How long does it take for dissolvable stitches to dissolve?

Almost in each and every type of surgery there are stitches which are needed and the stitches can be of different types but these days most of the surgeons go for the dissolvable stitches because these ensure a much more smooth the transition to normal life and also they can be used for the internal wounds as well as the external wounds and therefore they are completely versatile when you’re speaking about doing any type of surgery.

Whenever you’re speaking about dissolvable stitches there are quite a few factors which determine how long would the stitch be lasting and also when would they be completely dissolved.

The 1st thing which you had to understand is the thickness of the stitches and this depends on the type of wound and also the cut which has been made as well and if are stronger stitches needed then more quantity of the material is used to make the stitch much more thicker and if it is used on the of the skin where you need a smaller scar then the thinner type of stitches.

The next feature of the stitch is the elasticity of the stitch because if the stitches on the moving part of the body then it would more elasticity like at the knee then it would need much more last a city as compared to on the forearm.

If the stitches on the moving part of the body and proper elasticities not provided then the stitch can get easily broken and this would again expose the wound and can result in severe blood loss as well.

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The decomposition rate of the stitch also depends on the healing speed of the wound and this is determined by the doctor depending on the part of the body where the surgery has taken place and the size of the cut and the medical history of the patient on which the stitches are being done.

The material which is used in the stitches and the quantity of that material is determined on the basis of the rate of healing of the wound. These are just some of the things which matter when you’re speaking about the stitches and the time for which the stitches are going to last.

What are dissolvable stitches?

These type of stitches lose their strength in 60 days from the date of stitching and this happens because of the dissolving by the enzymes of our body or by the process of hydrolysis which takes place in our body and therefore the doctor does not remove these stitches but they automatically get dissolved due to these processes.

How long does it take for dissolvable stitches to dissolve?

The breakage of the stitches starts within 2 weeks of the stitching but if you want the complete stitches to disappear then the process of hydrolysis or the enzymes in our body do┬áthat in a period of 60 days and therefore it approximately takes up to 2 months for the stitches to get dissolved. In the meantime you’re wound is healing as well and therefore this time period is important to ensure that the skin is held in place and the walls are able to heal.

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After this amount of time you can visit the doctor and ask for the lows and is to be removed so that the process is speeding up. This is not compulsory but if needed would be advised by your doctor or you can ask your doctor about it.

What are the materials which are used to make the dissolvable stitches?

The main ingredient of the dissolvable diseases are of 2 types and they are consisting of polyglactin and polyglycolic acid. If the dissolvable stitches are made from the 1st material then in around 2 weeks they would be losing one 4th of their strength and they would be losing half of their strength after a period of 3 weeks and these type of dissolvable stitches are used when longer healing times are to be provided to the patients because they take up to 3 months to dissolve completely.

If the dissolvable stitches are made from the 2nd option then the process is much quicker because within the 1st week itself around 40% of the strength of the stitches is reduced. During the 1st month itself that is in a period of 4 weeks 95% of the strength is reduced stop for the complete dissolving it takes a longer time of around 16 weeks but the strength is reduced pretty rapidly in the 1st month itself.

Depending on the type of surgery some other long-lasting type of dissolvable stitches might also be used but these are in special circumstances and not in normal surgeries.

Reason why dissolvable stitches are used:

In most of the cases you would find that in the surgeries which involve the surface skin, the dissolvable stitches are used. This can be a heart surgery or this can be a transplant surgery of any other organ. There is no fixed criteria for using the dissolvable stitches as they can be used for the internal wounds as well as the external wounds.

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During the childbirth as well it has been seen that more and more doctors are opting for the dissolvable stitches if it is the C-section childbirth.

The main advantage of the dissolvable stitches is that they provide enough time for the body to heal and then that is all by themselves.

If you think that the healing is taken place and you would like to get the stitches dissolve faster than all you need to do is to just contact your doctor and they would be able to help you out.

This is the reason why more and more doctors were doing surgeries are opting for the dissolvable stitches instead of the traditional ones which were being used earlier.

The process becomes much more simpler for the doctors as well as the patients when the dissolvable stitches are used instead of the stitches which the doctor needs to do more at a later stage.