How to get rid of pit stains?

Your shirts do feel crisp and nice when they are completely new but are they the same after a couple of uses? In most of the cases if you notice your shirts after a couple of uses you would find that they are pit stained. This is due to the marks which are left behind by your sweat. This also affects the colour and the texture of the shirt.

Most of the people are so terrified by the spit stains, that they do not even attempt to clean them and directly through a with a shirt thinking that it cannot be claimed either way.

With that being said, this is not the only way to get rid of those pit stains that is by throwing a shirt but you can also think about cleaning those pit stains if you’re willing to do some work. Shirts are expensive and you cannot just keep on throwing them away after a couple of uses and therefore it would be a good idea to actually find out ways to clean the shirt if they are having pit stains.

You would be surprised to know that there are some exact methods for getting rid of the pit stains if you’re willing to work for a few minutes. One of the contingency is that, you should be applying these methods as soon as the pit stains a because if you are using these methods after a few hours or even after 24 hours of the pit stains occurring then they would not be eliminated and then you would to actually throw away your shirt.

As a matter of fact, it is true that the more older the pit stains, the harder they would be to remove, if at all they do get removed. Without further ado, we would be going into the details of these methods which would help you to get rid of the pit stains.

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How to get rid of pit stains?

-The first thing which you need to do is to turn the shirt inside out. You have to then clearly note the area in which the pit stains are they are which you want to eliminate. You have to apply the liquid detergent to this area but not just any normal detergent but you have to apply the liquid detergent which can clean the protein stains. Protein stains are the stains like that of food or grass.

You can easily get this liquid detergent that is the liquid detergent which can clean the protein stains at your local supermarket. After you have applied the detergent you have to leave the shirt as it is for at least 30 minutes.

-After this, in order to weaken the pit stain, you have to keep the shirt outside exposed to the sun with the part in which the pit stains have occurred in direct sunlight and you have to keep the shirt outside for at least a couple of hours or more. In order to keep the fabric of the shirt in proper condition, it might be a good idea to keep on moistening the shirt in between every few minutes while it is exposed to sunlight.

-After that, you have to just watch the shirt in the washing machine but in the cooling mode. After you are done washing just try the shirt like you would normally dry it. After it has dried you would be surprised to find that the pit stains are entirely gone.

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What to do if the pit stains are still there?

If the pit stain is very stubborn or if you are cleaning a pit stain which has been there for a long period of time then after the above method you have to apply another method to remove the pit stain.

-For this you would need hydrogen peroxide at least half a cup and you have to put it in a bowl and pour half cup water over it. The water which you have to use should be warm.

-You have to pour this mixture over the pit stain and let it dry for at least 30 minutes. After that you have to wash it in the washing machine just as above. You have to then dry the shirt and the stain would be removed.

-If the stain is still persisting, then you have to repeat this procedure but now you have to reduce the quantity of water to half and you can easily repeat this procedure for at least a couple of times. What happens in reducing the quantity of water in half is that the mixture becomes more concentrated and the content of hydrogen peroxide is more effective.

Alternative method which works on all pit stains:

-If the pit stain is very old then you might use another method which consist of aspirin and tartar.

-you have to take 4 aspirin tablets and you have to crush them and you can easily do this with the help of a spoon.

-To this you have to add the cream of tartar and after that you have to add one cup of water which is warm to the entire mixture.

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-You have to apply this mixture to the pit stain and keep it that way for at least 20 minutes.

-After this year to wash it in the washing machine with cold water. you have to try the shirt and it would remove the pit stain. This procedure can be repeated in the pit stain is still existing.

Please note:

Hydrogen peroxide would also reduce the colouring of the shirt and therefore if it is a coloured shirt or if it is a bright white shirt then the colour would be reduced as well and therefore you have to decide yourself whether it would be good enough to use on the shirt or not.

These few methods will surely help you in reducing the pit stains but as a general rule you have to understand that the earlier you detect the pit stain and the faster you try to eliminate it, the easier it would be but if you have detected the pit stain after a long period of time or even after 24 hours then it would be difficult to eliminate the pit stain and therefore the moment you notice the pit stain you should think about using one of the more methods which you find suitable to eliminate the pit stain but you need to start as soon as possible.