How long does it take to detox from alcohol?

Alcohol is the most common substance to which people are addicted and it is also the most widely abused substance as well. It comes as no surprise therefore that many people are looking to detox from alcohol. As per the figures of National Institute which monitors the alcohol abuse as well as the habit of alcohol consumption, at least 43% of the men who are of the permissible age have drunk alcohol on numerous occasions. As per a survey, people who are addicted to alcohol, remain so for a period of at least 4 years.

If the alcohol addiction is curbed during the earlier few months, it becomes much more easier to actually eliminate the addiction. However, as the person becomes more and more depedent on alcohol the time period which is required to detox also increases. The standard time period required to detox may vary slightly from person to person as explained below.

This makes it more important than ever to look into the options for detoxing from alcohol in order to leave this harmful habit.

How long does it take to detox from alcohol?

The withdrawal symptoms faced by the person, vary from person to person just like the severity of the addiction of alcohol. The similarity of the withdrawal symptoms is more in approximately 25% of the people who are addicted to alcohol.

We would be highlighting the timeline for the detox process and the status of the detox process below.

1. Stage I:
How long does it take to detox from alcoholThis is the stage which would consist of the 1st few hours of the start of the detoxification process. One of the very 1st symptoms of alcohol detoxification is the craving which starts almost within the 1st hour of alcohol detoxification. This is also perceived as a sign that the body has recognized the start of the detoxification process and that the method is showing it’s effect.

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The cravings which start during the 1st few hours do not cease shortly but can last for quite a few days. Some of the other symptoms which are common during the 1st stage are:

-Mood swings
-Rapid changes in blood pressure
-Violent shaking

Violent shaking is the most common symptom of detoxification and the more the level of addiction to alcohol, the more violent would the shaking be.

As the time increases from your last drink, the symptoms would become more and more severe and the symptoms would also be dependent on the alcohol which you consumed on a daily basis and the time period since when you are addicted to alcohol.

2. Stage II:
This stage occurs after the 1st few hours from the start of the detoxification process and can last up to 2 days after the start of the detoxification process.

The symptoms in this stage are more severe than the initial stage I withdrawal symptoms. During this stage, often medical supervision is advised because if the subject is not monitored and not under control, the symptoms may lead to fatalities as well.

The severity of the symptoms is related to the absence of the alcohol in the blood stream and the subsequent reaction by the brain. The brain is now able to recognize that the entire alcohol content is drained out from the system and that is why, you suffer from symptoms like hallucinations.

Some of the symptoms of this stage are:

-Extreme confusion

In this stage, you might lose the sense of reality and you might even suffer from derealization as well and the doctors would be employing the derealization cure in addition to the medical monitoring of the symptoms of detoxification.

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If you are a mild drinker of alcohol, this is the last stage during the detoxification process but if you are addicted to alcohol since a long period of time, you would most likely go through stage III as well.

3. Stage III:
stage III continues for many days after stage II and the exact time duration of stage III is not defined as well and it depends on the person. The average length of stage III and the symptoms which it produces is up to 5 days.

The symptoms of stage III are more pronounced hallucinations and seizure occurences.

If stage III continues for a prolonged period of time, there is always a risk of a cardiac arrest and a stroke as well.

The combined alcohol withdrawal symptoms which a person suffers from during stage III are also known as delirium tremens or DTs. Unless and until they are not monitored and controlled, they can prove to be fatal as well though in most of the cases, under the expert medical supervision, they do not prove to be fatal in most of the cases.

Due to the delirium tremens, the doctors often prefer to make the patient unconscious in order to ensure that they are not able to harm themselves. This is for the safety of the subject.

It might seem like the detoxification process is too difficult and you might not be able to handle the detoxification process but the truth is that being addicted to alcohol and continuing the addiction would shorten your life by a significant amount and could damage your liver as well as other body parts as well and thus impacting in the longer term whereas the detoxification withdrawal symptoms would be occurring only till the end of stage III.

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After a week of the start of the detoxification process, most of the symptoms which we have listed above would have automatically reduced and therefore you would move towards your way of leading a normal life without being addicted to alcohol.

There are however some of the health risks which are present in the detoxification process as well but if you are choosing a good medical rehab clinic, these would be very well taken care of and thereby negating your worries.

When you opt for a rehab program, you have to inspect the premises and you have to opt for a luxury rehab center along with psychological counselling as well because once you’re psychologically prepared for the detoxification process, it would be more easier to handle the symptoms and to go through the entire process as well which would further help you in firming your resolve that you have to quit your addiction of alcohol.

So, hopefully now you would have the answer to your question how long does it take to detox from alcohol as per the 3 stages which are we have explained above.