How to heal a jammed finger?

A jammed finger can be caused due to a number of reasons ranging from sports injuries to improper use of tools at home.

In most of the cases, a jammed finger can be treated with the help of natural remedies but if there is excessive amount of blood loss and the damage to the jammed finger is also more then you should seek medical assistance.

The first and foremost thing which you need to do when you’re suffering from a jammed finger is to ensure that you stop the bleeding and this can be done by pressing the jammed finger against the cotton and also you need to put the hold on the inflammation and the swelling which is their are in the jammed finger and only then it would be possible for you to start the treatment of the jammed finger.

We would be discussing some of the ways which would make healing of the jammed finger much more easier for you.

How to heal a jammed finger?

There are various natural remedies which you can use to heal a jammed finger and we would be going into them one by one below.

-The RICE method:

How to heal a jammed fingerThis method is prescribed by the doctors as well and is an abbreviation for the Rest and Ice and Compression and Elevation. The first step is to make a cold compress containing ice cubes and apply it to the jammed finger but you should not directly be applying ice to the jammed finger. You can do this for 15 minutes at a time and then take a break of 5 to 7 minutes and then again continue for 15 minutes.

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After this, you need to put your finger in a proper resting position and do not move the finger for some time to ensure that there is no more damage to the finger.


In case you are finding it difficult to rest the finger, all you need to do is to rest the finger with the adjacent finger and then you would be able to rest that finger with the help of the adjacent finger. This also provides the compression which is needed as well to reduce the swelling.

After that, you have to hold the finger vertically upwards so that if there is any excessive amount of blood which is their is in the finger that may move down and the bleeding would stop as well. For this you need to ensure that your arm is in a comfortable position on a pillow or on a bed so that you are able to hold your fingers vertically upwards. This would ensure that there is no excessive blood loss from the jammed finger.

-Using painkillers:

Till the problem of the jammed fingers get solved, you can use the painkiller if you are suffering from too much pain and also you can use the anti bacterial solution as well to ensure that there is no allergic reaction in the jammed finger.

What is the time period in which the jammed finger can be healed?

swollen fingers

Swollen finger joint / Jammed Finger

If you’re using the above method properly, then the time period which is required for the healing of the jammed finger would be up to 3 weeks but you need to implement the method properly in order to get proper results. If the injury is serious and if you require medical attention, then in most of the cases it would get prolonged to 8 weeks because if there is excessive blood loss than the procedure of healing the jammed finger is different and also if the injury is to deep then also the process of healing the jammed finger is entirely different as well.

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If you have tried the home remedy which we have mentioned above and even after 4 to 5 days, you are not able to see any visible improvement in the finger neither you are able to see any improvement in the pain, then it might have caused a fracture and in such a case you need to consult a professional doctor and get x-ray done to find out whether the jammed finger has resulted in a fracture. If it has, then the procedure entirely changes for healing the jammed finger. It would also take much longer to heal the jammed finger.

The procedure which is then implemented would be the proper procedure to heal a fracture which can easily take up to 10 to 12 weeks depending on the severity of the fracture and if there are multiple fractures in the finger which happens in some of the most severe cases, then it might take even longer. During the fracture healing process, you would not be able to use the entire hand and therefore, it becomes a very problematic healing process.

Do not ignore the jammed finger:

Well, some of the jammed finger injuries are pretty minor but still you cannot ignore the jammed finger injury because it can result in a more severe injury which would then require proper medical attention and therefore whether the injury is small or whether the injury is serious you need to always start with the natural home remedies at least to ensure that the problem does not increase.

If you’re ignoring the jammed finger, there would always be a risk of a bacterial infection and also there would be a risk of excessive blood loss as well which can have adverse impact on your health and that is why, it is important that you start the treatment of the jammed finger as soon as possible and always start with first stopping the blood loss so that you do not face any problem due to extensive bleeding.

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While in most of the cases, the home remedies work very well but it is important for you to know when you should stop using the home remedy in case there is no improvement and consult a medical practitioner. You need to use the home remedy at the most for five days and if there is no improvement then instead of using the home remedy you have to consult your doctor.

So, the above RICE method which we mentioned for healing the jammed finger is very effective but if the problem is severe then it might be a good idea to consult a doctor right away so that the doctor would be able to detect whether the problem is just because of a jammed finger or whether the problem is a finger fracture, in which case the treatment would be entirely different.