How to remove wine stains?

Wine has become a pretty famous drink and it is used in most parties as well as household get-togethers. While buying wine is surely a great experience but the problem starts when you spill wine over your clothes because the wine stains are one of the most difficult stains to remove from your clothes and therefore whenever you are speaking about removing wine stains, you need to know the exact method which would help you out in the removing of the wine stains without affecting the quality of the clothes.

If you are speaking about removing the wine stains, it is important that you look into a number of aspects like the type of the wine and the colour of the fabric and the type of the fabric and then only you can determine the exact method for removing the wine stains from your clothes.

Some types of wine are more harsher on the fabric and therefore, a more stringent method of cleaning is also required. We would be going into the details of removing the wine stains below.

How to remove wine stains?

The effectiveness of the methods which you are using for removing wine stains depends on the extent of the stain because if a lot of wine has spilled on your clothes, the strength of the stain would be higher as well and therefore you would have to use more severe methods but if the stain of the wine is small then it would be more easier for you to do more the wine stains.

How to remove wine stainsSome of the materials which would be needed in order to remove the wine stains are a normal clean cloth typically white in colour and vinegar and salt and also if you are speaking about coloured clothes then you would need a colour safe bleach as well in order to remove the wine stains.

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The more you delay in removing the wine stains, the more difficult it would be to remove the stain and therefore if you’re really looking to remove the wine stains, you have to start the cleaning method of the clothes as soon as possible in order to have a greater probability of removing the wine stains.

Most of the people take a wrong approach to removing the red wine stain by rubbing the red wine stain but instead of rubbing the Red wine stain you have to cover the stain with a white cloth and then start the cleaning of the red wine stain. Instead of rubbing, you have to cover it with a white cloth and then you have to put the salt over that. You have to let it be for at least 10 minutes to ensure that the salt is able to act on the stain. When the salt is absorbed by the clothes over which the stain is present, the stain would become fainter and fainter and therefore it would become easier for you to remove the stain. After that you have to wash the clothes with clean water and it should be cold water.

This method is good enough for the cleaning the subtle stains of red wine but if the stains of red wine are much more severe then you have to use another method which would consist of a mixture of vinegar and water. You have to make sure vinegar is mixed with water in equal proportions and apply that to the area in which the stain is present. You have to again let the clothes be for up to 10 minutes and then think about cleaning the clothes with cold water.

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If both of these methods do not work then you have to boil some quantity of water and pour it over the stain as that would fade the stain further and you have to just then wash the clothes with cold water.

You can also try dipping the clothes in warm water and add colour safe bleach to it. This method would last for up to one hour and you would have to submerge the clothes in a mixture of warm water and colour bleach for at least 60 minutes before washing the clothes.

Removing the red wine stains from the carpet:
If the red wine has spilled over the carpet then the method is a completely different to remove the stains of red wine. You have to 1st pour some white wine over it as this would neutralise the colour and then you have to place a clean cloth over it and after that you have to use the carpet shampoo to remove the red wine stain.

Removing the red wine stains from the tiles:
Many a times the red wine spills on the tiles or on the flooring and the method for these is completely different as compared to removing the red wine stains from the carpet or from the clothes. For cleaning the red wine stains from the tiles you have to use a normal dish soap and you have to use hot water and you have to apply this mixture to the tiles with the help of the soft sponge and this should remove the stain of the red wine.

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In case the stain of red wine is more severe then you would have to use a mixture which consist of bleach and baking soda mixed in equal proportions and let it be for five minutes before applying the mixture to the tiles.

This would ensure that the stain gets faded and this would help you in removing the stain from the tiles.

A lot also depends on the type of tiles which are on your flooring. Therefore, it is important that you check the type of flooring first and then choose the method which you are going to use for the cleaning of red wine stains from the tiles.

While it is important that you clean the red wine stains as soon as possible but in case that is not possible, you have to use multiple methods depending on the location of the red wine stains so that you are able to remove them more effectively.

So, red wine stains or any wine stains for that matter, can be easily removed if you use the right kind of method and if you start cleaning the wine stain as soon as you witness the wine stain. Most of the people delay in cleaning the wine stains and that is why the stain strengthens more which makes it much more difficult for you to clean the wine stain and therefore it is necessary for you to start the cleaning as soon as possible.