How to clean marble floors?

Marble floors have become one of the most popular type of flooring in the world these days and they look quite good as well as long as you are keeping them clean.

The problem is that marble flooring is notorious for getting dirty quite quickly and if kept that way, it can get slippery as well and therefore it is important to keep your marble flooring clean at all points of time so that it looks good and is not slippery as well.

When they are new, the marble floors look brilliant, but over a period of time, they lose their sheen and therefore, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to maintain the looks of the marble floor.

That is why, we have highlighted some of the ways in which it would be possible for you to maintain the look of the marble floors and ensure that they are clean and look as good as new always.

How to clean marble floors?

The ways in which you can clean the marble floors is pretty simple and therefore instead of getting confused, you have to just follow the steps which we would be mentioning in the article below to help you in cleaning the marble flooring.

-The first thing which you need to understand is that you would need hot water if you want to clean the marble floors and you would need a soap solution as well. You need to fill three fourth of the bucket with hot water and the soap solution. You need to mix it well.

-Before you start cleaning the marble floors using this solution, you have to check the things which are present in that room because many of the things are such that they can be moved out easily and therefore before you start cleaning the marble floors, you have to move these things out if you want to ensure that you can easily clean the marble floor.

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-You have to start cleaning the marble floor from the back of the room so that you can easily move towards the front of the room and after the cleaning, you can go out without walking over the just cleaned floor as well. In order to clean the marble floor, you would need a sponge and you have to make sure that it is a soft sponge and you do not have to apply excessive pressure as well while cleaning the marble floor.

how to clean marble floors-Many people make the mistake of just dipping the sponge a little bit in the soap solution but this is not the ideal way to clean because if you really want to clean the marble floor, you have to fully submerge the sponge in the soap solution.

-Simply rubbing the marble floor once with the sponge is of no use but rather you have to use the sponge to rub it repeatedly in each and every area to remove the stains as well as the contaminants as well as the dirt which is present in that area. You need to move the bucket along with you as well so that you are able to easily access the soap solution.

-In the older marble floors, there were filler materials between the marble tiles and if you have this type of flooring, then you would need a toothbrush as well to clean in between the marble tiles. For the toothbrush cleaning as well you can use the same soap solution as well to help you out in cleaning.

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-While using the toothbrush, you would have to repeatedly dip it in the solution because toothbrush can hold only a very limited quantity of solution and therefore you have to repeatedly dip it in the solution which you have made.

-After you have cleaned the entire marble flooring in this way, it is now time to dry the marble flooring because the wet marble flooring is very slippery and therefore you have to make it safer and you have to clean it once again but in a different way rather than using the sponge.

-You have to use a clean cloth and you have to place it beneath your feet and by moving all around the room, you have to move this cloth all around the room.

-This would ensure that you are able to soak the excess water which is present on the marble flooring so that the marble flooring becomes completely dry and is not slippery as well.

-If you’re having the older type of marble flooring consisting of gaps in between then you have to use the same cloth and with your fingers, you have to move that clothe in between the gaps in the marble flooring to ensure that the dirt is removed from these gaps as well.

When you follow this entire procedure, you might be thinking that it is very tedious but this is the sure shot way in which you can clean your marble flooring.

There are some other solutions which are present in the market as well which claim to be the best solutions for cleaning the marble flooring but these might be too harsh on your marble floor and might cause the marble floor to lose its shine as well and therefore you have to avoid such chemicals and the simple solution which we mentioned above would work just fine in order to help you in cleaning the marble flooring.

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You just need to make sure that the clothes which you are using for cleaning the marble flooring is completely clean and is soft as well so that there are no scratches on the marble flooring.

Cleaning the marble flooring might be a tedious task but once you completely clean the marble flooring, it would be as good as new and therefore it would be well worth the effort. On the contrary, if you’re going for the polishing of the marble flooring, it could cost you a lot and therefore it is important that you first try to clean the marble flooring yourself and only if after that, the shine of the marble flooring is not restored, you can think about going for a polishing which can be pretty costly.

So, as you can see, the cleaning of the marble flooring is not that difficult a task provided you follow the above steps which we have highlighted and make the soap solution diluted so that there is no harsh effect on the marble flooring in your home and this entire procedure can be done within 60 minutes as well and therefore it is not very time consuming either and you do not need any resources which you need to buy from outside as well, as everything which you need is available at your home.