How long does ketamine stay in your system?

Ketamine is a drug which is being widely used in the last few years and is widely used in the medical field. Ketamine is used for the purpose of general anesthesia in humans as well as in animals. Ketamine is not used on a stand-alone basis but rather it is coupled with some other drug for use.

If you look into the form of ketamine, you would realize that it is in a powder form and it is not always incorporated through injection but it can be taken with a drink as well. The liquid form makes it susceptible for misuse as well.

In some of the cases, people take it with marijuana to get a high. This has led to a wide spread belief that presence of ketamine in the system indicates that the person has been using other drugs as well.

That is why, these people are worried about the presence of ketamine in their system and this leads us to the question how long does ketamine stay in your system?

How long does ketamine stay in your system?

How long does ketamine stay in your systemThis depends on the type of the test which is being conducted because in the basic drug test, it does not include the detection of ketamine but in the advanced drug test, there are tests which are specially designed to detect ketamine. Ketamine can be detected with the help of urine test or it can be detected with the help of hair follicle test or it can be detected with the help of the blood test and in all of these three type of tests, the duration for which ketamine can be detected in your system is different.

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In urine test, ketamine can be detected for a period of up to 4 days. In a blood test, ketamine can be detected for 2 weeks. In hair follicle test, it can be detected for up to 90 days even. This is because of the way in which hair follicle test work. You can read more about hair follicle test on our page how far back does the hair follicle test go.

In normal drug test, the test of ketamine is not included and therefore unless and until you are specifically detecting ketamine, it would not be detected in any of the tests. Even if you look into the advanced drug test options in some of the States, you would find that only in a very limited number of states, in the advanced drug test, there is the test of ketamine.

Can there be a false positive for the presence of ketamine?

There are many drugs which can trigger a false positive for some other type of drug. That is why, this question is important as well. If you have ketamine in your system then it can be easily confused with PCP. Since, ketamine is illegal, you would still be getting into trouble for it.

Effects of ketamine:

As we mentioned above, in medical cases it is used as a anesthesia but when a user is consuming that without any medical purpose, it can cause hallucinations as well and the hallucinations can be moderate or the hallucinations can be very severe as well.

Ketamine is famous for being used as a illegal drug because it can provide you with the out of body experience.

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When you have consumed ketamine, you would not be able to concentrate on any work or carry out your work normally and therefore it is important to avoid the consumption of ketamine unless and until a doctor administers it for a general anesthesia purpose.

During the effect of illegal drug ketamine, the person might not be able to recall the normal details of his life even.

Ketamine mixed with other drugs:

When people take ketamine in club or outside, it is very hard to decipher what is mixed with ketamine and therefore you cannot ever decide on a safe amount or a dosage of ketamine which can keep you out of trouble. In some of the cases, ketamine is mixed with even more severe drugs causing severe hallucinations and over-dosage can prove to be fatal as well and therefore instead of experimenting with ketamine, it is better to avoid ketamine altogether because this would ensure that you do not become addicted to it neither do you suffer from the side effects of ketamine or the drug which is mixed with ketamine.

Side effects of ketamine:

The most common side effect of ketamine is vomiting. If you have been eating before, then when you take ketamine, there is a high probability that you would be suffering from vomiting and since you are on a high and the body is affected by the anesthesia, you can choke on your own vomit as well and this can have some serious implications on your health.

Since ketamine is normally used as a general anesthesia, it can cause certain organs to function slowly and also the bloodstream would be supplying less oxygen to such organs as well and therefore triggering the series of organ problems in your body if you’re taking ketamine in a larger quantity.

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Addiction to ketamine:

The problem with ketamine is that when you’re taking it to get a high, initially you need a very small doses of ketamine but over a period of time, your body would become more and more resistant to ketamine and therefore you would have to increase the dosage of ketamine to get the same kind of high. This can result in a severe addiction and if you overdose on ketamine then it can prove to be fatal as well.

Just to give you idea, a 10% dosage of ketamine of the amount which is administered to you during the surgery as general anesthesia, can provide you a high and therefore as you go on increasing the dosage, the drug becomes more and more risky.

So, ketamine can stay in your system for quite some period of time if you opt for the hair follicle test but in the other type of test it can last only for a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, ketamine as a street drug is very risky and has serious side effects as well and therefore you should be keeping away from it to avoid an addiction as well as harmful effects on your body.