How to get rid of sulfur(sulphur) burps?

Burping is the process of releasing this is through the mouth, the gases which are inside us. It helps the stomach in exhaling out the gases.

Oftentimes, you might have noticed that our burps contain a certain smell which can be associated with sulfur. These are known as sulphur burps. These are also known as the rotten eggs burps. You can associate the sulphur burps with hydrogen sulphide which is present in the cell for protein which is present in some kind of food stuffs.

Sulphur burps can only be associated with certain kind of food stuffs and not all the types of burps.

The process which happens inside our stomach when the sulphur protein is actually broken down by the microbes which are specifically present for that purpose and when the proteins are broken down sulphur is exhaled. This process happens in the small intestine inside our stomach.

In order to understand how to get rid of sulphur burps you had to 1st look into the causes of sulphur burps.

Causes of sulphur burps:

We would be going below into the causes of sulphur burps one by one.

-Medical causes:Helicobacter Pylori is one of the bacteria which is directly responsible for the cause of sulphur burps. It is also responsible for other problems in our digestive system as well like the ulcers or gastritis and other problems of the digestive system.

In order to recognise this bacteria there needs to be test which is to be done which is known as urea breath test. After it is detected it can be easily eliminated with the help of antibiotics.

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-Food stuffs: As mentioned above another cause of the sulphur burps are the food stuffs which we could which contain the sulphur protein. These can range from the dairy products all the way to the natural fruits like bananas. There are a lot of vegetables and fruits which contain sulphur proteins. Whenever the breakdown of the sulphur protein takes place we get sulphur burps.

-Some diseases: Some type of bacteria growth in the small intestine also results in sulphur bobs. Its other symptoms are diarrhoea or bloating of the stomach.

-Miscellaneous causes: In people who are suffering from the irritable bowel syndrome, the colon of these people is empty and therefore they do suffer from the sulphur burps. Stress is another cost of sulphur burps.

Symptoms of sulphur burps:

The most common symptoms are pretty obvious that is the smell of sulphur and burps and also some of the other symptoms which are associated are vomiting or nausea or constipation. The smell of the burps itself is more than enough to alert you regarding the occurrence of the sulphur burps.

How to get rid of sulfur burps?

Now that we are familiar with the causes and the symptoms of sulphur burps let us now move on to how to get rid of sulphur burps. In most of the cases, it has been seen that the natural home remedies would help you a lot whenever you’re trying to eliminate the sulphur burps.

The first thing which you to understand is that as long as you are willing to control your diet you would be able to eliminate the sulphur burps. It is directly associated with the kind of food stuff that you are consuming.

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Remedies for sulphur burps:

-You had to increase the amount of food stuffs which contain high fibre in your diet. This would help the stomach and digestive in the food properly and therefore reducing the occurrence of sulphur burps. Also, the expression system would also work perfectly when you have more fibre in your diet and therefore you would be able to easily excreted out all the remaining food stubs which is present in your digestive system and therefore there would be no need for sulphur burps.

-You have to keep away from the deserts because deserts contain a high quantity of sugar and because sugar results in gas and gas may result in sulphur burps and therefore you have to eliminate the consumption of sugar as much as possible and this includes deserts as well as candies and ice creams as well. You have to keep a strict control on the amount of sugar which you are consuming, if you’re serious about eliminating sulphur burps.

-You to completely eliminate the consumption of any type of alcohol or liquor, as alcohol or liquor also results in sulphur burps.

-You have to only consume the protein as much as you need. If the footsteps which you are consuming contain excessive amount of protein then that would be difficult for the digestive system to process and therefore it would again result in sulphur burps. That is why, you have to control the amount of protein to what you actually need.

-You have to increase the intake of liquids as well as water to keep the system of the body completely hydrated. This would ensure that you are able to reduce the occurrence of sulphur brps and also you are able to flush out any pending food which is present in the digestive system. These may include herbal teas or fresh juices or some other type of fluids but you had to avoid carbonated drinks at all costs.

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As you can see most of the remedies or the treatment which are there for sulphur burps are completely natural and just involve controlling your diet and if you’re able to do that then medical intervention would not be required but if you have not detected the occurrence of the sulphur burps for a long period of time or are not able to control your diet then you might need medical intervention.

So, if you’re suffering from sulphur burps instead of getting worried about them and instead of getting stressed over them you just had to follow some of the remedies which we have mentioned and you would be able to do find and get rid of sulphur burps.