How to fix an overbite?

Most of the people do not know what is an overbite and therefore when the dentist tells them the first time that they are suffering from the overbite, that is when they hear about the overbite for the first time. Overbite is actually a pretty common dental condition but most of the people do not have any knowledge about it.

Overbite is the name of the condition when you’re front teeth the overlap the bottom teeth by a significant amount. This is not so from the birth but rather it is due to the improper dental care or some kind of jaw problem. It is pretty easy to fix and there are multiple ways to fix an overbite.

In most of the cases, an overbite is seen in children but it is not uncommon in adults as well. The most common cause of an overbite in children is the use of pacifiers for a very long period of time even beyond the normal age for which pacifiers are advised. This pushes out the teeth which results in overlapping of the bottom two teeth.

How to fix an overbite?

There are multiple ways in which you can fix an overbite and the method which the dentist would recommend you would be dependent on the extent to which the overbite has occurred and also it would be dependent on whether the overbite has occurred in an adult or in a child.

Fixing an overbite in children:

In children, it is easy to change the structure of the jaw as compared to adults and therefore when an overbite occurs in children, the most common course of correction which is adopted is to go for braces in most of the cases. In very rare cases, the orthodontist would recommend surgery.

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The first thing which the orthodontist goes for is to take x-ray of your teeth. This lets the orthodontist know about the extent of the problem. In most of the cases, if the problem is not severe, it can be solved with the help of the retainers or the braces or both. The time period for which these are used depends on the extent of the problem.

When you’re using the braces, it is important that you follow certain precautions to ensure that the braces are in place and the braces are doing what they are supposed to do. Your orthodontist would be recommending you some precautions which you need to take in order to ensure that the braces are in place. From time to time, the braces may get loose as well and you have to periodically visit your orthodontist to ensure that he is able to tighten the braces again.

After you have worn the braces for a predetermined period of time then the last set of the braces would be actually retainers and in the retainers the pressure is less as compared to the braces and after the retainers, you would be not having any kind of pressure on your teeth and the problem of overbite would be solved as well.

Fixed an overbite in adults:

How to fix an overbiteIf the problem of overbite is small in adults, then it can also be corrected with the help of the braces and the retainers but the jaw line of the adults is much more difficult to modify as compared to that of children and therefore if the problem is serious then a surgery might be recommended by the orthodontist as well.

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There are multiple options for fixing an overbite in adults like bite correctors which are fitted with spring to help you use your teeth in the normal manner as well as the elastics and the last option is the surgery but the best results are got from the surgery but not each and every person is ready for going for a surgery to fix an overbite and therefore your orthodontist would be deciding whether you actually need a surgery or not.

The surgery is often opted by the orthodontist if the problem is in the jaw line but if the problem is in the teeth alignment then surgery is not opted for. When you go for an examination to the orthodontist, he would be able to tell you what is the exact cause of the overbite and depending on this cause, the solution would be recommended as well.

If you’re going for the surgery for the treatment of overbite, there would be some precautions which you would have to follow after the surgery and your orthodontist would be able to tell you regarding the same.

Most of the people get scared at the mention of the surgery but this is a minor surgery and after the surgery, the overbite would be completely corrected and in fact the surgery has the best success rate of all the methods and the best results are produced from the surgery as compared to any other methods which we have discussed so far.

Only your orthodontist would be able to tell you regarding which is the most preferred method for correcting an overbite. This would be advised to you after the x-ray reports come in and the orthodontist is able to determine the exact cause of the overbite so that he or she can recommend you a proper procedure.

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There are no home remedies which are effective for treating an overbite and therefore it is important that you always consult an orthodontist to treat an overbite so that you are able to get proper professional opinion and so that you are able to decide which option you want to opt for when you’re suffering from an overbite.

So, if you want to fix an overbite, you need to always ensure that you contact an orthodontist and take professional opinion and depending on this you would be able to take a call regarding the treatment which you want to opt for when you’re suffering from an overbite. Not always, a surgery would be advised because in most of the cases the braces and the retainers would be more than enough to cure an overbite but if a surgery is advised then it would be the best course of action to solve the problem.