How to get rid of cottonmouth?

Cottonmouth, is a common occurrence especially in smokers because if you’re a chain smoker and if you go through plenty of cigarettes in a single day then your mouth would be so dry that you would not be able to even swallow you’re spit or eat something and this is what is called as cottonmouth.

The main symptom which you would be instantly realising when you’re suffering from cottonmouth is that the inside of your lips would be stuck to the teeth.

It might seem a funny experience at first but when you are actually suffering from cottonmouth it would be a very irritating experience because you would not be able to use your mouth at all.

We are normally accustomed to having our mouth moist because of the spirit which is they are in the mouth and when it is so dry it can be a completely different experience and certainly not a pleasant one.

Causes of cottonmouth:

You might be surprised to know that other than smoking there are other causes as well of cottonmouth and we would be listing some of them in this article for you to understand what are the causes of the cottonmouth.

Some of the medicines which are pretty harsh on your body can also cause cottonmouth. This is because these medicines sap out the moistness which is in your mouth.

Also, if you’re not drinking proper quantity of water during a normal day specially on the days when the temperature is higher than normal then that also can result in cottonmouth.

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One of the most common cause of cottonmouth as we mentioned above as well as smoking cannabis. While cannabis can be fun and many people are addicted to it as well but when you’re suffering from cottonmouth due to cannabis it can be very irritating. Due to this you how to find out ways in which you can get rid of the cottonmouth.

Another cause of cottonmouth is when your nose is blocked then when you’re breathing through your mouth. The air intake through your mouth would make the mouth dry.

Is there a way to prevent cottonmouth?

The answer to that question is no because whenever you are smoking cannabis the mucus membrane which is in your mouth is dried by the cannabis. Since most of the people who are smoking cannabis are addicted to it, they smoke cannabis repeatedly during a single day causing the membrane of the mouth to dry out.

When you’re suffering from cottonmouth due to any of the above causes which we have mentioned you had to follow some steps to get rid of the cottonmouth but it is certainly possible.

How to get rid of cottonmouth?

There are quite a few ways in which you can get rid of the cottonmouth and once you follow these ways you would be able to easily eliminate the feeling of cottonmouth.

-As we mentioned the boys well the more you keep hydrated by drinking more and more water the earlier you would be able to get rid of cottonmouth.

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When you’re suffering from cottonmouth and also before you are suffering from cottonmouth as well you had to keep yourself as much hydrated as possible if you are experiencing any of the causes of cottonmouth which we have mentioned above.

You had to continuously keep on sipping small quantity of water so that you can keep the mouth hydrated throughout and not just once in awhile.

-In case you do not like to sip water throughout the day then the next option which you have got is to use any other beverage which is not aerated and which does not contain sugar. You can keep on sipping on this as well throughout the day.

-You have to concentrate on breathing through your nose instead of your mouth if you are currently treating through your mouth because the air which is passing through your mouth would take away the moistness which is present in your mouth and therefore you had to start treating it through your nose.

In case you are still suffering from stuffy nose then you had to take steam so that your nose becomes unstuck and you are able to again breathe through your nose instead of your mouth.

There are other ways to an stuffy nose as well which you can look at and start breathing through your nose again.

-If you suffer from this problem frequently then you can think about getting a humidifier in your room because the humidifier would introduce the moistness in the air which is in your room and therefore this moistness would also be transferred in your body with the help of the air.

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Thus increasing the moistness in your mouth as well. This technique especially important at night when you’re sleeping and you cannot exactly concentrate on the moistness in your mouth.

The humidifier would also help you in eliminating the start nose to a certain extent.

-Concentrating on the diet can also help you in getting rid of cottonmouth and you had to include in your diet food stuffs which are having more water content.

This can be gravy related food stuffs or something which contains a sauce but which is cool in nature and you should be thinking of having the food stuffs which are at room temperature and not at a higher temperature.

-Sugar-free candy also plays an important role in introducing moistness in your mouth by encouraging the production of saliva. You had to make sure that when you’re using candy to increase the moistness in your mouth you are making sure that it is sugar-free.

-If you have been continuously consuming alcohol are cannabis then you had to cut on that down because those directly cause cottonmouth.

These are some of the ways which rid of cottonmouth and bring the moistness level in your mouth back to normal. These few tips would ensure that you are always able to eliminate cottonmouth.