How much do you get paid for donating plasma?

Many people are now realising the financial benefits of donating plasma because if you’re consistent are donating plasma then you can easily earn up to $75 per week.

Also it does not take a lot of your time as well and you can donate plasma at least a couple of times a week and therefore the payout is actually quite good considering that you had to just spend up to 2 hours in each session when you’re donating plasma.

There are a lot of variables which are involved when you’re speaking about donating plasma and your weight and your age and your medical history are some of the variables which determine how much you would be getting paid whenever you are donating plasma.

Your current payment schedule also plays a very important role in the amount of money which you would be getting by donating plasma.

How to look at the plasma centres?

If you notice most of the plasma donation centres are situated in the bigger cities and therefore if you’re from the smaller city then you would never be able to find out a good enough plasma centre who can give you the opportunity for donating plasma and therefore the best bet which you have got for locating the plasma centre is to search for them online because whenever you’re searching for them online you would be able to find out their address as well as their contact numbers and also you can contact them online as well and therefore the entire process of finding the plasma centres becomes much more easier than you thought.

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There are many websites on the Internet which you list the plasma centres by the ZIP Code as well and therefore you can easily enter your ZIP Code and you would be able to find out the centres which are near you. You can also search by the city names or by the State name and therefore making it much more easier for you to discover the plasma centres which you are looking for.

Qualification for plasma donation:

The minimum qualification for the donor to have is that you should be over 18 and also you should be over 110 pounds. Once you fulfil these requirements then your medical screening would start and you should be in perfect health to donate plasma and if you’re suffering from something like diabetes or high blood pressure then you would not be able to donate plasma.

During the 1st visit to the plasma donation centre it would take a longer period of time because you would be medically screened to ensure that you are medically fit to donate plasma. After your medical screening turns out to be fine you would have to give your social security number and also a utility proof of your residence before the actual process of the donation of plasma begins. All these are done only on your 1st donation of plasma and therefore on your successive donation of plasma you would be able to get the procedure done in a much shorter frame of time.

Payment for donations:

The 1st thing which is taken into consideration whenever the payment is decided for the plasma donation is your weight because during the 1st donation if your weight is between 110 to 154 pounds then the 1st donation would get you $30 and if your weight is still hire between 155 to 174 pounds then the amount would increase to $50 and beyond this weight as well the amount remains the same that is $50.

On the 2nd donation the amount would be changing to $40 and $60 and $60 in the respective weight categories.

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The 3rd donation would get you $30 and $50 and $50 respectively.

In some of the plasma donation centres where the demand is more the donors receive higher payouts for the 4th donation.

The exact payouts which you get for the plasma donation would always be dependent on the demand and supply and on the terms and conditions of the plasma donation centre and therefore you have to inquire about them in advanced and then think about the donation which you need to make.

Donating plasma regularly:

After the 1st 3 donations, if the plasma centre is having continuous requirement for the donations then it would be encouraging the donors to be returning twice a week for making the donation.

You are mandated to only donate your plasma up to 2 times a week and not greater than that. There are very strict rules and regulations governing this space and most of the plasma donation centres also follow these rules and regulations so that they are able to get only the highest quality of plasma to be provided to the patients which need them.

Incentives for plasma donation programs:

For most of the plasma donation centres it is difficult to get the recurring donations from the donors and therefore they have quite a few incentive programs to encourage recurring donations. These can be in the form of cash or they can be in the form of other incentives like movie tickets or some other type of bonus. It always depends on the demand which is they are for the plasma.

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If you inquire about the recurring donations from the plasma donation centre they would be able to let you know what are the bonus which is involved in this month. It varies from one month to another and therefore you need to ask from them about the bonus.

There are differing bonuses which are available at most of the plasma centres as well, if you are bringing a donor which is healthy and which is able to donate plasma at the plasma donation centre.

Now that you know each and everything about plasma donation ranging from the payment to the time duration to the medical requirements, you can further decide whether you should be donating plasma or not, depending on how much you can make and the time it would take you to donate plasma at the plasma centre and the corresponding rewards which you would be getting would help you in taking the final decision.