How to put up drywall?

Drywall is actually pretty useful in your premises, but installing it is a confusing task for many people.

When you ask someone about putting up a drywall, they might tell you that it is actually a very difficult task but it is not so because if you follow a proper procedure, you can easily put up a drywall yourself but it is important to realize what is the preparation which you need to do in order to put up a drywall.

If you have been outsourcing the installation of dry wall up until now, then it is time to think again and try to do it yourself so that you are able to save both, time as well as money. Just make sure that you are taking proper safety precautions as well while installing the dry wall.

We would be highlighting the exact procedure of installing a dry wall along with the resources which you would need as well.

How to put up a drywall?

You would need all the equipment as well as the piece of the drywall sheet which you need to put up and also you would need some equipment to cut the drywall as well so that you are able to cut it and make it in size. You would How to put up drywallneed at least two people including yourself to put up the drywall.

One of the simple tips with which you can make the task of putting up a drywall much easier is to put it horizontally so that a lot less tape is required. As a safety precaution, you have to always use a mask and you have to cover your eyes as well. Below we would be going into the details of putting up a drywall in a step-by-step basis.

-You need to 1st start by calculating the wall width so that you are able to cut the drywall sheet accordingly and you need to make sure that you shorten the drywall sheet by 0.25 inch as compared to the actual width of the wall. Then you would need some help to place the drywall sheet which you have cut on the wall and then you have to start drilling in screws of 1.25 inches starting from the center region of the drywall panel which you have cut.

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-Since you would be starting to put the screws in the central area first, you have to first ascertain that you have secured the central area and then you can move towards the edges of the panel.

-If the wall on which you are putting up the drywall is quite large then instead of cutting, you might be required to use multiple panels as well and therefore first you have to put in the entire panel and then you have to decide whether you would need another entire panel or whether you would have to cut the drywall from the second sheet.

-Many times in the wall in which you are putting up the drywall, there is a window as well and if there is a window present then you have to 1st put the drywall sheet over it and while putting the drywall sheet over it, you have to insert some screws which indicate the exact position of the window under the drywall. In order to cut this piece of the drywall, you can use a drywall router or you can even use a hand saw as well.

-If the window has currently been installed on the wall, you have to take out the rim of the window and place it on the drywall sheet which would be surrounding the window frame and you have to mark the size of the window and cut the drywall sheet accordingly as well before installing it. You would have to take the measurements from the upper ceiling to the window frame and also from the bottom floor to the window frame as well in order to make the position of window properly on the drywall sheet.

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-If there is a door on the wall as well then you can follow the same procedure as above, to cut the drywall sheet in proper size.

-When all the drywall panels are in place, there would be a small gap as we are cutting the drywall panels by a size which is less are by 0.25 inches compared to the actual wall and here you would have to close the corners.

-In order to cut that small part of the drywall panel, you can use a spiral saw to cut it in the exact size which you want.

-It is important to enclose the corners of the drywall with the metal corner which is easily available at the hardware store and this would plain the sides of the drywall and therefore making it much more safer. The metal corners would have slots for screws as well to hold the metal corner in place and then you have to fix the screws to ensure that the drywall stays in place. If the slots for the screws are not there by default, you would have to make it at a distance of approximately 9 inches between the slots.

As you can see, putting up a drywall is not as difficult as it sounds but you should be knowing the proper procedure and then only you can think about putting up a drywall. If you hire someone to put up a drywall, the expenses would be very high and therefore it is important that you try and put it up yourself in order to save quite a significant amount of money. In order to put up a drywall, you would always be needing proper tools and resources as well and therefore you have to get them ready in advance when you’re deciding to put up a drywall.

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As far as possible, you should be using the fresh sheets of drywall instead of using the scraps and the smaller pieces which would make it very difficult for you to join the different pieces together. You have to get the right kind of joint compound as well if you want to put up the drywall yourself.

When you’re putting up the sheets of the drywall, you have to carefully to make sure that you are cutting them straight so that there is no problem in joining the different sheets of the drywall and this would make it much more easier for you to put up a drywall. Putting up a drywall is not a difficult experience at all if you plan properly ahead of time and then start putting up the drywall.

So, if you’re really serious about putting up the drywall, it is important that you look into the different options which are available for putting up the drywall and then decide which option is good enough and which option of the drywall is not up to the mark and what is the exact procedure which you should be using to put up a drywall in the way which is easier but proper.