How many calories in a bloody mary?

Friday nights are the time when we hang out with our friends at the bar or at any other good restaurant in town and it is the time when we consider to let ourselves loose to enjoy our time with our friends.

While this may seem like a very good idea on each and every week and but if you’re on a diet it can be disastrous for your diet because when you’re out with your friends and when you’re spending the night out, you would not have any count of the galleries which you consume and the type of food which you are having and therefore it can be certainly very damaging for the diet which you have been following for quite some days and therefore it is important to find out what your consuming and what are the number of calories in the things which you are consuming whether it is the food or whether it is the beverages which you are talking about.

Whenever you are out with your friends on the weekend you would surely be consuming some beverages and these might be having alcohol as well but what you do not know is that some of the alcoholic drinks are the highest in calories and even much more than your favourite junk food.

All that diet which you have worked so hard to maintain till now, might be completely ravaged by a single weekend out with your friends.

One of the favourite drink of most of the people when they are out with their friends on the weekends is bloody mary. What you do not understand is that this drink is one of the heaviest in calories when you’re speaking about the comparison between other alcoholic drinks. We like to consume plenty of these drinks on a single night by refilling our glasses but have you ever wondered what is the amount of calories which are present in a single 10 ounce serving of this drink.

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How many calories in a bloody mary?

bloody mary drinkIf you look into the single 10 ounce serving of this drink which is the typical size for bloody mary then it contains approximately 120 cal. which is actually quite a lot and equals to around 20 minutes of jogging. Normally this drink contains, vodka and tomato juice but if there is some other addition of fruit or veggie juice in this drink then the amount of calories can easily increase or even double.

If you look into the various versions of blood mary and look into the amount of calories which are contained in the same typical serving, you might be surprised to know that some of the most heavy versions contain up to 400 cal in a typical 10 ounce glass.

What are the other things which you have to watch out for in bloody mary?

As we mentioned about two of the main ingredients of this drink are vodka and tomato juice. They are mixed in equal proportions in the standard drink. You might be thinking that tomato juice might be fresh for this drink but this is not true because most of the cases it is bought directly from the stores and therefore when you look at the content of sodium in the drink, you might be surprised to find that it is very high as well.

┬áDepending on the garnish which is used on the drink, the calorific value of the drink might increase even more if something like a shrimp or some other type of spices are used to garnish the drink. Bloody Mary’s can come in many different varieties and therefore the calorific value also changes but in most of the cases it does not go down but rather it was only up.

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Are Bloody Mary’s really effective for treating hangovers?

02_Bacon_Bloody_Mary_015.tifThere is a rumour that this drink is helpful in treating the hangovers but what is the truth because you would find that some of the people are supporting this myth where as some others are saying that this is nothing but a myth and this drink does not actually help you in treating the hangover.

With the normal ingredients of bloody mary that is vodka and tomato juice you would not be able to read the hangover but if you change the ingredients of this drink and include more protein sources like shrimp and include more vegetable juices as well then you might be able to help yourself with the hangover.

You can easily reduce down the headaches by taking this drink with more juices and with more sources of protein like a shrimp garnish you are hangover. When you use these ingredients you would be increasing the content of vitamin C and it has been proven time and again that vitamins C helps you in battling the hangovers.

So, if you change the ingredients of this drink to include more of the protein sources and more of vitamins C by including more vegetable juices and something like a shrimp garnish then surely you would be able to battle the hangovers with Bloody Mary.

Is it possible to lower the calorie count in Bloody Mary?

If you just change the remedy then you can surely bring the calorie count down to minimum, because it all depends on the mixtures which you are using for making the drink.

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When you look into the calorie content you would find that tomato juice contains a lot of calories and specially when you’re buying it in the prepackaged form direct from the store.

Also, by changing the tomato juice with some other veritable juice you can also cut out on the sodium which is present in the drink as well you can easily replace the tomato juice with some other vegetable juice like that of carrots or olives or lemons. You can use any type of salade material for the juice to replace the tomato juice and this would cut out on the calories as well as on the content of sodium.

Also, to include protein you can use shrimp or crab or fish or even cheese garnish so that you can make your Bloody Mary more healthy and less on calories. So, when you’re speaking about Bloody Mary that the calorie count is 120 cal per 10 ounce glass and it can go all the way up to 400 but you can reduce it with the help of the recipes and the alternatives which we have discussed above and now that you have got your answer to How many calories in a bloody mary?

Hopefully you would be more careful in consuming these drinks on the trot on your next weekend out with your friends and if you want to consume them anyway then make sure that you use some of the more healthier alternatives which we have mentioned above.