How long does hydrocodone last?

These days, the painkilling drugs are in great demand.

The painkilling drugs when used for normal purposes, can help you in the easing of paint.

However, you can be used for a variety of other purposes as well.

Most of the painkiller drugs are actually derived from a byproduct of opium and therefore they can be used to get a higher as well.

Today we would be speaking about one such painkillers which is known as hydrocodone.

It is made from codeine which is derived from opium.

Due to this very reason, many people are actually consuming it for purposes other than painkilling.

That is why, when you stop taking hydrocodone, you would be wondering how long can it be present in your body.

How long does hydrocodone last?

If you’re looking into the half life of hydrocodone drug, it would be lasting for up to 4 hours as well.

The complete elimination of hydrocodone from your body would be taking up to 20 hours.

That means, with a single day, you would be able to exclude hydrocodone from your body.

However, when you’re looking into the metabolites as well it can take you a period of up to 2 days as well.

All these duration of well and only if you have completely stopped taking hydrocodone.

You need to however understand that when you’re suddenly stopping to take hydrocodone, you can suffer from withdrawal symptoms as well.

That is why, it is important to always take their advice of the doctor and once you’re taking the advice of the doctor, you would be able to get a clear-cut plan regarding how you can stop taking hydrocodone.

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On what factors does the excretion of hydrocodone depend?

As always, drug excretion you missed that for the body of the individual and various other such factors as well.

Therefore, the slight variation in the time period which it would be taking for the body to completely exclude hydrocodone.

This variation in the time would be dependent on a lot of factors which we would be mentioning below.

How long does hydrocodone last1. Consumption of food:
when hydrocodone is taken on an empty stomach, you would be ensuring that the hydrocodone getting eliminated from the body quite quickly as well.

However, when you’re consuming it with food or after food, you would realise that it would be taking a longer period of time as well.

This is because the carbohydrates which are present in the foodstuffs would be making it much more difficult for the body to absorb it as well and if the body is not able to absorb it, the body is not able to excreted as well.

That is why, if you’re having a meal along with it which would be having carbohydrates, the time period for eliminating hydrocodone from the body would be much greater as well.

However, if you’re consuming the diet which would be having less of the carbohydrates and more of the other nutrients, then that I’d most likely would not be interfering with the elimination of hydrocodone from your body. That is why, if at all you need to consume food before consuming hydrocodone, then it is a much better idea to look into the nutrients which are present in that food.

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2. PH levels in urine:
even though this factor is not known to many people but it is a definite impact on the elimination of hydrocodone from the body.

If you’re having high acidic levels in the pH of your urine, it would become much more easier for you to pass out hydrocodone as well.

However, if you’re having high alkaline levels in the pH of your urine, it would become very difficult for you to pass on hydrocodone as well and therefore the entire process would be significantly delayed as well.

3. Breaking down of enzymes:
CYP450 and CYP2D6 are the enzymes which are produced after the consumption of hydrocodone.

The way in which the body would be reacting with these enzymes is completely different for different people as well.

In some of the people, these enzymes can be eliminated and broken down quite quickly as well whereas in some other person, it would be taking a much longer period of time in order to break down and eliminate these enzymes as well.

4. Body type:
the body type would be determining the amount of weight which you would be having as well.

If you’re having would be and as compared to the ideal body type it, you would be finding it very difficult to eliminate the hydrocodone as well.

This is because the metabolic process would be much lower in your body as well and because the metabolic processes much lower in your body, the drugs would not be finding it easy to break down as well and therefore, the body would not be able to eliminate them at all.

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5. Water levels in your body:
needless to say, the excretion of hydrocodone in your body would be also dependent on the water level which is present in your body as well.

This would be determining the metabolic activity in your body and therefore, the higher the water levels, the what would be the metabolic activity as well which would result in better elimination of hydrocodone as well.

If you really want to speed up the process, you can think about drinking as much water as possible as well.

This would also ensure that your digestion system is working properly and that is why, your metabolic activity would be much better as well.

These are the factors on which the elimination of hydrocodone in your body would always be depending as well.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the elimination of hydrocodone from the body, it can take a period of 21 hours as well. Generally speaking, it would be eliminated within the same day as well but if you’re looking for the elimination of metabolites it can take even up to 2 days as well in order to eliminate these metal bullets from the body.