but a dog can actually read your feelings from your face and the dog actually reads your face from the left inside and therefore if you’re anxious or if you are aggressive in your behavior when you witness their dogfight they would read that from your face and they do not need any kind of training for this and they can directly read your body language and your face.

This ensures that if you’re not stern with the dogs who are fighting and if you do not calm them down they would know that from your fees that you are actually experiencing aggressive behavior yourself and if you are in an aggressive behavior than the dogs would also be in the same behavior and therefore they would actually be encouraged to be in the aggressive behavior because in terms of behavior and emotional feelings dog tends to imitate the owner.

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Because of all of this you how to plan your reaction very perfectly and instead of getting aggressive you have to adopt a systematic approach in which you can discipline your dogs but not separately but rather in front of each other so that you can be sure that the next time these do dogs come face to face that do not start another dogfight and by disciplining you had to understand that you had to discipline both the dogs so that they are able to understand that no one is allowed to initiate a dogfight under any circumstances.

Only when you educate your dogs and discipline your dogs regarding good behavior can you make sure that there would not be a dogfight in the future.