How to get rid of puffy eyes from crying?

So, it is your great day ahead and you have planned to stay for a long period of time whether it is an important business meeting or whether it is a day out with your friends and you suddenly woke up in the morning with puffy eyes from crying.

You want to leave it behind but you’re puffy eyes would let everyone know that either you have been not sleeping properly due to somebody or you were crying just before coming with them.

In such a situation you might want to find a way in which you can easily get rid of puffy eyes.

But the question which remains is that How to get rid of puffy eyes from crying?

We have discovered quite a few remedies for you which have been tested by a lot of people and have worked in order to get rid of puffy eyes from crying.

Using water to get rid off puffy eyes from crying:

This is one of the most basic and the easiest ways which you can opt for in order to get rid of puffy eyes.

You had to consume as much water as possible to keep your body hydrated and when your body is hydrated there is very less probability that there would be water retention in your body which might be one of the causes of having puffy eyes because water can get collected under that part.

In order to increase the hydration of your body you can consume easily up to 10 glasses of water each day.

If you’re suffering from puffy eyes and if you’re using water to keep yourself hydrated in order to eliminate puffy eyes then you had to completely avoid things like soda or other things which might be containing caffeine because these lead to dehydration.

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Using cold spoons:

In order to reduce the puffiness around your eyes you need to relax that part of the eyes and you had to ensure that the blood vessels which are in that area are relaxed as well. Below we would be mentioning a very effective home remedy which can be easily conducted with just a few spoons.

What you have to do is to cool down those spoons to chilling temperature with the help of your refrigerator and you have to just cool response for up to 15 minutes in your refrigerator. Once this spoon is cooled down you have to just use the rounded part of this spoon and place it against your eye until it reaches room temperature. After this spoon has reached room temperature then you had to replace it with another cold spoon.

You can do this for up to 5 to 6 spoons and after that the puffiness around your eyes would be reduced.

Using the tea bags:

puffy eyesIt can be a normal tea bag or it can be a green tea bag both of these are completely fine for the home remedy which we are going to discuss below in order to reduce the puffiness of the eyes.

You had to 1st the tea bags in warm water for a few minutes and after that you had to pull them out from warm water and let them cool down to normal temperature and after the tea bags of gold ground then you had to place them over your eyes and you had to cover them with the clothes which is soft.

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You had to keep them placed over your eyes for at least 15 minutes and you had to do this at least 2 to 3 times per day to reduce the puffiness of your eyes.

In this method, we are using the anti-irritant property of the tea whether it is the black tea or the green tea, in order to reduce the puffiness of our eyes.

Using potatoes:

We all know that potatoes contain a lot of starch but what we do not know is that the starch in the potato also has the anti-inflammatory properties which can help us in reducing the puffiness of the eyes. This same method can be used for reducing the dark circles below the eyes as well.

For this method to work you would be needing a medium-sized potato.

You have to feel that but at the you had to watch that potato. After that you had to grade the potato in normal-sized slices and you had to place the slices in a cloth and this should be placed over your eyes.

You had to place the slicing of potato at least for up to 15 minutes over your eyes. This method also needs to be repeated for at least a couple of times a day to bring good results and to reduce the puffiness of your eyes.

Using Aloe Vera:

We all know that aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties and is a coolant as well and is soothing your skin as well. You can use aloe vera in the gel form and apply it to the puffy areas around the eyes. You had to ensure that while applying the gel it does not go into your eyes.

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When you apply aloe vera gel just below your eyes you would notice that it improves the blood circulation in the blood vessels which are just below the ice and therefore when they are relaxed and the blood circulation is also improved the puffiness is automatically reduced. The fluids which are contained in the area just below the eyes would also be extracted with the help of the aloe vera gel and therefore the puffiness would be automatically reduced.

Since aloe vera is also an antioxidant it would be good for your skin around the eyes since this is the part of your face which develops the wrinkles first as compared to other parts of your face. Doing this regularly would ensure that you do not have puffy eyes again and also it would work as a anti-ageing remedy as well.

So, instead of letting the puffy eyes affect your entire appearance on your big day, you had to just use some of these remedies in order to completely eliminate the occurrence of puffy eyes and to have the look which you needed on your big day. These remedies are all from natural ingredients and therefore most of them can be done at your home without ever needing to buy anything from outside.