How to clean pergo floors?

Pergo flooring has become very famous these days because it is an affordable option as compared to other type of floorings and also it looks good as well and moreover if you look into the quality of the pergo flooring you would find that it is pretty sturdy and can last for a longer period of time.

Normally, when you’re buying pergo flooring from a standard distributor or a standard store they would be providing you with a guarantee that the pergo flooring would not fade away or would not develop stains in a certain specific period of time. When you couple all of these advantages of pergo flooring and compare it with the other types of flooring, you would realise that it is one of the best options which you have got.

This is the reason that pergo flooring has become famous all over the world because it is affordable and can last for a long period of time and comes with a guarantee as well. Technologically, if you look in to the structure of pergo flooring, you would realise that it is patented, specially the upper surface of the pergo flooring.

Most of the people find it difficult to clean pergo flooring because they do not know about the exact procedure which they should be using in order to clean the pergo flooring. In this article, we would be going through some of the ways in which you can easily clean the pergo flooring and make it as good as new again.

How to clean pergo floors?

Pergo is a hard floor type and therefore cleaning the pergo flow is very easy as well.

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-You can easily use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust and the other contaminants which are present on the pergo floor. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner then you can use a normal dusting cloth as well.

-If you’re using any solution to clean the pergo floor then it is important that you look into the ingredients of that solution because you do not have use any of the cleaning products which consist of wax or any other polishing materials. If you want to make a solution yourself for cleaning the pergo floor then you can make it from vinegar and ammonia mixed in warm water. It is very important to get the proportion right of the solution.


Typically you need a single cup of vinegar and one third of that amount of ammonia mixed in a warm water quantity of 1 gallon. This is the diluted cleaning liquid which you would be using. There are certain ready-made products which are also available for cleaning the pergo flooring and you can use those as well provided they do not contain any type of polishing or wax.

-When you’re using a wet cloth for cleaning the pergo flooring, it is important that you afterwards dry it with the dry cloth as well otherwise there is always a risk of scratches getting developed. If you have the liberty to choose the type of the cloth then you should be choosing the cloth which is made up of microfibre.

-After all of this if still the floor is not looking clean then you can repeat the above steps but do not use any of the harsh detergents or chemicals on your pergo floor. Sometimes if you have used harsh chemicals before, then it may take a longer time for this solution to show its effect and therefore you need to repeat the steps.

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Removing the spots from the pergo floor:

If the problem is the spots then you first need to look into the cause of the spots and then choose the cleaning method. Normally the spots can be of shoe polish or lipstick or nail paint or other such things. These spots can be removed with the help of the nail polish remover or you can even use alcohol but which is diluted.

If there is any sticky substance which has caused a spot on your pergo floor like the chewing gum or any kind of wax then you can use a scraper to remove it but you can only use scraper which is made out of plastic.

How to clean pergo floorsIf there are the spots of any food materials whether it is any drinks or whether it is solid food materials then you have to use the diluted cleaners which we mentioned above.

If there are cracks or other such defects in the pergo flooring then you can use the putty which is made specially for pergo floors and is easily available in most of the departmental stores. This can only work if the crack or the damage is very small but if it is large you might think about replacing that portion because in that case the putty would not be of any use.

One thing which you need to always keep in mind when you’re dealing with pergo floors is that you can only use the mild cleaners and the mild chemicals and not the concentrated form of chemicals because they would damage your pergo float because of the harsh nature of chemicals which are present in them. You can either buy the mild cleaners from outside or you can make one like the example which we have given above.

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It is important to use proper tools as well for cleaning the pergo floors because otherwise instead of cleaning the pergo floors you would end up damaging them which can prove to be very costly as you would have to then replace the pergo floor and it would not be possible to just replace that particular spot of the pergo floor but at least you would have to replace that particular tile which can be an expensive proposition as well.

So, if you’re looking to clean the pergo floors then you have to use the methods which we have mentioned above but make sure that you are using the proper cleaning solutions and the proper cleaning methods for cleaning the pergo floors so that you clean them without any damage to the floors and always make sure that you are using the proper tools as well to clean the pergo floors.