How to get rid of a foot cramp?

Whenever you are suffering from foot cramps it can be a very unnerving experience and people who regularly suffer from foot cramps think that it is due to a defect in their body but it is not so because you can easily cure foot cramps and you can ensure that the occurrence of food cramps gets reduced by a significant amount as well.

There are many causes of food cramps and in order to get rid of what cramps you had to 1st look at the causes of food cramps and then only you would be in a position to eliminate them completely and to make sure that they do not occur again.

Causes of food cramps:

One of the most common cause of food cramps is dehydration. Whenever there is dehydration at first affects the extremities of your body like the hands and the legs and that is where when you’re suffering from dehydration the foot cramps occur.

Dehydration can occur due to being out for longer period of time in harsh sun or it can be due to exercise as well or it can be due to extreme physical work. Certain foodstuffs also cause dehydration and therefore it might be a good idea to keep away from them specially during the summer season.

How to get rid of a foot cramp?

We would be discussing some of the most effective methods of getting rid of food cramp and depending on the cause of the foot cramp you can easily choose the method which would be most effective for you.

Stretching your foot:

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Whenever you’re stretching your food which is affected by cramps you would realise that the blood rushes out to that part of the foot and therefore since the blood circulation is not proper the sensation of cramps is automatically reduced. In order to stretch your foot you had to just spread that toes apart and you have to pull them upwards as well.

Using warm water to soak your foot:

Whenever you are suffering from cramps you can dip your foot and warm water and you can just add a little bit of salt to the water and this would help you in bringing your muscles back to the relaxed position and thereby eliminating cramps. For this to work you should be using the lukewarm water or slightly warm water and not very hot water.

Rolling your feet with the help of a ball:

Whenever there are cramps the muscles which are they are in that fought or stretched and are not in the usual position and in order to bring them to the usual position you just have to place your foot or the ball and roll the ball.

This motion of the foot would ensure that the muscles are brought back to the normal position and therefore the cramps would be eliminated as well. The balls which can be used can be the rubber ball or the tennis ball or even the golf ball.

Changing the type of shoes which you are wearing:

foot crampIf you suffer from foot cramp frequently then it might be a good idea to wear a proper shoe instead of flip-flops because in flip-flop there is no back support for your foot and therefore you have to clench your foot to the shoe or to the flip-flop which you are wearing and therefore this puts strain on the muscles and causes cramps.

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If you’re regularly wearing the shoes which have back support for your foot then you would not have to put your foot under so much strain in order to clench to the shoe and therefore the occurrence of cramp would also be reduced.

Keep your body hydrated:

As we mentioned above one of the most common causes of food cramp is dehydration and therefore if you’re keeping your body evenly hydrated throughout the day then there would be no cause of a foot cramp occurring. You can easily consume up to 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day in order to keep yourself hydrated. You had to completely avoid soda and other such a soft drinks if you want to keep your body hydrated. You had to keep away from fine as well.

Keep your body electrolytes balanced:

This is another cause of food cramp that is imbalance in the electrolyte which are present in your body.

Nutrients such as magnesium or potassium are known as the electrolytes in our body and therefore in case there is any kind of deficiency in these nutrients there is electrolyte imbalance in our body and this can also result in cramps and therefore you need to ensure that when you’re speaking about electrolyte balance you use a powder which you can consume to supply your body with the nutrients like magnesium or potassium so that there is electrolyte balance in your body.

Most of the people are of the opinion that it is very difficult to get rid of a foot cramp once you start suffering from one and most of the people think that it would be consistently occurring throughout their life but this is not true because you had to 1st find out the cause of the foot cramp in your case and once you have found out the cause of the foot cramp it would be easy enough for you to use one of the remedies which we have mentioned to get completely rid of food cramps.

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Foot cramps can occur at any point of time and therefore they can put your entire schedule as well as day-to-day life in chaos and that is why, you should be knowing how to eliminate food cramps so that you are able to lead a normal life and so that you are not disturbed in any way with the occurrence of the foot cramps.

If you use some of these remedies which we have mentioned above for foot cramps you can be sure that you would be eliminating them and they would not be according at all.

So, now that you know about the ways in which you can eliminate food cramps instead of being fearful of them you should work towards eliminating them completely so that you are able to lead a normal life.