How long does subutex stay in your system?

There are many drugs which are used to cure addiction and subutex is one of them. It is also helpful in curing pain as well.

The problem with this drug is that it helps you in giving up addiction but at the same point of time it has its own symptoms of addiction as well and therefore it is difficult to quit as well. This drug does not flush out of your system quickly and it stays in your system and since it also possesses some of the withdrawal symptoms when you finally stop taking this drug because you have been driven away from some other addiction which you were trying to get away from for such a long time.

You would realise that when you stop taking subutex then also you suffer from some of the withdrawal symptoms. This drug is completely approved by the Food and drugs Administration.

There is nothing harmful about this drug other than the withdrawal symptoms which you might be suffering from when you stop taking this drug.

While this drug is in your body you would not be suffering from any problems but if it flushes out of your body and you have also stop taking this drug then the problems arise and therefore you had to look into this part and you had to 1st find out how long does subutex stay in your system and after you have found out this answer then you can think about how you had to eliminate the use of this drug without any kind of side effects.

If you’re looking into the timeframe in which this drug is flushed out of your body then you had to understand that it is changing on a case to case basis but there is a certain average which you can take into account when you’re trying to find out the time which it takes for your body to flush out this drug.

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How long does subutex stay in your system?

Subutex works in a different way and also it is contained in the liver similar to alcohol. The problem is that when you’re thinking of flushing it out of your body, it would not get flushed entirely no matter how hard you try because it gets eliminated in stages and does not get eliminated in one go and therefore even if you’re serious about eliminating this drug from your body it would actually take some point of time to eliminate this drug.

Let say, you have 100 units of this drug in your liver and you’re trying to eliminate it with some method then it would only get eliminated by a certain amount and the remaining 80 units will remain and therefore once you try again to eliminate this drug than the 80 units would be reduced to 60 units and so on and on the and the drug would be eliminated after many times you have tried.

The problem in this is that at any point of time there would always be some subutex in your body and therefore your body would be completely accustomed to subutex and that is why, whenever patients have been taking this drug for a long period of time it is important to reduce the dosage periodically rather than abruptly stopping the consumption of the drug because that can bring about withdrawal symptoms since your body has been used to this drug for quite some period of time when you were prescribed to this drug.

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Normally, the life of this drug in your body is up to 73 hours maximum and a minimum of 20 hours. Since this drug is contained in the liver it is very important that the level is functioning properly to eliminate this drug from your body. Your circulatory system as well as your dietician system should be in proper condition to eliminate this drug after a maximum of 73 hours. If you have any problems in your internal systems then it can take much longer to flush out this drug.

How to know whether subutex has been flushed out of your system?

subutexSince that time period for flushing out subutex changes from one person to another it is important to know some of the symptoms which would help you in understanding whether the drug has been flushed out of your system or whether it is still present in your system.

In order to monitor the usage of this drug and the elimination of this drug you had to 1st find out what changes take place in your body when you first start taking this drug because some of the people might experience low breathing whether some others might be experiencing some uneasiness due to the adverse functioning of the circulatory system and therefore you had to 1st note the changes which have been taking place in your body due to the usage of this drug then only you would be able to detect whether this drug is still present in your body or whether it has been eliminated at a later stage.

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Since this drug is directly stored in your liver, you had to also monitor your liver function to understand whether this drug might be still present in your liver or whether it has been flushed out of your liver.

You had to also understand that if you’re facing difficulties in the normal circulatory system or with breathing then you might take smaller dosage but you had to always consult your doctor regarding the problems which you are suffering from due to subutex and the doctor would be able to advise you whether you should be continuing with the same kind of dosage or whether you should be lowering the dosage because you are suffering from some of the side effects of this drug.

If you have been taking this for a long period of time then it can have an adverse impact on your liver as well and you might be feeling intestinal cramps due to this and this is a sign that you should lower down or stop taking this drug because it is affecting the liver adversely. In order to detect the functioning or rather misfunctioning of the liver you can also check your skin colour because if it is turning pale yellow then that means that the liver is not functioning properly.

So, the answer to the question how long does subutex stay in your system is from 20 hours to 73 hours.