How long is kennel cough contagious?

Kennel cough is a problem which is affecting a lot of dogs because it is highly contagious. If you are a dog owner and have been a dog owner for quite some period of time then you would already be knowing about kennel cough because it is a very common type of disease in dogs.

The problem with most people is that even after they detect the symptoms of the kennel cough and are able to start the treatment of kennel cough, they are not able to keep the dog away from other dogs because when there are a lot of dogs in the area it would be obvious that your dog would be interacting or going somewhere near the other dogs in the area and this is the main problem because kennel cough is contagious.

Even if your dog is being treated then also it can pass on to other dogs and therefore you need to really find out more about kennel cough and the contagious nature of kennel cough in order to ensure that other dogs do not get affected by kennel cough.

The question which puzzles many of the people is how long is kennel cough contagious? Because many of the dog owners have multiple dogs and at the most couple of dogs would only be effected by kennel cough and therefore they need to keep the affected dogs away from the dogs which are not affected and that is why this question is pretty obvious to ensure that the other dogs do not get affected by kennel cough.

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For this they need to know, the time period for which the kennel cough is contagious and after which they can let the dogs mingle around with other dogs.

How long is kennel cough contagious?

Usually speaking, kennel cough last for up to 2-3 weeks and during this period it is contagious as well even if the dog is being continuously treated as well.

Also, in case you are thinking that you would make the other dogs go for the vaccination of kennel cough and then let them be in contact with the affected dog, then that particular strategy is wrong as well because it takes normally 4 days to get the dogs immune to kennel cough after the vaccination and even then it is not 100% sure that the dogs would be immune to kennel cough and therefore it is always a good idea to keep the infected dog away from the other dogs for the entire duration when the dog is showing the symptoms. This can last up to 3 weeks.

There are a couple of different type of kennel cough bacteria which cause kennel cough and therefore if your other dogs have been vaccinated for a certain type of bacteria which causes kennel cough and the affected dog is having kennel cough due to the other type of bacteria, then still your dogs would be getting affected and therefore it is never 100% sure that if your dogs are vaccinated then they would not be getting affected by kennel cough and that is why, you need to keep your affected dog away from the other dogs till the problem of kennel cough is entirely solved.

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Normally, when you take the dog to the vet which is suffering from kennel cough, the vet would give the dog heavy antibiotics and vaccination as well to cure the kennel cough as fast as possible but even till the last day when the dog is showing the symptoms of kennel cough, kennel cough is contagious.

Needless to say, the main symptom of kennel cough is continuous coughing and therefore by this symptom you would be able to easily detect whether your dog which was suffering from kennel cough has been cured or not.

You can continuously consult your vet and get the dog examined after the symptoms have stopped as well to ensure that the dog is not suffering from kennel cough because you cannot risk getting your dog which was infected around the other dogs which are not infected without examining whether the kennel cough has actually been eliminated or not.

Vaccination for kennel cough:

How long is kennel cough contagiousThere is vaccination which is available for kennel cough as well but it is actually used to prevent the kennel cough but you need to understand that there are 2 types of strains which cause kennel cough and therefore if the vaccination has been done for a certain type strain and the dog is affected by another type of strain of kennel cough then the dog would still be suffering from kennel cough and therefore this is not the 100% solution but it is actually a prevention which may work or which might not work and therefore instead of letting the dog not be vaccinated for kennel cough you should always go for the vaccination because there is at least 50% chance that the dog would not get affected by kennel cough if the strain for which the dog has been vaccinated for is passed on to the dog by some other dog which are suffering from kennel cough.

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That is why, you need to enquire from your vet regarding the vaccination for kennel cough and what is the schedule of this vaccination and how frequently do you need to get your dogs vaccinated for kennel cough and once you are able to gather all of this information it would be pretty easy for you to determine how to get rid of kennel cough and how to minimise the occurrences of kennel cough in your dogs. This would keep your dogs healthy and would make the immunisation system stronger as well so that they are able to easily fight and eliminate the kennel cough in the future.

So, kennel cough can be contagious for up to 3 weeks, it is usually contagious till the last day till when the dog is showing the symptoms of kennel cough that is continuous coughing. In this period of time it is advisable to keep the dog away from other dogs because during this period kennel cough is actually contagious and can spread pretty rapidly to other dogs as well.