How much do sugar gliders cost?

Sugar gliders are becoming famous all over the world as exotic pets and they were originally hail from Australia. If you look at the sugar glider before then you would be knowing that they have grey or black fur which covers their body and they have clean fur pouches on their body.

The reason that they can jump greater distances almost fly through the air is because of the membrane which is between their front and back legs and this is known as the gliding membrane. This is what makes the sugar glider so attractive and then exotic pet all over the world.

Many people want to buy a sugar glider but they are afraid of the cost which is and what because they are thinking that since it is a exotic pet it would be very expensive but it is not so.

If you’re checking all the aspects and then not thinking of getting the sugar glider it can be very affordable but if you do not have any knowledge about sugar gliders then you can easily end up spending a lot of money to get a sugar glider.

Sugar gliders are highly social animals and therefore when you’re buying sugar gliders you had to at least buy a couple of them so that they can interact with each other. There are many pet stores all around the country which would sell you sugar gliders.

How much do sugar gliders cost?

If you look at a normal sugar glider then you would be able to note is that its price ranges from $200 to $500 for the young sugar glider because the young sugar glider is much more easier to train and socialise.

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If you’re speaking about the older sugar glider then you would get it at around $100 to $150 and that is because they are much more difficult to train.

There are many breeders which are licensed around the country to breed and sell sugar gliders. If they have less than 4 female gliders then they are not required to have a license.

You can easily find the sugar gliders breeders on the Internet all you can contact your nearest pet store for one as well.

The cost of the sugar glider would be changing according to the qualities of the sugar glider and the colour of the sugar glider. The life of the sugar glider is up to 15 years.

All the information which you need about having a sugar glider is a pet is available easily on the Internet and the form of videos and some of them or from the associations related to sugar gliders as well.

Things to check before getting a sugar glider:

sugar glidersNormally, when you’re going to a pet store or when you’re going to a breeder there would be a lot of options for sugar gliders and therefore you had to ensure that the sugar glider which you are buying is in perfect health condition.

The first thing which you need to check our the eyes of the sugar glider because if the health of the sugar glider is proper then the eyes would be bright and eyes would be shiny as well.

The next thing which you need to check while getting the sugar glider is the quality of the fur of the sugar glider because of the sugar glider is in perfect health then the fur would be pretty soft.

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Normally when sugar gliders are kept in some place they are kept together with other sugar gliders and therefore if you’re trying to get a sugar glider then you have to look at the others which are present in the cage to ensure that the sugar glider which you are choosing was not kept with another sugar glider which was ill.

When you’re interacting with the sugar glider for the first time you had to find out whether the sugar glider is social in nature or skittish because you had to get a sugar glider which is social in nature. The seller of the sugar glider would be able to help you out with all of these aspects.

What are the costs which are associated with a sugar glider?

-The first cost which is associated is that of the cage and the cage can cost anywhere up to $200, depending on the size of the cage and also the quality of material which is used in the cage.

– You do not have to spend a lot on the diet of the sugar glider because it just eats natural fruit and a vitamin supplement which you can get prescribed from the vet. At the most of the diet of the sugar glider would cost you $12/month.

– If you’re planning to get a toy for your sugar glider then buy a toy which does not have any type of strings and besides this there is no specific requirement. If you go to the pet store to search for a toy you would realise that it generally costs up to $30.

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-As we mentioned above the sugar glider is originally from Australia and the climate in Australia is warm all the year around and therefore when you’re keeping the sugar glider in your home you had to ensure that it gets a warm habitat and for this you can place a heat rock in the cage of the sugar glider which can cost you up to $50.

-Another expense which is almost compulsory is the food bowl and the water bowl in the cage of the sugar glider which you can buy for $60.

These are the expenses which are associated with buying and having the sugar glider as your pet and therefore instead of just thinking that you would have to pay for the sugar glider you had to take these expenses into account as well and then come to the conclusion whether you can afford a sugar glider or not.

There are different rules for sugar gliders in different states and therefore you had to 1st find out whether sugar gliders are legal in your state or not and then think of getting the sugar gliders.

They are great pets but you had to take a lot of care of them and therefore you had to 1st find out what are the steps which you have to take to make their living comfortably in your home and then you can think about getting the sugar gliders.