How much does it cost to fix a chipped tooth?

A chipped teeth is not the uncommon occurrence and there can be a lot of scenarios in which you can suffer from one. It is pretty common when you are into outdoor sports as well as other outdoor activities.

Most of the people do not even ask about the cost of the chipped teeth because they think that it is actually very expensive but you cannot keep it that way either because it may hurt your tongue because it may be too sharp or it may hurt your lips as well and therefore you had to think about fixing the chipped a tooth as soon as possible so that it does not impact any other part of your mouth.

Chipped tooth also affects the way you look because if the chipped tooth is in front of your mouth as is mostly the case then it would impact your smile and it would be directly visible as well and at the same point of time you would not be able to eat properly as well and therefore just ignoring the chipped tooth thinking that it would not cause a problem is a wrong way to go about it.

The problem of chipped tooth can be solved easily by any dentist. The time which it takes for solving the problem of chipped tooth depends on the extent of damage to the teeth.

If the damage is small then the procedure which is required would also be quicker and simpler but if a large part of the teeth is being chipped then it would be more expensive and more complicated as well.

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Cost to fix a chipped tooth:

As we mentioned above the cost of fixing the chipped tooth would directly be dependent on the part of the teeth which has been chipped and its size. It would also be dependent on the filling which you want to use, but more about that later.

If the chip has just happened at the corner of the teeth then it can be smoothened out by the dentist and this procedure usually does not require any extra expenditure on your part. If the damage is more and the size of the chipped part is more than it would require a proper filling.

Depending on the size of the chipped part and the area of the tooth which is to be reconstructed it can cost anywhere from $175 to $1000 per tooth. As we mentioned above it would be directly dependent on the ED of which is to be reconstructed.

It also depends on the feelings which are to be used because if you’re using the bonded composite fillings then you can assume the lower side of the cost like $175 per tooth but if the area which is to be reconstructed as more and also you want to use the porcelain crowns then it can be in the range of $1,000 per tooth.

What should you be doing in case you have just suffered from a chipped tooth?

The first and foremost thing which you should be doing is to retrieve the part of the tooth which has been chipped because it would be easier for the dentist to recreate the chipped part if you show them the part which was chipped.

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After that you had to directly concerned the dentist so that the process of reconstructing the chipped tooth starts almost immediately.

If you were to show to the dent is the part of the chipped tooth and then it would be easier for them to recreate according to the natural colour and look of the part which was chipped.

How is the chipped tooth fixed?

In normal cases, where smoothening out of the edges is not possible filling is used and the part of the tooth which was chipped is recreated with the help of this filling.

The quality of the filling determines the cost of the repair. Normally speaking, if the dentist is good at his job, then after the re-creation nobody would be able to notice the difference and it would look as good as natural.

If the part of the teeth which has been chipped is pretty large or if there is a problem at the root of the tooth where the chipping has taken place then the doctor might advise you to 1st go for a root canal and after that only the chipped part can be recreated. This increases the cost of the repair of the chipping significantly.

Also, if a root canal is needed then the procedure takes a longer period of time as well.

Only your doctor would be able to let you know about which procedure is proper in your case depending on the damage which is being done to the chipped tooth.

How to know the approximate cost of fixing a chipped tooth in your case?

Since we have mentioned a rough range above about what it would cost you to fix the chipped tooth you had to 1st determine what are the costs and for that you had to consult a couple of dentists in your area and they would be able to tell you regarding the approximate cost of fixing the chipped tooth.

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This would also let you know which dentist is going to use which particular procedure because when you’re going for the consultation they would be explaining you the procedure which they would be using for fixing the chipped tooth.

How to find a good dentist in your area to fix a chipped tooth?

The options for shortlisting the dentists would be the same as in normal case that is you had to look at the number of years since when the dentist is practising and then find out the most expert dentist in your city. This is very easy to do with the help of the Internet.

A chipped tooth is nothing to worry about but you had to think about getting it fixed as soon as possible so that it does not hurt the internal area of your mouth or your tongue.

The extent of damage would always be assessed by the dentist and then only recommended procedure would be performed to fix the chipped tooth and the dentist would be able to tell you about the cost of fixing the chipped tooth only after examining the chipped tooth.