How to get rid of waterbugs?

Waterbugs menace, is common in most of the homes. Waterbugs refer to the creatures like cockroaches and other such small creatures and pests which are present in your home.

If you do not eliminate the population of waterbugs in your home then they can multiply pretty rapidly. Thus, leaving you with no other option then pest control which is actually very troublesome.

Waterbugs are attracted by the presence of water as their name suggests and also they are attracted by the presence of food as well.

If you keep the food out in the open then the waterbugs would be attracted to it.

Fortunately enough, there are quite a few methods which you can use to solve the problem of waterbugs.

How to get rid of waterbugs?

We would be highlighting some of the best ways in which you can get rid of the waterbugs which are present in your home.

-Maintaining proper hygiene in your house:
As we mentioned, the waterbugs are attracted by the food and the presence of water and therefore you need to look at your home and you need to find out where these two things are present in abundance because when these two things are exposed to the air, waterbugs get the smell of these two things and get attracted to your premises.

One of the main causes of waterbugs entering your house would be the pet food which is present in your house because most of the people do not keep the pet food in a airtight container but rather keep it in the same container in which they had bought the pet food. This ensures that the smell of the pet food mixes with the air and spreads in your vicinity and thereby attracting the waterbugs to your house.

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Also, you need to keep a watch on your pet because if your pet is spilling the food out of the bowl then you need to get a bigger bowl so that the food remains inside the bowl and after the consumption of the pet the food can be shielded from the air by covering it so that the waterbugs like cockroaches do not get the whiff of the food. You also need to ensure that, if any food is spilled over by your pet then that is also cleaned as soon as possible.

-Protecting the food from the waterbugs:
how to get rid of waterbugsIf you’re not exposing the food which is present in your home to the air then the waterbugs would never be able to detect the presence of food and therefore the waterbugs would not be infesting your home. In order to do this it is always a better idea to keep the food in a airtight containers and if possible you can keep it in the refrigerator is as well. This ensures that the smell of the food does not spread with the help of the air.

-Disposing of your food effectively:
If you’re using a bin which is not properly covered to dispose of the food which is leftover or which you want to throw away, then again the smell of the food would be mixing with the air and this would be attracting the waterbugs and therefore it is important that you use only those bins which are having a airtight lids. Also, you need to make sure that you are throwing out the contents of the bin on a daily basis.

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-No presence of standing water:
As we discussed above, waterbugs are also attracted by water and therefore if there is standing water in any part of your house like a tub which has not been refilled in a pretty long period of time then that can also attract waterbugs.

-Closing the cracks in the walls and the doors:
The waterbugs enter your house through the cracks in the walls and the Windows and the doors and therefore if you want to avoid the infestation of waterbugs then it is important that you get all of these repaired so that the waterbugs do not have any way of entering your home.

Any gap which is their in the doors or the Windows should also be completely filled.

-Using natural pesticides:
In case the infestation is pretty strong and these are not just a couple of creatures, you can think about using the natural pesticides. In most of the cases the waterbugs are present inside the brains and therefore pouring some vinegar along with water in these drains would help you in getting rid of the waterbugs.

If you’re noticing them in a tub or in your pool then instead of draining of the pool, just pour some detergent in the bowl and let the water be till they die. This would help you in eliminating them in one go.

Another good natural pesticide to eliminate the waterbugs would be a mixture of sugar and baking soda. You need to just pour this mixture in the area where you suspect the waterbugs to be present and then leave it for some time till the waterbugs die.

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-Using chemical pesticides:
If the natural pesticides are not working then it would be time for you to use the chemical pesticides because these are much more harsh as compared to the natural pesticides.

One of the best chemical pesticide which can be used in such a case be borax. You simply need to dust the borax in the area in which they are infesting your house and it would affect their legs and kill them. You just need to ensure that you are putting out fine particles of borax instead of lumps.

You can also use the cockroach traps which are nothing but poison and which can impact almost all of the waterbugs and they attract the cockroaches inside the box in such a way that they are trapped inside the box and therefore you just need to empty the box outside in order to remove the dead waterbugs.

-Using exterminator services:
If due to some reasons all of these threats are not working then you can call an exterminator to get pest control inside your home and this would remove all of the waterbugs in one go.

So, there are plenty of ways to get rid of waterbugs which we have mentioned in this article and surely enough you would find these methods to be very effective when it comes to getting rid of waterbugs.