How to clean mold off walls?

The growth of mold especially during the rainy season is very common but you need to think about eliminating the growth of mold as soon as possible because there are plenty of side effects of growth of mold in your premises.

In order to, eliminate the growth of mold, you need to 1st understand how does mold grow and what encourages the growth of mold and once you have understood these points then only you can eliminate the mold from your premises.

For the growth of mold, moisture is needed, specially during the monsoon season when there is enough moisture in the air, the growth of mold is pretty common. Also, in the walls where there is the presence of moisture due to the leakage of water, like the walls of the bathroom, the growth of mold can be found even in the seasons when there is no moisture in the air.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways in which you can clean mold of the walls and we would be discussing about some of them below.

How to clean mold off walls?

In the method which we would be discussing for cleaning the mold of walls, we would require certain substances like chlorine whitening, a brush which is a hard, vinegar, borax, hot and cold water. We would be discussing the method step-by-step which would help you in cleaning the mold off falls.

You need to 1st take the chlorine whitening substance and you have to mix it in water and you have to mix it in such a manner that it is diluted in water and then you have to put it in a spray container and you have to apply it on the walls on which there is the growth of mold.

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After you have sprayed the solution on the walls, you have to let it stay for at least 20 minutes but if there are doors and windows in the room, then you had to open those doors and windows for proper air circulation.

The stains of mold or the collection of mold which are difficult to remove, can be removed by rubbing it with a hard brush. This would ensure that even the largest collection of mold is removed from the walls quite easily.

Then you have to wash the walls on which you had applied the chlorine mixture and rubbed the walls with hard brush and you have to wash it off with plain water so that the mold as well as the mixture of chlorine solution gets removed. You have to allow the wall to completely dry before going to the next step.

How to clean mold off wallsIn the next step, you have to make another mixture which would be consisting of 1 tablespoon borax powder and approximately hot water which is equivalent to 2 cups and add to that white vineger to the quantity of 2 tablespoons. Borax powder does not easily dissolve in hot water and therefore you have to shake the mixture in the container to ensure that the borax powder is entirely dissolved.

Once you have checked and are sure that the borax powder has been dissolved, then you can start spraying the solution on the wall on which there is presence of mold. This would ensure that the presence of the mold which is left would be eliminated due to this mixture and also the smell which was coming from the bathroom due to the presence of mold would be eliminated as well. You can repeat this procedure again and again and the perfect frequency for repeating this procedure is a single time in one week.

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This method works great if you have the presence of mold growth on the walls of your bathroom.

You can even use a solution which is made from bleach and water but be careful because bleach can remove the colour from your walls as well and therefore it is important to get the mixture right if you want to use bleach. Do not forget to use a hard brush because without that any mixture which you would be using would not be able to clean the mold of the walls.

Whenever you are in the procedure of cleaning the mold off the walls, you have to make sure that that particular room is contained and it is not connected to the other rooms so that the mold does not fly off to the other rooms. You can easily do this by using a plastic sheet which would ensure that the mold does not fly off to the other rooms.

If after the cleaning, within 24 hours, you see more signs of mold growth then that means that the cleaning has not taken place properly and you have to clean that area again without any delay to prevent the further growth of mold.

Eliminating the moisture in the walls:

As we mentioned above, if there is presence of moisture in the walls due to the leakage of water, then it would encourage the growth of mold even in the seasons when there is no moisture in the air. The main cause of the moisture inside the walls is the leakage of the pipes and therefore you have to get the plumbing systems repaired so that there is no leakage of water in the walls.

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If the problem of mold arises only during the monsoon season, then you can even use the dehumidifiers in your rooms which would eliminate the moisture content in the air and therefore making your room much more dryer and eliminating the growth of mold.

If the tiles which are being using in your room have been there for a long period of time and are pretty loose as well, then it might indicate the growth of mold and therefore you have to get the tiles inspected as well to ensure whether this is the cause of the mold growth or not.

So, as you can see cleaning the mold off walls is not a difficult task and you can do it yourself as well but after making sure that you have taken the safety precautions and after making sure that you are not allergic to mold.