How long does valium last?

Many of the people are suffering from acute anxiety as well as other similar disorders like panic attacks and seizures.

Valium is one such drug which is given to people who are suffering from the disorders which we have listed on as well as insomnia and withdrawal symptoms from alcohol as well.

In order to calm ourselves down, Valium actually suppresses the nervous system activity as well. While a times, it can provide you with the relaxation but over a longer period of time it is damaging to the nervous system of the body.

Due to this very reason, it is a controlled substance as well.

Valium can easily lead to addiction as well. That is why, when many people are discontinuing taking Valium, they need to find out for how long it would be present in their body.

We would be discussing the same and providing you with the exact answer.

How long does Valium last?

The half life of Valium can be around 43 hours with the range being 30 hours to 60 hours.

However, for the entire elimination of Valium from your body it can take as long as 10 days.

However, if you’re looking into the resulting metabolites from a valium, it can take the body even up to 23 days to eliminate them as well.

The metabolite which is produced from valium which takes the longest period of time to get eliminated from the body is known as nordiazepam and it can even take up to 100 hours to just to get reduced to the half life.

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However, when you’re stopping to take Valium, you can suffer from the withdrawal symptoms as well.

Due to this, you have to only withdraw from Valium under the supervision of a doctor as well.

If you’re suffering from any abnormal behaviour or ailments during this period, you have to consult your doctor as well.

In addition to the above metabolite which we have discussed of Valium there are others as well like temazepam and oxazepam. These are not that much of importance because they have a half-life which is even less than nordiazepam. You can this very reason, they would be excreted from the body even before nordiazepam.

As with many other drugs which you we have discussed earlier in our website, the exact time period for elimination of Valium from the body would be dependent on a variety of factors which are related to the individuals.

Factors affecting the excretion of Valium:

1. Condition of the liver:
if the to hepatic function (function of liver) in your body is not proper, it can even increase the half-life of Valium buy up to 4 to 5 times as well resulting in a much longer time frame for excretion of valium.

This can even increase the timeframe for nordiazepam to be excreted to 45 days.

How long does valium last2. Amount of fat in the body:
if the person is suffering from obesity, the duration of time which, Valium would be eliminated from your body would be even greater as well.

3. Genetics of your body:
you might be thinking what is Valium to do with the genetics which are present in your body.

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2 of enzymes which are produced by Valium are CYP3A4 & CYP2C19 and how these enzymes react with the body depends on our genetics.

If the genetics result in optimal function of these enzymes, you can be sure that the drug can even be excreted quickly from the body.

4. Frequency of usage:
if you have been taking Valium since quite some period of time, then it would be taking longer for their body to eliminate it as well.

This is because it would be accumulated in a greater quantity in the body specially in the form of metabolites.

5. Consumption of other drugs:
when Valium is consumed along with other drugs, the pressure of the metabolic system in our body increases to break the stone into metabolites. Due to this very reason, it takes longer for the body to break them down as well and to exclude them from our body as well.

Not only, when you’re taking other drugs, it would be longer for you to exclude really but also, due to the reaction of different drugs, you might be suffering from the side effects as well which can prove to be fatal as well. That is why, if at all you’re thinking about taking Valium, it is important for you to only limit yourself to Valium rather than combining it with other drugs as well which can result in side effects.

Therefore, it can increase the duration for which Valium can stay in your body by up to 1 to 2 days.

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Eliminating valium quickly from the body:
While there is no magical solution in order to get Valium out of your body but doing a few things would ensure that the process can speeding up as well.

1. You have to 1st and foremost of the usage of Valium as soon as possible.

2. After that, you have to think about reducing your weight because that would be helping you increase the metabolic function as well which would ensure that the drug gets excreted from the body quite quickly as well.

3. You have to think about getting as much water as possible.

4. If you’re able to take any natural supplements in order to increase the functioning of the liver, then again Valium can be excreted from the body quite quickly as well.

However, you have to only take the supplements for your liver function only when there are natural as well and if you’re completely safe for you. That is why, whenever you’re thinking about taking the supplements in order to increase the liver function, you have to 1st find out whether it is completely safe for you or not.

Therefore, when the last in your body for a period ranging from anywhere between 10 to 23 days as well, depending on some of the factors which we have already discussed above.